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Chapter 429

Chapter 429- End of the Battle

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Along with Xiang Yu killing himself, the battle officially ended.

"Battle Report: The Battle of Julu is officially over, congratulations to the Qin Dynasty Camp for successfully changing history. Each lord is awarded one thousand merit points; their battle contributions points increased by 50%. Friendly reminder, the bonus contribution points aren't calculated into the rankings."

When Baiqi obtained the Qin Dynasty Camp commanding rights, the system gave Ouyang Shuo a bonus 20% contribution points. Summing up the two, Ouyang Shuo had a 70% bonus, close to double.

"Battle Report: The Battle of Julu is officially over, now calculating contribution points based on your contribution to your camp."

In Ouyang Shuo's ear, a notification sounded out.

"System Notification: Player Qiyue Wuyi, Qin Dynasty camp representative figure, taking over Anyang City, wiping out Ying Bu's army, and facing off against the Jiangdong Warriors. Contribution is immeasurable, rewarded fifty thousand bonus battle contribution points.

Ouyang Shuo had once again obtained the ‘immeasurable’ evaluation. This time, it was just luck. Ouyang Shuo had only wanted to go hunting; he did not expect himself to become an important piece in the puzzle when he returned.

Thinking about it, without the three thousand palace Guards defending Anyang City, it would fall into the hands of the Anti-Qin Camp.

The entire war would have probably changed.

Compared to Ouyang Shuo, Di Chen only lacked a little luck. Just a little more, and Di Chen could have been the most important figure in this battle.

Even so, the bonus rewards that Ouyang Shuo obtained were just average. He had obtained much higher bonuses in the Battle of Muye.

When Baiqi obtained the commanding rights, he was already awarded fifty thousand points. Hence, in his evaluation, these points were not included into his bonus points calculation.

With just these two rewards, Ouyang Shuo had already gotten a hundred thousand battle contribution points.

After calculating all the bonus battle contribution points, the final standings were in place.

Rank- Name- Battle Contribution Points

1st: Qiyue Wuyi- 684,000

2nd: Zhan Lang - 235,000

3rd- Feng Qiuhuang- 228,000

4th: Bai Hua- 225,000

5th: Di Chen- 154,000

6th: Xiong Ba- 85,000

7th: Chun Shenjun- 84,500

8th: Xunlong Dianxue- 75,200

9th: Caiyun Zinan- 72,500

10th: Gong Chengshi- 72,000

Taking a look at the rankings, it was not hard to see the importance of troop numbers in battle. Zhan Lang, Bai Hua, Feng Qiuhuang, and Di Chen were all rank 3 Marquis. As a result, they could roughly bring ten thousand troops, three times that of a rank 1 earl.

The contribution points of the four were also far higher than the other lords.

As for Ouyang Shuo, it was needless to say. Not only was his rank the highest, his army was the strongest. His bonus rewards were also the most, and he had accumulated a total of 680,000 battle contribution points.

The second tier group, Xiong Ba, Chun Shenjun, Xunlong Dianxue, and Gong Chengshi were all close to one another. In terms of points, Xiong Ba and Chun Shenjun edged ahead. With that, one could see that the large powers still possessed an added advantage.

Xiong Ba had Wuqi, while Chun Shenjun had Tian Dan, both top-grade generals. The armies that they brought were also much more elite compared to Xunlong County and Black Lion County.

The further behind they fell, the harder Xunlong Dianxue and the others would find it to keep up with Ouyang Shuo's pace.

Internally, Feng Qiuhuang also surpassed Bai Hua for the first time and took the third spot.

Although Shanhai Alliance took up half of the spots on the rankings, in truth, they had done so with much difficulty.

In the previous battles, Xunlong Dianxue and the others could do as they wished solely because the battle was small-scale. In those cases, Ouyang Shuo alone could control everything.

Only because of Ouyang Shuo could they act like fish to water.

Only by using the advantages they accumulated in the first three battles, could they compete with Xiong Ba and the others.

If not, they would have dropped out a lot earlier.

In Ouyang Shuo’s last life, Xunlong City was not as glorious and famous as now.

As the scale of the battles and wars increased, Ouyang Shuo’s influence would diminish greatly.

The Battle of Changping had already showed some signs.

The Battle of Julu was even more so. Facing millions of troops, how could Ouyang Shuo alone control the battle?

In the subsequent battles, they could only depend on themselves.

Apart from that, the element of generals could not be taken lightly.

During the first three battles, Xunlong Dianxue and the others were lucky to obtain suitable generals early on. The game had limited Xiong Ba, as he did not have suitable generals.

Now, it was different. The general supply of the various powers had surpassed them.

This was strength.

