The World Online

Chapter 291

Chapter 291- World's First Prefecture

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On the same day, a system notification sounded around the earth.

"World Notification: Congratulations American region player Jake Dawson for becoming the 2nd Marquis ranked lord, awarded the title of Free Lord, awarded reputation points 15 thousand points, the imperial city you are in will give you your specific rewards."

After Ouyang Shuo, the world finally had a second lord that ranked up to Marquis. This meant that the battle for the first prefecture wasn't going to be a solo by Ouyang Shuo.

Shanhai City not upgrading to date gave Jake Dawson and his Free City a chance.

If he didn't care about the degree of completion and upgraded with 2 quests, he could possibly get ahead of Shanhai City and become the ‘World's First Prefecture’.

Ouyang Shuo wasn't sure whether or not Jake Dawson would not care about anything and just go for the glory. After all, during the city grade, he lost the opportunity from a winning position hence he would be more rash and wouldn't want to lose again.

Ouyang Shuo hogging the world’s first position had made the western lords unhappy, and they wanted to regain it and not let Ouyang Shuo's east be a one man show.

If Jake Dawson was able to take the World’s First Prefecture, all their dark clouds would fade away.

In a moment, Ouyang Shuo was conflicted between two choices.

Should he chase for perfection or solidify his position of being the world's first.

Towards this point, the Shanhai Alliance was also split.

Gong Chengshi, Wufu and Songwen all supported keeping the glory, as this could would raise the prestige of the Shanhai Alliance in both China and the world.

Most importantly was that both the world's first town and city were taken by Ouyang Shuo. If he didn't become the first prefecture, rumours and arguments would start.

The world was like this. When you claimed glory for your country, they would worship you and praise you; the moment you lose that honor they would criticize you and drown you.

Song Wen and the others, although their views had a little selfishness in it, they had logic.

Bai Hua, Feng Qiuhuang and Xunlong Dianxue supported completing all the quests as honor was fake. Getting the rewards was what really mattered, and that was the smarter choice.

After all, Shanhai City had already shocked the world and getting another world's first wouldn't make much of a difference.

Both of them debated back and forth, making Ouyang Shuo even more conflicted.

Honestly speaking, Ouyang Shuo wanted to achieve the triple crown. But rationally, he agreed with Bai Hua.

In the last life, he hadn't heard of any lords completing all four quests and achieving a 100% completion rate. Thinking back to the village creation quest at the start, the rewards were amazing; it even had a chance of being a unique reward.

The only thing was that the recruiting of historical people quest had too many uncertainties.

Ouyang Shuo firmly believed that with the specialty and fame of the territory, and being the background of the philosopher debate, they could definitely attract historical people.

The key being time.

Ouyang Shuo made the choice to ignore Jake Dawson and complete his own quest. Just as he was about to give up on the glory, the system pulled another joke on him.

On Gaia First year 12th month 5th day, two days after Jake Dawson was given the title of Free Lord, Wei Ran and his daughter Wei Lan arrived in Shanhai City.

Who was Wei Ran? A senior statesman for the Qin, given a position four times, the father-in-law of Baiqi. Hearing that Baiqi had come to Shanhai City, they specially came over. He wanted to become famous in Shanhai City and also wanted to help reunite his daughter and Baiqi.

Historical people under the support of Gaia, each had their own message system. If not, the players all having their territories in the wilderness, without correct intel, how could these historical people choose where to live?

The fame of the territory showed its magic in this system. The more famous the territory, the faster the news could spread to the ears of the historical personnel.

Wei Ran was a person with power, and after the Battle of Changping, he was added to the game. He had been going around getting news and getting ready to choose a good place to call home.

Hearing that Baiqi was well treated and given power in Shanhai City, Wei Ran decided to move here. Taking into account his daughter, there was no reason for him not to.

Name: Wei Ran (King rank)

Title: Rang Lord

Dynasty: Warring States (Qin)

Identity: Shanhai City civil servant

Occupation: Civil Servant

Loyalty: 75 points

Command: 50

Force: 48

Intelligence: 72

Politics: 75

Specialty: Well-rounded (Raise territory order by 25%), Keen eye (raise talent scouting of territory by 10%), Evaluate the situation (Raise efficiency by 15%)

Evaluation: The Rang Lord is intelligent and highly adaptable. He worked for the Queen Mother while supporting the King. Given four official positions and helped to block up Xinjiang. Helped in the destruction of the Chu and the Wei.

Wei Ran's arrival delighted Ouyang Shuo, sweeping up the gloominess.

The scene in which Baiqi and Wei Lan reunited wasn't as emotional as one expected. Baiqi was quite cold blooded, and even though he had reunited with his wife, he didn't lose his usual calm.

But upon careful inspection, one could notice a thread of warmth in Baiqi's eyes.

Under the arrangement by Zisu, Wei Ran moved into the official residence area and lived right next to Baiqi. As for his position, he wanted to wait till the territory upgraded before arranging it.

Also, there were 3-4 good talents from the Mazu Temple induced migration wave who were under the orders of Ouyang Shuo. The Administration Department gave them specific jobs.

After dealing with everything, Ouyang Shuo rushed to the meeting hall to upgrade the territory.

As Ouyang Shuo opened the territory interface and clicked on upgrade, a system notification sounded out in his ear.

"System notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi, completed all 4 quests. Will you upgrade?"


The territory stone steele rose up from the ground, and a golden light shot up, bursting apart in mid air. The golden lustre spread out in all directions before disappearing.

