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Chapter 453

Chapter 453- Path of the Killing Sword

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Editor: Nora

Ouyang Shuo pressed his right hand onto the secret manual, prompting a system notification to sound out.

"System Notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi for obtaining the Emperor Rank cultivation method, Killing Sword Sword Manual. Will you learn it?"


With a Shua! the secret manual turned into a crimson light and shot into the middle of his brows. All of a sudden, his consciousness was pulled into a blood red battlefield.

A red sun, withered grass, cold air, and the scent of blood, which filled the nostrils.

Ouyang Shuo was familiar with this scene.

The last moment, before he revived, he had seen this exact same scarlet sky.

On the battlefield, the sounds of war horses bellowed toward the heavens.

On the vast wilderness, one red, one black, two huge armies engaged one another. Upon closer inspection, the two armies were not equally numbered; the red side had four times more troops than the black army.

Even so, the massacre on the battlefield was split extremely evenly.

This was because amongst the black army, there was an Asura.

A blurred out middle-aged general in the black army had attracted Ouyang Shuo's attention. He wore Qin Armor and held a Qin Sword, while the killing aura around him boiled, as he killed wantonly.

The exquisitely forged Qin Sword was long and heavy, and the thick scent of blood enveloped the blade itself.

As the blade flashed, a head fell to the ground.

The weirder part was that the middle-aged general could seemingly feel Ouyang Shuo's attention. He was cold, as he picked up his sword. He actually started practicing his sword arts in the middle of the battlefield.

"1st, killing life!"

The middle-aged general calmly pronounced, as he cut down forward with his sword. He simply killed an enemy with a horizontal strike.

"2nd, killing soldier!"

He did not retract the blade that chopped downward, as he slashed sideways toward a soldier. Before the soldier could react, the middle-aged general had slit his throat.

"3rd, killing sergeant!"

The middle-aged general seemed numb to killing, expressionless. It was like he had found a home in this chaos. With a sidestep and a block, he stopped the crescent blade of the enemy sergeant. He pushed it upward and before the sergeant could react, the middle-aged general stabbed down on his chest.

The sharp Qin Sword directly pierced the armor and embedded itself in the sergeant’s heart.

"4th, killing general!"

As the sergeant died, a black-faced enemy general blocked the middle-aged general. The enemy wore a red armor and held an exquisite crescent blade. His aura was extremely strong. With a glance, one would know that he was not simple.

The middle-aged general maintained his expressionless face. The Qin Sword in his hand moved in more and more complex manners. The sword arts before were just the most basic. However, there were now many changes.

The long sword parried and blocked, chopped and cut, leaving Ouyang Shuo dazzled.


The middle-aged general cried out. Exerting all his strength, he directly broke the enemy’ crescent blade into half.

The black-faced general was shocked.

In just that instance, the Qin Sword swept past, one stroke.

When Ouyang Shuo saw this move, his blood boiled.

As expected from the killing sword, a real battlefield massacring sword technique.

One stroke and one stance. Nothing for show; it was all just to kill the enemy.

"5th, killing oneself!"

As the middle-aged general started to practice the fifth stroke, Ouyang Shuo felt extremely confused.

Killing oneself? Would he really commit suicide?

That seemed rather contradictory!

The middle-aged general seemed to notice Ouyang Shuo’s doubt, and he suddenly gave out a weird smirk. For a blurred out face to suddenly smirk, it looked truly creepy.

When Ouyang Shuo saw the smirk, he felt shivers run down his spine.

Only to see the middle-aged general turning the sword around and aiming for his abdomen. The sword plunged through his body and did not stop, directly piercing a general behind him.

So that was it.

Ouyang Shuo was enlightened. The so-called killing oneself was a move to deal the highest damage, while paying the smallest price.

This move needed one to have exquisite control over the position and timing of the sword. If not, you would die before the enemy.

"6th, killing all life!"

The middle-aged general pulled out the sword from his own body. Blood splattered everywhere, but he did not even frown.

Looking over, although the general was strong, his army did not have an advantage, and the enemy slowly withered them down.

The middle-aged general laughed coldly and swung his sword.

This unassuming swipe caused a colossal change. A lightning bolt crashed down from the vast sky.

Then, the bloodthirst and killing intent on the middle-aged general’s sword formed a crimson blade, killing life. In an instance, over ten soldiers fell.

When Ouyang Shuo saw this move, his brows tightened. He could not understand it. In his last life, he was a decent player amongst adventure gamemode players, so he understood a bit about the martial way.

