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Chapter 292

Chapter 292- Prefecture System

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As the territory upgraded, the Lianzhou Lord's Manor also underwent a huge change.

The Lord's Manor was now 5 times larger and had the real feel of a Lord's Manor. The courtyard group, which was now 5 times larger, had a main gate, side door, covering walls, festooned doors were plenty, veranda, stone path, hallways etc, backseat room, side rooms, wing-room, lateral courts, etc.

As the size increased, the number of courtyards increased, making Ouyang Shuo a little dizzy.

With the festooned door as the divider, the Lianzhou Lord manor was separated into inner and outer. The outer region had the main hall, culture hall and martial hall as the core. Their functions were the same as the previous courtyard.

Ouyang Shuo specially built a beautiful courtyard in the outer region as his reading room which would act as his future office, so he didn't need to squeeze in with the directors and secretaries.

In the inner region, apart from living quarters, there was a special drill ground for him to train his martial arts.

In the martial hall, apart from the Guards regiment, there was a small courtyard to act as Baiqi's office. As the overall general, if Baiqi wasn't in the barracks, he would be dealing with military affairs.

After upgrading, the function of the Lord's Manor was overall becoming more and more perfect.

After upgrading, the territory was going to have a whole new military and administrative revolution.

Military-wise, with the appointment of Baiqi as well as the building of the 3 divisions, there wouldn't be huge changes in a short time. At most it, would be the creation of city protection regiment as well as the special forces.

The key would be the administrative reorganization.

That afternoon, Ouyang Shuo invited Fan Zhongyan, Tian Wenjing and Cui Yingyu for a meeting.

The meeting location was in Ouyang Shuo's meeting room. The secretary Bai Nanpu brought the three directors tea before leaving the reading room and waiting outside. He knew that this meeting was unusual.

What made Bai Nanpu uncertain was that out of the 5 directors, Ge Hongliang and Chang Shen Zhui weren't invited. If one said that Ge Hongliang was only part of military affairs, and as such wasn't invited, then why wasn't Shen Zhui invited?

Was he going to be shut out? Bai Nanpu had a shiver down his spine and didn't dare to think about it.

What Ouyang Shuo didn't know was that his actions had many interpretations by the secretaries. Even if he knew, he wouldn't have the time and energy to bother about it. What he cared about was the administrative system.

"About the current administrative system, say your thoughts!"

Fan Zhongyan had made all his mental preparations. They knew that every time the territory had upgraded a tier, the lord would make huge changes. The only difference was that he didn't throw out his plan and wanted to hear their thoughts.

The Marquis wanted them to speak, hence they had to say their thoughts. They also must make sense. If not, how would it be fitting of their position?

Fan Zhongyan took the lead. "I feel that reorganizing the administrative structure, we need to separate the Lianzhou Lord’s Manor from Shanhai City. Hence, it will emphasize the prestige of the Lianzhou lord, and made the subordinate-boss relationship clear."

Before, Shanhai City and the Lianzhou Lord's Manor were part of the same body. After upgrading, Shanhai City was only the governed area, so it wasn't right to mix the two up.

"If we separate Lianzhou Lord's Manor from Shanhai City, what will the relationship be between Shanhai City and the subsidiary territories?" Ouyang Shuo didn't agree or disagree, just throwing out a question.

"Since we want to separate, we must separate completely. The thing about the subsidiary territories must also be changed. I suggest that we have 3 systems: the prefecture, Lord's Manor, and the city to make clear the relationships."

Ouyang Shuo eyes brightened as he said eagerly, "Please be more specific!"

"The entire Shanhai Territory can be considered a prefecture, so we should temporarily call it Shanhai Prefecture. The Lianzhou Lord's Manor controls the power over the military and administrations of Shanhai Prefecture. In the west, with Tianfeng City as the center, set up the Tianfeng House. It would be in charge of Tianfeng, Yongye, and Guangshui City. In the middle with Shanhai City as the center, we could set up the Shanhai House or Jingzhao House, being in charge of Shanhai City, Qiushui City and Friendship City. In the east, Yishui and Gushan could set up a house temporarily."

"What about Beihai City?" Yingyu asked.

"Beihai City is located outside of the Lianzhou Basin, and its geography is special so we can give it its own House."

Ouyang Shuo nodded. "I largely agree with Xiwen's plan, but I have three points to improve on. Firstly, the next strategic movement of the territory would be to take over the entire Lianzhou Basin. Hence when we reorganize, we must use the entire Lianzhou Basin as the blueprint and make the whole basin the Lianzhou Prefecture. Secondly, although Tianfeng City will be where the Tianfeng House is built, it should be called Tianfeng City to standardize everything. Thirdly, a prefecture shouldn't have so many houses. Four is the most suitable. The future Lianzhou Basin will set up 5 in four directions and the center. Hence, Beihai County can be renamed as Beihai City, and currently under the jurisdiction of the Lianzhou Lords manor, they won't have their own house.

