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Chapter 451

Chapter 451- Zhang Yi Moves in

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Han Feizi and Lao Zi, one after another arrived at Shanhai City. However, they received different treatments.

Let's first talk about Han Feizi, who came a day earlier.

After he came to Shanhai City and greeted Jiang Shang, he was dragged off by Wei Yang, Shen Buhai, and Sheng Dao to Wei Yang's residence.

During this period of time, Shen Buhai and Sheng Dao did not move into Juxian House and stayed at Wei Yang's residence instead.

The four giants of Legalism had finally gathered.

If someone else was present, they would feel astonished. As for what the four discussed, it was not about how to win against the Confucians. Instead, they talked about the thinkings of Legalism.

In their eyes, the way of Legalism obviously held a far greater importance than this debate.

Han Feizi, the man who combined the three factions, caused a lot of sparks when he met the three founder.

After all, when Han Feizi combined the three factions, he could only use records. Mistakes in understanding and recording would definitely occur.

Their meeting truly made them feel that they should have known each other earlier.

As they talked, they forgot about the passage of time.

Only after their stomachs growled did they look at one another and laugh.

"Quick, quick!"

Wei Yang laughed boisterously and ordered the maidservant to bring the prepared dishes into the reading room.

The four of them ate and discussed at the same time.

The olden rules were not to talk during eating or sleeping times. However, the four of them were so happy that they tossed this old rule to the back of their heads. When they started to drink some of the Three Flowers Wine, they started to grow high and even more unrestrained.

After hurriedly consuming their lunch, they continued to talk.

This conversation took up another day, as they forgot all about the flow of time.

The four giants of Legalism, although their main ideas were different, they were still extremely similar to one another.

At night, Han Feizi naturally stayed in Wei Yang's residence.

In a huge coincidence, Kong Zi brought his disciples to Shanhai City the very next day.

The moment Kong Zi entered the city, he directly went to greet Jiang Shang. Kong Zi's main idea was to recreate the old; he followed and respected the rites of Zhou.

Although the main promoter of the rites of Zhou was not Jiang Shang but Zhou Gongdan, Jiang Shang was still one of the founders of Xizhou. As such, he was worth Kong Zi’s visit.

Kong Zi, this cultural giant, was an exceedingly humble person. He was a role model for everyone. The fake Confucians and corrupt Confucians were truly a disgrace to him. They were in completely different leagues.

Along with his appearance, Lao Zi, Zhuang Zi, and other important figures all appeared.

A previously lackluster cultural occasion had welcomed its brightest moment.

Observing that the time was right, the ancestor of philosophers, Jiang Shang, unexpectedly invited Kong Zi, Meng Zi, Zhuang Zi, Mozi, as well as Han Feizi and his companion to the Fallen Star Island.

Before this, Jiang Shang only met the philosophers in the book collection hall.

Obviously, this conversation would be highly unusual. One must know that the invited individuals were all heavyweights of their school of thoughts; the highest existences out of all philosophers.

The only one unhappy about these arrangements was probably Lu Buwei.

After all, he did not receive an invitation. If one mentioned this matter, it actually seemed pretty normal. Lu Buwei did not even get a ‘Zi’ title, so he could not be considered an ancestor of a faction.

On Fallen Star Island, this gathering of saints was an event history would record. As for their exact words, no one knew. Even Ouyang Shuo knew nothing of their exchange.

Only at noon did Jiang Shang finally send someone to tell Xiao He that the philosophers’ debate would officially start the next day.

He also sent out a small paper note.

In the afternoon, Ouyang Shuo sat in the main hall for a meeting with the four directors. Apart from them, Xiao He, as well as one of the representative figures of diplomacy, Zhang Yi, was present.

They were discussing two matters, one being the establishment of a diplomat organization, second would be to settle the philosophers' debate matter.

Fan Zhongyan suggested they name the organization Honglu Temple. Members of the temple would spread the good name of the territory.

The main officer of the Honglu Temple would be called Honglu Temple Minister, taking charge of all diplomacy issues. They would naturally appoint Zhang Yi to the position.

The established Honglu Temple would not be placed under the control of the four departments. Instead, it would report directly to Nanjiang Governor-General House and Ouyang Shuo. The rank of the Honglu Temple Minister would be situated between director and secretary.

The basic level officials and civil servants would be taken from the Administration Department.

The culture and traditions that the Culture and Education Division took charge of had the most similarities to the job of Honglu Temple. Hence, the officials under the Culture and Education Division that they sent to the Honglu Temple could easily pick up Zhang Yi’s teachings.

