The World Online

Chapter 367

Chapter 367- Staying Dormant

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Editor: Nora

When Shanhai Alliance held their alliance gathering, Yanhuang Alliance had not sat around while doing nothing.

Jingdu Region, Handan County.

"Second brother's appetite is really big!"

Di Chen stood by the window, his body straight, and his facial expression really complicated.

Outside the window, the white snow covered the earth.

The huge snow storm last night had covered the dirt of mankind.

"You promised him?"

Fenghua Juedai was wearing a white coat. She held a cup of hot tea in her hands. The steam from it slowly rose into the air, forming a thin fog.

"I promised him? Impossible!" Di Chen coldly smiled, "Handan County is what I built up. However, this second brother, who watched on from the sidelines, wants to snatch it over now that we have problems."

After he vented his frustration, he gave out a long sigh, "Grandpa is very disappointed in me!"

Di Chen's words led Fenghua Juedai to think of that merciful-looking old man. Her calm demeanor could not help but shiver and cramp up, as she thought about some unhappy experience.

"Actually it's not only second brother! For us to so smoothly rule the basin this time, if one said that there was nothing done behind the back, I would not believe it."

Di Chen saw the entire situation very clearly. He was very certain about his brothers and sisters.

His words left Fenghua Juedai stunned, "What are you preparing to do?"

"Heh!" Di Chen laughed coldly, "They think that they are sneaky, but they do not know that I'm just playing along. When the time comes, they are definitely going to cry."

Fenghua Juedai raised her eyebrows but did not reply.

The current Di Chen had grown more and more mysterious. Even Fenghua Juedai could not understand his thoughts some of the time.

Di Chen raised his head and looked at the sky, "Qiyue Wuyi, wait for me. Our war is far from over."

Xiangyang Region, Pill Sun County.

Different from Di Chen and his brothers and sisters, Chun Shenjun was the sole heir to his family. Moreover, his operation to sweep up Jingzhou went very smoothly.

Even so, he was not happy.

Due to the family tradition, those running the surrounding territories were all branch family members or the weaker ones in his family.

The real elite family members were hidden in the various imperial cities. They used the funds and resources of the family to open up Chamber of Commerces.

Each Chamber of Commerce would hand over 30% of their profits to Pill Sun County to support the development of the county, which was also another reason why Chun Shenjun held so much funds.

However, with the end of the Battle of Lianzhou, his prestige was badly damaged and his ability was questioned by all of his family.

Under the instructions of their head of families, some of the Chamber of Commerces started to fake accounts to reduce the amount of money they had to hand over.

"They are just striking us when we are down!"

When Chun Shenjun heard the report, he was furious and shattered the tea cup in his hand.

During the Battle of Lianzhou, Pill Sun County had lost many troops and generals. As a result, he currently needed large amounts of gold for rebuilding purposes. However, his brothers and sisters wanted to reduce the amount of gold. How could he be happy about that?

"Lord, do not be angry!"

The butler quickly asked servants to clean up.

Chun Shenjun looked really cold and scheming, as he gritted his teeth, "Since they do not treat me as family, I won’t either!"

"What's your plan?"

"I'm going to find my father to expose them." His biggest backing was the absolute support of his father, "I'm also going to send auditors to check their books."

The butler added at the right time, "It's best if we can station auditors there to keep watch!"

With that, the various Chamber of Commerces would have no chance to fake their books.

"Not bad, that's a good idea!"

Chun Shenjun looked at the butler with praise in his heart. He felt that he was still not vicious enough, that he was still too nice to his brothers and sisters.

"Lord, even if the Chamber of Commerces pay what they are suppose to, we still have a lack of funds. If we want to recover in a short time, it will be difficult."

Although this butler was a lap dog, he was one with some skills. If not, Chun Shenjun would not trust him so much.

Chun Shenjun frowned, "How much?"

The butler raised his palm and said, “At least fifty thousand gold."

"Fifty thousand? Are you sure you did not calculate wrongly!" Chun Shenjun freaked out.

"Definitely, I've done the maths several times."

The butler definitely would not tell Chun Shenjun that he would secretly take a portion of the sum that the Chamber of Commerce handed over.