Following which, if Xunlong Dianxue and the others did not make any large moves, they would be suppressed all the way with no way to move.

During the Huangjin uprising battle, Wufu being left out was already a dangerous signal.

After the battle, the top ten territories would definitely all upgrade to the prefecture grade.

The upgrade mission was another huge step.

In this matter, Xiong Ba would once again surpass Xunlong Dianxue.

The strength of the Yanhuang Alliance was slowly exploding out. Commoner alliances like Shanhai Alliance would find it really difficult to beat them.

To Di Chen and the others, Ouyang Shuo was the only one that stood over their heads.

Of course, it was not that Ouyang Shuo lacked a plan to handle them. Raising Bai Hua and pulling Feng Qiuhuang along, they would form the strongest iron triangle; this was their best bet at going against the Yanhuang Alliance.

The battle between the two alliances was far from over.

On the rankings, the biggest change would be the dark horse—Caiyun Zinan.

A lord from neither of the top two groups had suddenly reached the top 10 rankings. It caused an uproar bigger than the fact that Ouyang Shuo had taken the top spot once more.

The scene of the Yanhuang Alliance and the Shanhai Alliance solely occupying the top rankings was broken.

The part that embarrassed Gong Chengshi was that he had fallen 500 points behind her.

Ouyang Shuo knew a little about this dark horse.

The Black Snake Guards were created to take charge of monitoring all the big territories.

The territory of Caiyun Zinan was known as Caiyun County. Located in Xiangnan Province, it was connected to Chuannan Province and Lingnan Province that Shanhai Territory was located in.

The Xiangnan Prefecture temporarily did not have any members of the two large alliance in it.

Caiyun Zinan was the strongest power there and the alliance leader of the Caiyun Alliance.

Before this, the appearance of local powers only showed small signs. The total appearance of Caiyun Zinan had undoubtedly announced the emergence of local powers.

The China region had many lords that were not content to stay in the shadows of the two major alliances.

Ouyang Shuo remembered that in his last life, Caiyun Alliance had a firm grip on Xiangnan Province. It was a heavy weight that could sit on the same level as Bai Hua.

The wheels of history really could not be stopped.

Even the rebirth of Ouyang Shuo could not prevent the development of such powers.

The future Nanjiang was destined to not to be calm.

With this, the Nanjiang Governor-General did not only need to face the challenge of the Yanhuang Alliance.

The moment the rankings were released, the uproar continued to fester.

The matter the current lords were most concerned about was not the rankings. What they cared about was whether they had enough merit points to upgrade to rank 3 Marquis.

The other lords turned their eyes to the battle Commerce City.

This was a once in a lifetime chance.

Ouyang Shuo also looked at his merit points. As for the shop, he was not interested in it.

His basic battle contribution points was 684,000, after the 70% bonus, it was 1,162,800 points. Deducting the 140,000 he spent, he was left with 1,022,800 points.

It had to be mentioned that the contribution points spent would also be calculated in the rankings, and it would similarly give bonus points.

If not, none of the lords would be willing to exchange for goods during the battle.

One million battle contribution points were enough to make other lords go crazy. Ouyang Shuo did not hesitate and exchanged them for merit points in a 10:1 ratio, so he obtained 102,280 merit points.

Apart from that, he also obtain two hundred merit  points from killing Xu Huang.

Lastly, he obtained the extra four thousand merit points for his first placed ranking, as well as for rewriting history, which gave him an extra one thousand merit points.

Just from this battle alone, Ouyang Shuo had amassed 109,280 merit points, a terrifying amount.

Ouyang Shuo took a look at his total merit points. They had reached 262,180, and he had ranked up to a rank 1 Marquis. The next rank would be Duke.

The merit points required for a Duke was one million, so terrifying.

Ouyang Shuo was happy for a while before stowing away his emotions. His merit points were just a quarter of the amount needed for the Duke rank.

Apart from Ouyang Shuo, Bai Hua and Feng Qiuhuang both upgraded to grade 2 Marquis.

Di Chen and Zhan Lang, as they had just upgraded to rank 3 Marquis and were part of the Anti-Qin camp, did not get the bonus multiplier. As such, they were close to rank 2 Marquis.

Chun Shenjun, Xiong Ba, Xunlong Dianxue, Caiyun Zinan, and Gong Chengshi had ranked up to rank 3 Marquis. All of which was expected; no accidents had occurred.

Apart from that, which other lords became rank 3 Marquis were unknown.

In Shanhai Alliance, Wufu and Song Wen made use of the camp multiplier to arrive at just a step away from rank 3 Marquis. When they returned to the main map, as long as they worked hard, ranking up would not pose a problem.

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