Apart from that, Ouyang Shuo also granted Zhang Yi the permission to choose elites with good personalities from the school of diplomacy. Zhang Yi could decide all personnel changes.

This trust made Zhang Yi grateful to the point of tears.

"Thank you, Lord, for your trust!"

The moment they established the Honglu Temple, a system notification spread out from his ear.

"System Notification: School of diplomacy representative has moved into Shanhai City, taking charge of the Honglu Temple and accepting disciples. Shanhai City has met the three requirements for a school of thought to move in. The school of diplomacy officially moves into Shanhai City."


"System Notification: School of diplomacy has officially moved in. Shanhai City is awarded the title of ‘Maneuvering Amongst Political Groups’."


When the system notification sounded out, the other players in the China region did not have much of a reaction. Only Hefu and the others, who were on route, felt their faces cramp up.

Problematic fellow!

They were fighting a war here. Meanwhile, their enemy actually stayed in his main base maneuvering amongst political groups.’

Comparing with others would genuinely make one die from anger.

This system notification was a significant blow to Hefu and the others.

The moment they heard it, Hefu and the others experienced a shocking reality check. It made them realize again that they were going to face a terrifying opponent.

Compared to him, they were not even on the same level. They needed to personally lead their troops, while he could remain in Shanhai City and expand his circle of influence.

Philosophers, Hefu would dream and crave for them.

To Shanhai City, it was like eating rice. One after another, school of thoughts moved into Shanhai City.

As Hefu rode his horse, he felt thankful in his heart. Thankful he acted calm and rational when dealing with the Four Seas Bank. He felt lucky that he did not do anything out of hand.

Facing such an opponent, anyone would feel a headache.

If he could, he totally would not want to fight Shanhai City. Helplessly, this was the cruel reality of the wilderness—a win-win situation did not exist.

It was either you die or I die.

Since he had no way out, he could only move forward.

His expression suddenly turned more resolute, and he looked a lot more courageous.

Ouyang Shuo did not have any time to think about the thoughts of Hefu and the others. He only wanted to check the stats of the title.

Maneuvering Amongst Political Groups: 15% increase in territory reputation, 25% reduction in animosity toward territory, 20% decrease in trade difficulty, 30% increase in favoritism of tribes.

Compared to the other titles, not only was the title granted by the school of diplomacy different, even the stats headed in a different route.

The other three schools gave a one-sided raise.

Only this title had buffs and debuffs. It was not hard to see that these stats were comparable to the rest.

Raising the territory’s reputation, needless to say, was a rare stat. It was one that would only normally appear on hidden buildings.

Shanhai City’s ability to attract so many talents had to do with such stats.

As for lowering animosity and lowering trade difficulty, it might look useless for now, but in the late game, it would be an overpowered stat.

Let's not talk about animosity yet. Purely in terms of trading, the phrase would make one drool. With this buff alone, Ouyang Shuo felt more confident in his trading with Australia.

The last stat was great for his strategy toward tribes.

In the territory, he had three tribal groups, mountain barbarians, nomads, as well as the Li Race aboriginals. Apart from the mountain barbarians, who voluntarily moved over, they had forced the rest to join them through war. Hence, they still held some negative feelings toward Shanhai territory.

With this new title, such feelings would definitely be abated to an extent. It would greatly help in their soft approach in regards to Qiongzhou.

Apart from the current tribes, it was also helpful for the integration of future races.

One must not forget that in Chiyou City, a huge number of mountain barbarians lived. Ouyang Shuo had worried over the fact that even after conquering Chiyou City, the mountain barbarians within would not be willing to join them.

After all, Chiyou's influence on mountain barbarians was simply too great.

With this added stat from the title, he had an additional 30% chance.

Most importantly, this title did not only apply to races like the mountain barbarians in Chiyou City. One must know that in the settings of Gaia, commoners in other regions were also listed as other races.

With that, the meaning behind it was huge.

One could foresee that with this step, if Shanhai City started a global war in the future, they would have an easier time ruling over new territories.

With such an analysis, one could see the incredible strength of this title.

Undeniably, this title would be an unparalleled existence in the later parts of the game.

This time, he had really picked up a treasure.

After Ouyang Shuo finished looking at the stats, he thought about whether or not he should try and recruit the other representative figure, Su Qin, to prevent other territories from receiving the title.

Thinking up to this point, a cold look flashed across his eyes.

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