"I know, you can leave!"

Chun Shenjun waved him away, his expression looking exceedingly serious.

"Yes, my lord!" He got up and left.

Chun Shenjun was left alone in the reading room. In his heart, he was weighing if it was possible to raise the percentage of profits handed over to 40%.

Although his father fully supported him, he could not underestimate the presence of the other uncles.

However, such a huge lack of money was something that Chun Shenjun had to take the risk for.

"I do not care anymore!"

A look of viciousness flashed across his face, as he left the reading room.

"Brothers and sisters, this time, I'll make all of you cry. And you Qiyue Wuyi, this hatred and debt will be paid!"

Jianye Region, Blood Red County.

If one said that during the Battle of Lianzhou, which lord lost the most face, it had to be Zhan Lang.

The loss of Chun Shenjun, although it looked ugly, the one who really planned everything was Zhan Lang. As a result, he needed to take responsibility.

At the last moment, if Di Chen did not save him, he would probably end up like Sha Pojun. His general Zhao Zhuang would also probably be reunited with Zhao Kuo.

After the battle, Zhan Lang locked himself in his reading room and did not come out.

Even when his army was sweeping and clearing Qinghe, Xue Lang, Er Lang, and Gui Lang performed the task.

Baiqi had given the generals alongside Zhan Lang a good lesson.

How should war in the cold weapons era be played?

The defeat of the alliance army was because they were too arrogant. Moreover, they had underestimated their enemy.

If they had worked together with the grassland alliance army from the start and directly attacked Shanhai City, they would probably have a greater chance of victory.

The result was that they watched the grassland alliance army be eaten up before slowly entering the fray.

They split their troops into two, but neither could obtain any success.

Sometimes, if your appetite and ambitions were too much, it was not a good thing.

They were arrogant and underestimated their enemy.

They looked down on the investigation and monitoring abilities of Shanhai City in Lianzhou Basin, and the spies had spotted their routes.

They looked down on the fighting strength of the elite forces of Shanhai City.

During the battle at Gushan County, they showed the alliance army what a true elite army was like.

All of this made Zhan Lang feel ashamed of himself.

Only after the New Year did Zhan Lang walk out of this dark shadow.

When one faced defeat, one would grow smarter.

The Battle of Lianzhou was probably a good thing for Zhan Lang.

The current Zhan Lang had chosen to enter hibernation and train a truly elite army before the next fight.

The elite division would all be equipped with the Suozi Armor, and they would be entirely formed from retired military personnel who had class changed to generals.

The name of the army would be Red Blood.

Quanzhou Region, King County

During the Battle of Lianzhou, Xiong Ba was able to leave.

Apart from losing some basic soldiers, their strength was not depleted by much. They had already recovered, probably even improved.

Similarly, they had also completed their unification of Quzhou.

Everything had its pros and cons.

To do anything, a price had to be payed.

The price Xiong Ba paid was that the Yanhuang Alliance now doubted him.

Before this, he had a very close relationship with Chun Shenjun. Now, it was non-existent.

During the alliance meeting, Chun Shenjun had directly ignored him.

Their relationship had reached a freezing point.

Xiong Ba did not care much about this, as he too was an arrogant person.

Taking the chance when the Yanhuang Alliance was not making moves, Xiong Ba allied with Wondering Magic, who similarly did not suffer any losses. In this way, they became the third part of the alliance.

Xiong Ba had officially gotten out of Chun Shenjun's shadow and had started to have a greater influence.

His battle with Di Chen was starting to heat up.

If one said that only doubt existed between Xiong Ba and Chun Shenjun; then he and Di Chen were sworn enemies.

This did not only stem from the two of them but also from their families.

This was also why during the Battle of Lianzhou, although Xiong Ba had lost, his position in the family had actually risen, as they saw a chance of winning in the fight against the Di Family.

The other members kept their silence.

Sha Pojun had lost a lot and now he had animosity with Wandering Magic.

What a coincidence that their territories both belonged to Xiangyang Region.

The last member, Feng Tianlie, was still building up. Currently, he did not amount to much.

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