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Chapter 293

Chapter 293- Jiang Shang Comes Out

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The next day, the Lianzhou Lord's Manor sent out an official document to announce the related personnel changes.

Wei Ran was appointed the Shanhai House prefect and in charge of the central region; Cui Shousi was in charge of the Tianfeng House, guarding the western region; Gu Xiuwen was now the Beihai City city protector, in charge of the sea around it.

The promotion of Cui Shousi shocked the Cui Family. The homebred officials were paid more attention to than Wei Ran and Baiqi. This set of father and son-in-law duo would have huge influence in the military and administrative matters of the territory.

The original Material Reserves Department director Shen Zhui was moved to become the Yongye City’s City Magistrate, the current Qiushui City magistrate Zhao Dexian was appointed Guangshui City City Magistrate and the original Friendship City’s city magistrate Zhou Haichen was now the Yishui City’s city magistrate.

Out of the three cities, Yishui City had the most potential as it had used the token. Cui Shousi's promotion was living proof. Added to the fact that it was guarding the east, it was a crucial strategic point.

Hence, out of the 3 city magistrates, Zhou Haichen had the brightest future. During the time when he was Friendship City’s city magistrate, he had faced many threats from the nomads as such his sense for danger was very strong. This was one of the reasons Ouyang Shuo chose him, and the other being that he had underwent a proper education. His future was limitless.

In the old Material Reserves Department, the Resource Division Secretary Du Xiaolan was appointed the Industry Division Secretary; the Transport Division Secretary Zheng Shanpao was now the manager of the Jifeng Valley Horse stables; the deputy director of the department, Yuan Shaoping, would now only be the manager of the Langshan Minefields.

Zheng Shanpao and Yuan Shaoping were two officials who got promoted based on their talents and skills in a specific area. Hence, it was difficult for them to climb any higher. For them to focus on their specific field was putting their talent to good use.

As for Du Xiaolan's appointment, administration director Fan Zhongyan had a few qualms.

Du Xiaolan and the Taxation Division Secretary Qian Lifei were both Cui Yingyu's students, and if both of them worked in the Financial Department, they would be suggestions of foul play, so Fan Zhongyan opposed it.

Ouyang Shuo believed that Cui Yingyu knew what was right and wrong, and hence opposed his suggestion.

On the morning of the 6th day of the 12th month, Ouyang Shuo summoned Shanhai House prefect Wei Ran to discuss the town hall. As it affected the power segregation between the Lianzhou lord manor and Shanhai House, Fan Zhongyan and the other 2 directors joined too.

The merged Shanhai City now had three regions, the Shanhai region, the Qiushui region and the Friendship region.

Shanhai House town hall would be set up in the Shanhai region, which was the main region of Shanhai City. The administrative system which were left in the original Qiushui City and Friendship City would be changed into a region-grade administrative system, the same as a city-grade system.

After setting up the Shanhai House, some responsibilities and power belonging to the Lianzhou Lord's Manor had to be put down.

Firstly would be the authority over the buildings in Shanhai City. The overall planning of Shanhai City would be handed over to the Construction Division; for the specific plans and buildings, Shanhai House would be in charge.

Secondly, the authority over the culture and education of Shanhai City. Xinan University and Yellow Emperor Temple would be under the direct jurisdiction of the Lianzhou Lord's Manor; the private school, school, and temple would all be under Shanhai House.

Thirdly, the authority over the migrants would be under Shanhai House. The respective welfare would be borne by the finances of Shanhai House; the Household Registration Division would be in charge of tabulating the population numbers and details.

Fourthly, the law and order of Shanhai City. The Guards in the core region of Shanhai region would be from the Guards regiment; the outer defences would be by the City Protection Division; the order in the city would be under the Law and Order Division; Shanhai House would be in charge of the remaining areas.

Fifth, the tax in Shanhai City. The tax earned by Shanhai City would be given to Shanhai House, and they would turn over a certain portion of it. The industries under the Financial Department would still remain under the jurisdiction of the Industry Division.

What followed next was a series of personnel changes.

As the Lianzhou Lord's Manor placed down a lot of authority, as such a portion of the administrative workers and officials would be sent to Shanhai House to improve its organizational structure. The migrants from Quanzhou were pretty much all sent over to Shanhai House.

Ouyang Shuo didn't ask about the specific personnel arrangements, which would be decided by the 3 directors and the prefect. With Wei Ran's ability, Ouyang Shuo was sure that he could settle the situations quickly.

In the afternoon, Ouyang Shuo went toward Xinan University to check out the system reward collection house. It was near the moon lake, and not far from it was the newly-built Philosopher Forum Courtyard.

Name: Collection House

Type: Special building

Function: Read old books and manuals, all of which can be found here.

Specialty: Increase territory culture index by 15%

Description: This was a specific building to collect books, it has all the old books and manuals from people to read and check out.