"Marquis is a genius! As for the name of Shanhai House, what will you name it?"

"Just name it Shanhai House!" Ouyang Shuo wasn't aiming too far.

"Yes, my lord."

After Fan Zhongyan finished, Tian Wenjing stood up. "Regarding the Shanhai House, I have an idea."

"Oh?" Ouyang Shuo knew that Tian Wenjing rarely spoke, but the moment he did meant that he had a great idea.

"Shanhai City, Qiushui City and Friendship City all defend the south of the Lianzhou Basin and are all very close to one another. Also, with the bridge joining the three of them, instead of calling them three cities, why not consider them one giant city? Hence I suggest to get rid of Qiushui City and Friendship City and combine all three, calling it Shanhai City. With this mega city, only then could it fit the bill of being the main city of our territory." Tian Wenjing's idea was expectedly shocking.

Ouyang Shuo nodded. Tian Wenjing's idea was similar to what he thought of when he planned the two subsidiary territories. Only this giant city could be good enough to act as the capital of the country that they were building.

"Good, we will follow your idea."

The three of them worked together and basically solved the organization problems of the territory. What was left was naturally handled by the Administration Department.

Ouyang Shuo thought about it and felt that it wasn't enough. "Apart from reorganizing the prefecture, we must also reorganize the Lianzhou Lord's Manor."

Fan Zhongyan and Tian Wenjing exchanged glances, a shiver running down their spine. They immediately linked this issue to the reason why Shenzhui wasn't present.

As expected, Ouyang Shuo was about to get rid of the Material Reserve Department. “After upgrading to a prefecture, there isn't a need for the Material Reserves Department to exist. I have decided to disband the department. The Saltpan Division as well as Beimu Saltpans will be now under Beihai City, and a portion of their profits will be given to the Financial Department. As for the Resource Division and Transport Division, we will have other plans for them."

Ouyang Shuo being able to let go of his highest profit making tool, the Beimu Saltpans, showed his confidence. The times, when it single handedly supported the finances of the territory were long gone.

"The Resource Division will be disbanded, the logging camp and quarry will be under their respective location Houses, the mines will be under the Combat Logistics Division; the granary and Langshan Mine fields will be under the Industry Division. The other resources will be left to the merchants, and we won't bother about them."

"The transport division is disbanded. The Jifeng Horse Stables will now be under the Combat Logistics Division; the transport line and harbor will be under the Industry Division, only this time we will allow investments by merchants."

Ouyang Shuo's arrangement not only simplified the structure but also relaxed the control of the territory on its economy, increasing room for investment.

The Hequanji Chamber of Commerce and Cui Chamber of Commerce entering was a good opportunity.

At this point, the territory had the Administration Department, Internal Affairs Department, and Financial Department as its core. The Financial Department had been strengthened in this round of reorganization.

After settling the organizational structure, what was next was the appointments of key personnel.

The prefect of Shanhai House was already decided by Ouyang Shuo to be Wei Ran; there was nothing to be discussed about that. What needed to be planned was where Zhao Dexian and Zhou Haichen were going.

The prefect of Tianfeng House was a hot topic. The current City Magistrate Zhao Dewang would definitely not be able to handle it, so he needed to choose another talent.

There was also the appointments of Shen Zhui and the others after the disbanding of the Material Reserves Department.

"For the prefect of Tianfeng House, whom do you all suggest?" Ouyang Shuo asked.

Fan Zhongyan and the rest looked at one another. Such an appointment was very sensitive, and they didn't want to join in.

"Just say it. Say anything!" Ouyang Shuo wasn't going to let them off.

"What about Shen Zhui?" Tian Wenjing tested the waters, Shen Zhui could be considered half a disciple, and since he was relieved of his duties, he wanted to find a good job for him.

Ouyang Shuo shook his head. "Shen Zhui still needs some training, I'll let him become the City Magistrate of Yongye City!" Although Ouyang Shuo had high hopes for Shenzhui, he didn't want to stunt his growth.

Fan Zhongyan looked at Yingyu. "I suggest Yishui City’s City Magistrate Cui Shousi." Fan Zhongyan's suggestion was quite interesting. Everyone knew that he was Cui Yingyu's brother.

If this plan was accepted, the Cui family’s brother and sister would both be at high positions, and together with the branch of the Cui Chamber of Commerce, the Cui Family would have a lot of influence in the territory.

The meaning within was really special.

Cui Yingyu looked up, remaining motionless.

Ouyang Shuo laughed, seemingly not noticing the mystery within. "City Magistrate Cui has been doing well. It's quite suitable for him to become the prefect of the Tianfeng House; it's settled!"

"Yes, my lord!"

Hence, everything was set and what was left were the remaining personnel and official arrangements.

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