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Chapter 452

TWO Chapter 452-Bingshan Goddess

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Ouyang Shuo regained his focus and continued the meeting.

The philosophers debate, apart from the debating portion, would also hold an important ceremony—the heaven worship ceremony. Ouyang Shuo, as the host, would have to lead the philosophers to pay respect in the Yellow Emperor Temple.

The Yellow Emperor was the ancestor of the Chinese race. He also set up the ruling systems of China, so they naturally had to worship him.

After settling all the important matters, Ouyang Shuo announced the end of the meeting. He left Xiao He with the task of making contact with Su Qin to see whether or not he was willing to work in Shanhai City.

As the organizer of the philosophers’ debate, Xiao He also had an important task apart from arranging daily matters. He had to contact the various philosophers and invite them to move into Shanhai City.

Ouyang Shuo believed that Xiao He had the ability; he could help them recruit some talents.

The results proved that. In this half month, no less than a hundred philosophers had already expressed their willingness. These people belonged to different factions and schools, so they were suitable for different industries.

Based on their specialities, Xiao He coordinated with the four departments to arrange everything in an orderly manner.

At this time, Xiao He's elder official identity played a crucial role. In the territory, apart from Ouyang Shuo, only he had the power to move the four departments.

Through the philosophers’ debate, Xiao He was slowly building up his prestige in Shanhai City.

Everyone was clear that Xiao He would replace Fan Zhongyan as the head of the officials sooner or later. However, Fan Zhongyan himself did not mind, as Xiao He was truly amazing.

The talents that Xiao He recruited either entered the four departments or moved into the various Houses and counties. Those who did not want to be an official entered the two schools to teach the various industries as advisors, or they would establish an association.

One must know that there were hundreds of types of philosophers apart from the ten school of thoughts, although the rest were not that famous. However, their values had spread down in the various professions like wood craftsmen, carvers, and leather workers.

The industry associations in Shanhai City appeared like bamboo shoots after a rain.

Before this, the main associations in Shanhai City were the textile association and the fishing association. In less than half a month, more than ten associations registered at the Financial Department. The most famous ones among them were the carpenter association, carving association, and the leatherwork association.

Apart from establishing associations, some philosophers themselves were high level talents of their industry. Based on Xiao He's calculations, about five of them had reached the master rank.

When they received the buff from Shanhai City’s specialty and ranked up to grandmaster one by one, Shanhai City's work occupation would truly boom.

Apart from Ouyang Shuo feeling delighted, work occupation players who lived in Shanhai City were similarly ecstatic. These mysterious disciples and masters were all people that they wanted to learn from.

If their luck was good, the players could even receive the inheritances of these NPCs in the form of quests. They could become a successor of some faction or school of thought.

All of a sudden, members of the Fallen Moon Guild crazily swarmed the streets.

Amongst which, a lucky person called Zhi Shui actually triggered the inheritance quest of the carpenters. This lucky fellow, probably because he was too happy, revealed the matter on the forums.

This time, the pot really blew open.

Work occupation players in the China region grew red with envy.

The guild leader of Thread even directly teleported to Shanhai City when she received the news.

"Lord Wuyi, you can't be so biased. Thread and Fallen Moon Guild are both under Shanhai City, so you can't treat us differently."

Bingshan Beauty, if her cold glance bore into a normal person, they would surrender right away.

Luckily, Ouyang Shuo was experienced. He knew that if he really allowed members of Thread to come down to Shanhai City to fight with members of Fallen Moon Guild, Sun Xiaoyue would rip him apart.

Although Sun Xiaoyue might look like a gentle next-door-type girl, she was terrifying when angered.

Thinking about this point, Ouyang Shuo felt a shiver run down his spine.

"Guild leader Qing, I am not being biased. After all, Shanhai City is where Fallen Moon Guild is registered, while Thread is registered in Yashan City, right?"

When Qing Sikou heard this response, she froze. She did not expect this jerk to not even hesitate before he rejected her. Was her charm really so useless?

However, beauties with cold exteriors had the strongest of hearts.

When she was in Jingdou, the number of guys chasing her could probably form two circles around the Jingdou city wall. Qing Sikou did not even glance at these suitors.

Especially the chasing incident of Xingzhe Zichen, which made Qing Sikou more and more cold. After she moved into Yashan City, there basically was not as much action.