Something dawned on Ouyang Shuo. Wasn't this the same as the modern day university library? It was also the best library in the whole Chinese region with all the books and old manuals.

Its value couldn't be measured.

With Ouyang Shuo's understanding of the game, the books inside the collection house were probably all the secret manuals and books that Gaia found while it was searching for information.

It wasn't hard to imagine how much attraction the book collection house would be to philosophers, and it would be an important way to improve the education levels of Xinan University.

The next step would be to choose a landlord.

Ouyang Shuo immediately thought of one guy who would be the most suitable, which was Jiang Shang living on Fallen Star Island. Ever since he visited Jiang Shang the first time, Ouyang Shuo had never been to Fallen Star Island.

Even so, Jiang Shang's every move was under Ouyang Shuo's control.

The servant that Ouyang Shuo sent to serve Jiang Shang, apart from caring for his daily life, acted as eyes and ears of the lord. The servant would report back whatever Jiang Shang said to Bai Nanpu. After Bai Nanpu organized it, he sent it out in a letter format to Ouyang Shuo.

After living in hiding on Fallen Star Island, Jiang Shang hadn't taken a step out of the island. He would either be fishing by the lake or reading on the rocks.

As the book collection in the territory was limited, Ouyang Shuo could only take out the books and the secret manuals from his reading room and give them to Jiang Shang. After all, the number of books was limited, and Jiang Shang had already read numerous books before.

Ouyang Shuo was confident that Jiang Shang wouldn't be able to resist the temptation of the book collection house.

Coming onto the Fallen Star Island again, Ouyang Shuo was feeling totally different.

He had lost hope of asking Jiangsheng to become an official in Shanhai territory. As long as he was willing to make use of his influence to recruit talents in Shanhai Territory, it would be good.

That's right, Ouyang Shuo considered Jiang Shang as bait.

Jiang Shang was sitting on the rock and reading. Upon seeing Ouyang Shuo, he wasn't as cold as last time and said, "Why did the Marquis come here?"

"Do you know that the Moon Lake has a book collection house?" Ouyang Shuo didn't beat around the bush as he knew that when talking to such smart people, other than saying what he wanted to say, the rest of the conversation was just fake.

"Book collection house?" Jiang Shang didn't step foot outside Fallen Star Island, so obviously he wouldn't know.

"That's right, it’s a building that has all the books and manuals in history."

"Are you bluffing me?" Jiang Shang didn't believe him.

Ouyang Shuo shook his head. "I wouldn't dare to. You can take a look yourself."

A tinge of excitement flashed across his eyes, followed by a flash of doubt. "Your tricks can't bluff me off of Fallen Star Island. In this world, how can there be such a building?"

"You don't need to test me. I didn’t come here to ask you to take up a position. I just want you to be the landlord of the building."

The temptations of the books were enormous.

Jiang Shang was ready to take the risk. "Okay, I'll believe you and follow you up. If it's really as you said, I will be willing to be the landlord."

Ouyang Shuo nodded.

Jiang Shang didn't even pack anything, following closely behind Ouyang Shuo and onto the raft.

Arriving at the book collection house, Jiang Shang started to believe. When he saw the amount of scriptures, he was captivated.

"How's the collection here?"

"It's huge!" Jiang Shang muttered. "Marquis don't worry, I won't go against my words."

Ouyang Shuo nodded and left on his own.

From today onwards the book collection house would have a mysterious old man with a terrifying background.

Walking out from the book collection house, Ouyang Shuo arrived at the Architectural College.

On the way there, he bumped into Sun Xiaoyue.

"Ouyang, when did you have time to come here?" Sun Xiaoyue teased, her eyes flashed a little bit of excitement and emotion.

Ever since she came here, Ouyang Shuo was either at battle or touring around. A large portion of his time was in the Lord's Manor and discussing matters.

"I'm here to take a look and walk around!"

"Wow my lord, you're so free to walk around. Just say, maybe I am able to help you with it." Sun Xiaoyue was speechless at the man in front of her.

Ouyang Shuo's skin was very thick as he talked as if nothing had happened. "Is old Li here? I've something to ask him about."

"Is it about the Shanhai City planning?"


"Well of course! Let's go, I'll bring you there!" She turned around, Ouyang Shuo following behind her back.

"Actually regarding that, the college had started preliminary designs; we just aren't sure if it's similar to what you planned." On the way, Sun Xiaoyue started to talk about the city planning.

Ouyang Shuo nodded.

At the office of Old Li, Ouyang Shuo met him and described the plan about combining the 3 regions and forming Shanhai City.

"Wow, it seems like we need to redo the planning!"

"Thank you for your help Old Li!" Ouyang Shuo was a bit embarrassed and ashamed.

"Aiyo, to be able to be a part of such huge design is my good fortune." Old Li was very emotional and was very motivated to complete this.

"Then I can't wait to see what you produce!"

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