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Chapter 430

Chapter 430- Qin Shihuang Appears

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After tabulating the total battle contribution points, the Commerce City was also emptied.

At this point, the battle had truly ended, and the lords quickly teleported back to the main map.

Only Ouyang Shuo stayed behind as usual.

The Shanhai Alliance members were already used to this, so they said their simple goodbyes and left.

When Ouyang Shuo waited for the final rewards, he specially went to meet Zhang Han.

As for the other Qin Army General, Wang Li, probably because he noticed that Ouyang Shuo was unhappy with him, he did not follow along. Instead, followed the black horse, Caiyun Zinan.

Who knows what terms Caiyun Zinan set down to pry Wang Li away.

Just leave, Ouyang Shuo did not mind.

After spending a period of time together, Zhang Han had totally recognized Ouyang Shuo. He did not even wait for Ouyang Shuo to open his mouth. He simply greeted," Zhang Han greets the lord!"

"Good, General Zhang, please rise."

Shanhai City had obtained another general. Naturally, Ouyang Shuo felt happy.

Which lord would complain about having too many martial generals? Much less someone of Zhang Han's caliber.

In the Battle of Julu, not only did Ouyang Shuo obtain large amounts of merit points, he also obtained the Guangyao Armor Making Technical Manual and the Olden Agriculture Tool Crafting Technical Manual.

Of course, most importantly, he recruited Xiao He, Han Xin, Zhang Han, and Xiahou Ying.

One had to say that Ouyang Shuo was the biggest winner once more. This was even before considering the reward from taking the top spot on the leaderboard.

Making use of the time, Ouyang Shuo took a look at Zhang Han's stats.

Name: Zhang Han (Emperor Rank)

Title: Yong King

Dynasty: Qin Dynasty

Identity: Shanhai City General

Occupation: Special General

Loyalty: 75

Command: 90

Force: 72

Intelligence: 65

Politics: 45

Specialty: Valiant General (raises morale of troops by 30%, raises movement speed by 20%, raises combat strength by 15%)

Cultivation Technique: Nil

Equipment: Qin Sword

Evaluation: Zhang Han was a valiant general of Qin. If he did not lose, Qin would not die out. He went out and killed Zhou Zhang, broke Chen She, and forced Wei Jiu to surrender. His troops were strong and made war seem like hunting rabbits.

Zhang Han was Shanhai City’s fourth emperor rank general after Shi Wanshui, Er'Lai, and Fan Lihua.

In the afternoon, the final reward was delivered to his hands.

Ouyang Shuo took a look; it was a secret manual. Upon closer inspection, it was actually an emperor rank sword technique, which delighted him.

This battle had left him no regrets.

Name: Killing Sword Sword Manual (Emperor Rank Cultivation Method)

Strokes: Killing Sword Seven Kills: first killing life, second killing soldiers, third killing sergeants, fourth killing generals, fifth killing oneself, sixth killing all life, seventh killing spirits

Special Move: 100 Miles Slaughter (the moment this killing sword is used, it will leave no one within 100 miles alive)

Evaluation: User of the killing blade, the Qin Army wielded the Qin Blade on the battlefield. It is an ultimate technique refined through battle.

As expected from the Qin Army Sword Technique. Before he even cultivated it, a simple look at the introduction resulted in a killing intent striking him face first.

Ouyang Shuo stored the manual away and did not immediately try to cultivate it. This sword technique needed a quiet spot to analyze. The battle map was obviously not suitable.

"Let's go!"

Ouyang Shuo had obtained so many rewards in this battle. Naturally, it was not without sacrifices.

In this battle, the Shanhai City Army had suffered heavy casualties.

Of the three thousand palace Guards, half had died. Luckily, they remaining upgraded to become Divine Martial Guards. Of the 2,500 mountain barbarians, eight hundred had died, similarly suffering heavy casualties. The Guards Division had suffered the most, losing 2,400 men.

Those that had died were the most elite soldiers of Shanhai City.

When Ouyang Shuo returned to the main map, it was already the 7th month, 27th day. The moment he walked out of the teleportation formation, a system notification sounded out in his ear.

"System Notification: The Battle of Julu has officially ended. Important historical figures during the Qin Dynasty have automatically joined the game. Players please search for them yourselves."


The Qin Dynasty had a short history. Apart from the famous ministers and generals during Qin Shihuang's time, a large portion had either continued on into the West Han Period or were recruited by players in the battle map.

The only one remaining that people wanted was probably the Strategy Saint, Zhang Liang.

Hence, compared to the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period, lords did not look forward to the Qin Dynasty as much. The other dynasties that could compare with the Spring and Autumn Period were very, very little in number.

Following closely behind was another system notification that blew the lid off everything.

"System Notification: The emperor of olden times, Qin Shihuang, has officially moved into Xiangyang City. Xianyang Imperial Court has changed to Qin Imperial Court. Li Si, Wei Liao, Wang Jian, Wang Ben, Meng Tian, Meng Yi, and other famous officials and generals have officially enter the Qin Imperial Court."


The moment the notification went out, everyone was in an uproar.

Qin Shihuang moving into Xianyang was a whole new setting. Players could not predict whether the other future imperial cities would have a change in dynasties.

Apart from Qin Shihuang, the other generals in history who fought alongside him would also come to his side. That way, Qin Shihuang would not be lonely with no one to depend on.

Such a change, how would it affect the wilderness? Everything was totally unknown.