"System notifications: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi for upgrading to grade 1 prefecture. City grade manor will automatically upgrade to prefecture grade!"

At the prefecture grade, there weren't any basic building that could be provided by the system.

Following which was a flurry of system notifications.

"System notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi for being the first lord in the Chinese region to upgrade to grade 1 prefecture, rewarded 4400 merit points!"


The merit point reward was double that of the city stage. To Ouyang Shuo's rank, however, it was just a small bonus.

As the notification went out, the Chinese region flew into an uproar, as all players were witnessing another glorious moment.

As expected, shortly after the system notification, a global notification sounded.

"World notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi for becoming the first lord to upgrade to grade 1 prefecture, rewarded 8000 merit points, 10 thousand reputation points, and given the title of World's First Prefecture.


"World notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi for completing all four quests and achieving a 100% completion rate. Rewarded special building- collection house!"


At this point, Ouyang Shuo had managed to obtain his triple crown and had became the undisputed overlord.

As the world notification went out, the world was silent.

The western world was dead silent; Ouyang Shuo's strength made them breathless. No one cared about the secret building and all their eyes were on his triple crown.

Jake Dawson sent on the global channel, "Qiyue Wuyi, congratulations!" To be able to become a lord, even if one lost, one must have the tolerance to concede defeat.

"Thank you!" Ouyang Shuo replied.

Settling all the random stuff, Ouyang Shuo finally had time to take a look at the stats.

【Territory】: Shanhai Territory

【Lord】: Lianzhou Lord Qiyue Wuyi (2nd class Marquis )

【Title】: The World’s First Prefecture (Increase town fame by 50%)

【Title】: Home of martial arts (Raise residents' body capabilities by 20%)

【Governed Area 】: Shanhai city (grade 1 prefecture)

【Population】: 100 thousand/ 500 thousand

【Refugee Spawn Rate】: 500 * (1 + 50%) = 750 / day

【Territory area】: 50000 square kilometers

【Territory Specialty】:

+50% Refugee attraction rate, +25% Special talented people attraction rate, +50% Crop production rate, +25% Productivity of workers, +20% Experience earned by troops, +10% Chances of talented people in the territory to advance a level

【Political】: 75/100 (Affecting the administrative efficiency and morale)

【Economic】: 68/100 (Affecting the trading prosperity and tax)

【Cultural】: 70/100 (Affecting the education development and quality of residents)

【Military】: 78/100 (Affecting the military strength and stability)

【Affliate Counties】: Beihai City, Qiushui City, Friendship City...

【Finanical Institutions】: Four Seas Bank

【Territory Chamber of Commerce 】: Cui Chamber of Commerce, Quanji Chamber of Commerce

【Territory Specialties】: Lianzhou three flower wine, colored silk, white tea

【Special Building】: Collection House

【Hidden Building】: Mazu Temple, Recruitment Hall, Yellow Emperor Temple

Basic buildings list:

Wengcheng: the main defensive facility of a city, building a semi-circle small city to guard the gate. Building requirements: 50 thousand units of green bricks, 10 thousand units of stones. Building time: 20 days.

Painting Academy: A place that's in charge of painting, in charge of evaluating as well as developing painters and paintings. Building requirements: advanced painter, painting academy building blueprints, 10 thousand units of wood, 10 thousand units of green bricks, 8000 units of stones. Building time: 15 days.

Distribution Center: The region were resources and goods are gathered and distributed from. Building requirements: 20 thousand units of wood, 40 thousand units of green brick, 20 thousand units of stone. Building time: 15 days.

Compared to the city grade, the prefecture grade territory interface had some changes.

Firstly, the separation of the territory and the governed area was no longer discussed together. This would make the governing of the prefecture more complicated as more emphasis would be placed on the affiliate territories.

The governance area was the city where the Lord's Manor was situated.

With Shanhai territory as an example, apart from Shanhai City, it had 8 affiliate counties. Adding this together was far larger than the scale of Shanhai City. Hence, it wouldn't be suitable if one used Shanhai City to describe the land.

As the territory continued to expand, this would become more and more obvious.

Secondly, adding affiliate cities, financial institutions, as well as territory Chamber of Commerces into the stats page, which meant that the managing of the territory had reached a new level.

A grade 1 prefecture population upper limit was 5 times that of before, and now reached 500 thousand. Even with the strength of the territory specialty, to reach the upper limit needed 1.5 years.

What did this mean? This meant that for the territory to develop, he needed to steal from others.

Hence that was the reason why Ouyang Shuo tried to raise ‘poisonous insects’, such that the Lianzhou Basin could have enough of a population to upgrade.

As the population limit increased, there was also the territory area, and now it took up nearly 1/5 of the Lianzhou Basin. This meant that Yongye City, Guangshui City, Yishui City and Gushan City were now part of the area.

After becoming a prefecture, the basic building numbers had dropped and now just numbere three. Out of the three buildings, the Wengcheng was an essential facility for the outer wall.

The Painting Academy was simple. It was like the chess courtyard, and could be directly built inside Xinan University. The only requirement would be that you needed to spend 2000 gold to buy a blueprint.

Of course, one also needed an advanced painter. This was easy, as out of the migrants from Quanzhou, there was already a painter.

The last building, the Distribution Center, represented Shanhai City as a self-sufficient city, radiating toward the surrounding counties.

Lastly was the system reward. The collection house.

Ouyang Shuo built it in the inner portions of Xinan University to be the library of the university. As for its stats, Ouyang Shuo didn't have time to take a look.

No matter what, for it to be taken out as a reward by the system meant that it wasn't simple.

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