When Gaia designed martial arts, it did not break away from reality. Based on theory, even with a buff, a move could not bend the laws of physics.

This move was something he could not understand.

What kind of move was that? The middle-aged general used the killing aura of his sword to create a formless killing intent. It was like the action of a god.

After all, to killing using just their aura, wasn't that the action of a god?

Or maybe, the Killing Sword Sword Manual was not a true secret manual. Maybe it was just an in-game thing? That could be it, but Gaia should not be so contradictory.

Before this, Gaia had pointed out that all ‘manuals’ and ‘scriptures’ were real. Hence, this made Ouyang Shuo exceedingly confused.

Did Gaia really predict martial arts to reach such a level?

Thinking in this direction, it did make sense.

Unfortunately, the middle aged-general was not planning to explain things to Ouyang Shuo. He just showed the move. Whether Ouyang Shuo could understand or not depended on his own ability.

If he learned it, then that was good. If he did not, then too bad.

Ouyang Shuo could only memorize what he had seen.

"7th, killing spirits!"

The middle-aged general did not pause. He cleared out all the enemies around him and charged straight for the enemy commander. He would kill anyone that dared to block his path.

Ouyang Shuo noticed that when the middle-aged general killed, he used the first four strokes seamlessly.

It was obvious that the way of the killing sword was not a simple seven strokes. Instead, the moves interconnected with one another to create thousands and thousands of variations, allowing one to easily kill even when surrounded by many enemies.

The killing sword was a way of killing and also the way of survival.

To kill the enemy, one must first survive.

Apart from assassins, no one would not know how to protect themselves.

The killing sword took this idea to the extreme.

That was because the killing sword was the way of the battlefield. On the battlefield, swords had no eyes and dangers lurked everywhere. The method to survive and protect yourself was a true art.

The middle-aged general had practiced the sword to an extreme, each stroke was a killing blow.

The huge army could not even stop him for a moment. Everywhere he passed, bodies fell and blood flowed like a river.

"Quick, stop him!"

The enemy commander panicked.


The red wave fearlessly charged.

Numerous crescent blades formed light after light, as they encompassed the land.


The middle-aged general did not care; these lines of soldiers were not at his level. Regularly, the middle-aged general would use the 6th killing move to slay enemies.

Ouyang Shuo looked on in astonishment.

Based on theory, Shi Wanshui and Er’Lai were also emperor rank generals, but Ouyang Shuo did not see them possess such strength, able to kill the commander among millions of troops.

Where did this manual come from?

He could not believe that such a technique only stood at the emperor rank.

What secret did it hide within?

Ouyang Shuo did not have time to think anymore, as the middle-aged general had already charged to the front of the commander.

Yet another sweep, killing anything in his path.

The commander rode high on his warhorse, his expression exceedingly serious. He could also fight, and he wielded his spear in preparation for a final clash.

The middle-aged general smirked coldly. He jumped up from the ground, and the sword in his hand pierced forward. He totally ignored the spear plunging toward him.

The sword was like a shooting star, slashing through the sky and into the chest of the enemy.


The enemy commander lowered his head in disbelief and looked at the sword in his chest.

The spear brushed against the body of the middle-aged general before falling to the ground. At the crucial moment, the blade of the middle-aged general was faster by a step.

The essence of this move was speed.

Ouyang Shuo looked on; his eyes did not even blink. Killing spirits did not really mean killing a spirit. Rather, it alluded to killing the enemy commander.

All the killing sword moves were designed for battle. Each move was focused on the enemy.

No wonder the evaluation would contain such a line: User of the killing blade, Qin Army using Qin Sword on the battlefield, an ultimate technique refined through battle.

The way of this sword truly befitted the title of ultimate.

Seeing their commander killed, the furious soldiers rushed forward to destroy the middle-aged general.

The middle-aged general jumped down from his horse, as his sword glowed with an evil red light. He raised up his head and looked at Ouyang Shuo coldly, “A hundred mile massacre!"

Ouyang Shuo felt a shiver run down his spine; this was the final killing move of the killing sword.

The red glow of the sword seemed to suck up and absorb a certain quantity of blood from the enemy general body. Instantly, an enormous blood energy exploded into millions of small swords.

Silence, the entire battlefield fell completely silent.

Numerous soldiers instantly died.

Bug, this was a bug! Ouyang Shuo exclaimed in head.

Ouyang Shuo originally thought that it was just a description, who knew that it would actually be true?

A hundred mile massacre?

Ouyang Shuo muttered.

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