Even so, it did not mean that Qing Sikou did not like it when others praised her. It did not mean that she could stand guys not falling for her charm.

For girls, especially beauties, they could not tolerate such a reaction.

However, toward Ouyang Shuo, she was helpless.

Who was the guy in front of her?

He was the best player in the China region, probably even the world, and the most pinnacle existence. His words and actions were the focal point of the China region. Some envied him, some despised him, and some even worshipped him.

However, no one dared to act insolent toward him.

After all, this man held incredible power.

Thinking about this point, Qing Sikou felt more and more annoyed. Anxiously, she could not control her feelings and blew up, “I don't care, help me out."

In her words, there was actually a tint of playfulness. When Ouyang Shuo heard her, his eyes widened.

Bingshan Goddess acting playful?

When she saw his expression, only then did Qing Sikou realize that she had lost her demeanor, and her face instantly reddened.

The atmosphere instantly became awkward.

Ouyang Shuo calmed himself down. He knew that at such a time, he needed to give Qing Sikou a way to step down. Otherwise, she might really freak out.

"Cough, how about this, arrange twenty people over to Shanhai City to either take a master or accept quests. As for whether they can become successors, that will depend on the heavens. Is that okay?"


Qing Sikou took in a deep breath. She was not willing to stay anymore, so she turned around and left.

Seeing that, Ouyang Shuo let out a long sigh.

Was she trying to kill me?

Not long after, Ouyang Shuo received a letter from Sun Xiaoyue in Yashan City.

When he opened the letter, he only found a white sheet of paper.

When Ouyang Shuo saw this, he shook his head, that girl was really too jealous.


Apart from scattered individuals obtaining jobs, if schools or factions moved in, they could even open a college in Xinan University to accept disciples.

The moment this news spread out, even Mohism and the other big school of thoughts felt tempted. After all, they all wanted to spread their thoughts in an influential school.

Furthermore, Xinan University also had Jiang Shang and the book collection house. Even if the various schools and factions did not station themselves in Shanhai City, just opening a college in Xinan University was still possible.

Xinan University's ability to accept all slowly gained everyone's recognition.

After this battle, Shanhai City's foundation grew more and more stable.

The entire China region could not compare with them.


When the Lord asked him to invite Su Qin, Xiao He looked at the Lord with a weird expression. In theory, with Zhang Yi in charge of the Honglu Temple, why would the Lord feel interested in Su Qin?

Xiao He could only keep such thoughts to himself and not speak them out loud. He only nodded his head in response.

After Xiao He left, Ouyang Shuo looked at the blue sky through the main door, deep in thought.

Su Qin ah, Su Qin. I hope that you're smart enough and don't make me take that final step.

Nanjiang Governor-General Manor, Wuji Palace.

The night sky looked like water, and the frogs croaked. The Wuji Palace, on the other hand, was silent. Be it the patrolling guards or the maidservants, they all walked quietly, afraid to disturb the Lord.

Wuji Palace was where Ouyang Shuo slept.

When they built the Nanjiang Governor-General Manor, they expanded the entire palace once again. The Yingyu sisters, as well as Bing'er, all had their own palace wing.

Bing'er, that little girl, had slowly grown up. It was time for her to learn to live independently.

As the Shanhai City system grew more and more perfect, class systems were starting to show. Although Ouyang Shuo did not want this to occur, this game was set in the olden time after all. He could not alter the natural progression of things.

Cui Yingyu and the others, as the sisters of the Lord, all took carriages when they travelled.

The number of servants in the manor grew by the day. The rules in the manor became more and more strict. The Housekeeping Division they set up long ago started to play a more and more important role.

Zisu performed well and took good care of the back palace.

Even Ouyang Shuo did not expect Zisu, that brat, to be so capable. Be it Cui Yingyu, Qing'er, or even Song Jia, everyone felt impressed.

Although the palace had expanded many times, the decorations in Wuji Palace were still relatively humble and simple. Although Ouyang Shuo possessed many riches, he was not a materialistic person.

Due to Ouyang Shuo’s influence, the entire manor was very simple.

Inside the sleeping chamber, Ouyang Shuo took out the secret manual—Killing Sword Sword Manual. After he removed the poison from his body, Ouyang Shuo had rested for several days to prepare to cultivate this sword manual.

The killing sword would soon appear in the world.

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