Only Ouyang Shuo remained the most calm.

In his last life, Qin Shihuang had similarly moved into Xiangyang, so there was nothing unexpected about it.

Last time, when Du Ruhui met the Dali Emperor, he could not see his real face because the emperor was not decided.

As the game proceeds and the battles end, all nine imperial cities would have a true emperor taking control.

Of course, an emperor taking over an imperial city did not mean they would immediately attack the wilderness. With Xianyang as an example, if Qin Shihuang wanted to develop and expand, which lord in the Xianyang Region could stop him?


For historical emperors to move into imperial cities was only to increase the possibilities of the game. No only for lords but also for adventure gamemode players.

Apart from that, it also increased the difficulty for the lords to attack the imperial cities.

In the future, if Ouyang Shuo wanted to take over the Dali Region, he could not avoid Dali City.

Taking down an imperial city was not an easy matter.

In his last life, none of the imperial cities fell even in five years.

The appearance of Qin Shihuang had already surprised all the players. Who knew that Gaia was not done and would continue to drop another huge bomb.

"System Notification: West Chu Overlord Xiang Yu officially moves into the wilderness and builds the Chu Country in Peng City. Xiang Yan, Xiang Liang, Xiang Bo, Xiang Zhuang, and more relatives have automatically moved into the Chu Country."


Xiang Yan was the grandfather of Xiang Yu and had three children.

The eldest Xiang Qu, who was Xiang Yu's father, died early.

Zhang Han had nursed the second-born Xiang Liang in the Battle of Dingtao.

The third, Xiang Bo surrendered to Liu Bang. He was granted the surname Liu and the title Seyang Lord.

Xiang Zhuang was Xiang Yu's cousin.

Yu Ji was Xiang Yu's wife; she did not appear in the Battle of Julu.

The entire Xiang family had basically been revived. They had Xiang Yu as their core and Peng City as their capital, cleanly setting up the Chu Country.

Although it was a country, in truth, it was just a city.

Along with the system report, in the northeast point of Jianye Region, at the area closest to Pannan Province, a suddenly white light flashed across and a city appeared.

Peng City was the earliest imperial city of the Yellow Emperor, and it was located in a quality geographical position.

North of it was Lu Dong Province.

East was Jianye Region.

South was Pannan Province.

West was the Zhongyuan Province.

Along with the establishment of the Chu Country, the southeast region of the China region grew more and more interesting.

The one who had the biggest headache was most probably Zhan Lang's Blood Red City.

Between the two cities, there was just a short distance.

Different from Qin Shihuang, Xiang Yu and his Chu Country would compete for the wilderness.

The appearance of the Xiang Family had already completed the second information piece.

The future wilderness would grow more and more busy.

With the two system notifications, there would be a huge change to the world.

Under such changes, who could lead the charge and adapt, who would become to strongest?

To Ouyang Shuo, it was also similarly a huge test.

Returning to Shanhai City, Ouyang Shuo gathered all the officials and generals and did a simple introduction. He mainly just introduced the four new people to everyone.

Ouyang Shuo announced a series of personnel adjustments.

Firstly, establishing the third legion—Leopard Legion. Wei Zhang would lead the 1st division known as the Leopard Legion First Division.

Han Xin was also given the title of Great-General. He would become the General of the Leopard Legion.

Ouyang Shuo granting him the title of Great-General and not commander-in-chief meant that Baiqi was still the highest authority.

After receiving his duty, Han Xin followed Baiqi and proceeded to Leizhou Prefecture to command the Battle of Zhaoqing.

Baiqi would be the main commander and Han Xin his deputy, what a stellar combination.

Zhang Han was temporarily the deputy general of the Leopard Legion. In the future, after they took down Zhaoqing, he would be in charge of building the 2nd division.

Xiao He and Xiahou Ying temporarily remained in the Nanjiang Governor-General Manor.

Xiao He was a huge talent. Unfortunately, there temporarily was not a suitable position for him. Ouyang Shuo could only neglect him for the time being and let Xiao He assist him in administrative matters.

As for Xiahou Ying, Ouyang Shuo did not want to place him into the military.

At the moment, he did not lack generals, so he had a more suitable stage in mind for Xiahou Ying to shine.

It was mentioned that Xiahou Ying was the Taipu. He had vast experiences in managing chariots and transport horses. It would be a waste to place such a talent in the military.

Ouyang Shuo thought about it. Why not set up a unit similar to the Taipu Temple? It would be in charge of the horses and transportations in the territory.

Temporarily, the horse breeding grounds only had the Jifeng Horse stables and the Shenjuan Lake Army Horse breeding ground. As the territory grew, there would definitely be more and more of these places.

War horses were a strategic resource in the military.

Not only horses, in the later stages of the game, there would be other mounts that the cavalry would use. Ouyang Shuo understood in his last life that there were rhinos, wolves, elephants, and the like.

Hence, setting up a specific organization was much needed.

Before this, the Lianzhou Lord Manor had a Transport Division, but along with the Material Reserves Department disbanding, the Transport Division was also removed. If he used the name of Transport Division once more, it did not seem appropriate.

As for the specifics, he still needed to put more thought into it.

After the simple meeting, Baiqi, Han Xin, and Zhang Han immediately left for Leizhou. Er'Lai also led the mountain barbarian regiment and returned to the Mulan Stronghold.

Although the battle had ended, the flames of war would continue to rise in the main map.

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