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Chapter 290

Chapter 290- Back Against the Wall

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Editor: Jun

Braving the arrow rain, Luo Shixin led the guards unit and led the charge into the enemy formation.

If one compared the grassland cavalry to wolves, then Luo Shixin was a lion, casually killing amongst the wolf pack. No one was a match for his spear.

His strength caused all the grassland cavalry to shiver in fear.

However they weren't beginners, and how could they allow such a small group to do what they wanted? Thus, they reorganized the army to surround the guards unit.

The soldiers of the unit weren't as strong as Luo Shixin, and instantly entered a tough battle.

Not only that, the grassland cavalry held the numerical advantage. In the battle of archery, they controlled the 5th regiment. Even the 3rd and 4th regiments which were at the wings were hurt by the arrow rain.

However, things changed quickly.

Just as the 5th regiment rushed in front and separated to the two sides, the 3rd and 4th regiments also followed behind and attacked the wings of the enemy.

The spreading out of the 5th regiment allowed the real main characters to enter.

The 1st and 2nd regiment grouped up and charged together. They grabbed their horse lances and with an unprecedented aura, galloped on.

For the invincible heavy armoured cavalry under the sun, their Mingguang armor reflected the golden light. They were like soldiers from heaven.

Facing such elite troops, the grassland cavalry had finally reached a point where their equipment was weaker.

The arrow rain, upon hitting the armor, just slipped off and did no damage. Five thousand heavy armored cavalry charged forwards right into their formation from start to finish, opening a bloody path.

In a moment, the grassland cavalry formation was in chaos and couldn't block the 2nd division. The various regiments also didn't care much about fighting and made escaping the encampment their main goal.

The grassland cavalry could only look on as the 2nd regiment broke through and gather behind them.

The battle had been overturned.

Just as both sides were fighting neck and neck, the fire had spread, and it was like a fire dragon, heading toward the grassland cavalry in the north.

The thick smoke covered the entire battlefield.

"Major General, do we have to block them? Let them burn to death." Sun Tengjiao suggested.

"No." Luo Shixin instantly rejected the idea. "Blocking them will not only will make them give their all, they will have the exact same mentality that we had. If all goes wrong, both sides will have heavy casualties."

"Then what should we do? We can't just let them out, right?" Sun Tengjiao was unsatisfied.

"They want to leave? Not that easy." Luo Shixin laughed coldly. "Organize the troops to leave a path in the middle, such that they can only leave from there. We will kill them from the sides."

"That's a great idea!" The generals were delighted.

Luo Shixin's plan not only gave them hope and made them not have the determination to risk everything; they could effectively kill them, killing two birds with one stone.

Lin Yi looked at Luo Shixin, his eyes had a complicated look to it. In this battle, Luo Shixin had used his personal strength and leadership to earn everyone's respect.

This time, he had made Lin Yi accept his defeat.

Maybe Luo Shixin noticed Lin Yi's expression, maybe he didn't. He didn't have the slightest of reactions as he continued to reorganize the troops to give the grassland cavalry a surprise.

Even ants wanted to live, much less humans.

Seeing the fire spreading to their sides, the grassland cavalry were already ready to risk it all, who would have thought that the enemy would leave a path? Although they knew that the enemy was scheming, under life threatening circumstances, they couldn't think well and rushed down the path in order to survive.

That path was the path to life but also the path to death.

Not talking about the 2nd division which was continuously shooting arrows, the grassland cavalry were fighting within themselves to try to escape. With the tens of thousands of men fighting for that road to survival, the scene was very gruesome and intense.

When they passed halfway through, Luo Shixin raised his flag. Instantly the 1st and 2nd regiments closed the path shut and blocked their way out, wanting to burn them alive.

The arrow rain formed a line of death where any one who dared to cross it would be killed instantly. There were one or two lucky ones who were able to rush to the front of the 2nd division, but they didn't make much of a difference.

The huge fire didn't care about their screams as it spread around with determination. The cavalry that were trapped were either shot by the archers in front or burned by the fire from behind.

Those who managed to escape had wanted to save them, but why would Luo Shixin give them the chance. The 3rd and 4th regiments had rushed across. If they were able to save their own lives, they should feel happy already.

After wiping out the half of the cavalry that were blocked, just as Luo Shixin wanted to chase the victory and kill the other half, a notification sounded out. "Division trial has ended, trial passed!"

Along with the words, the fire in the grasslands stopped, and even the corpses of the grassland cavalry disappeared. At the same time, the soldiers of the 2nd division who died were also revived.

The miraculous scene was like a dream. Only the little white wolf that laid in Luo Shixin's hands was proof that everything that happened was real.

In this battle, the 2nd division paid a price of 2000 men and passed the trial.

A teleportation gate appeared in the grasslands.

"Go, let's return!" Luo Shixin ordered the troops to leave while he was the last to go through.

The massacre in the grassland took less than half an hour in the main map. Just as the 2nd division teleported back, Ouyang Shuo who was waiting heard a system notification.

"System notification: Congratulations Player Qiyue Wuyi, Shanhai City 2nd division successfully passed the division trial. Rewarded one army flag, one commander flag. Player, please take a look!"

A white light shone across and two flags appeared in his hand.

Gaia was amazing; the design of the army flag was based on the flag that Ouyang Shuo designed for the vanguard unit: the blue was split into two by gold, above the blue was a volcano, in front of which was a Tang blade and horse lance, which were crossed.

As for the commander flag, it was a smaller version of the picture on the upper lefthand corner, and the middle of the flag had a red background with a large ‘Luo’ on it.

The design of the commander flag meant that they had passed the trial, and not only could they not change the soldiers, they also couldn't change the commander or the trial would be invalid.

As the division specialty was given through the flag, without it the speciality would not be active.

[Army Flag] (2nd Division): After gearing up, raise troops morale by 50%

[Commander Flag] (2nd Division): After gearing up, raise troops combat power by 20%.

The specialties of the army flag were all the same while one of the commander flag depended on the general.

Taking the opportunity, Ouyang Shuo held a flag ceremony to hand over the two flags over to Luo Shixin.

From today onward, these 2 flags would represent the honor of the 2nd division.

There was a flagbearer assigned where he was in charge of carrying the flag.

At this point, out of the 4 upgrade quests, Shanhai City had already finished 3 and was left with the 1st quest. As long as Ouyang Shuo wanted to, he could make Shanhai City upgrade to a grade 1 prefecture.

Of course he wasn't satisfied. Anyways, in the game he was the only lord which was Marquis rank, so no one would be able to compete with him.

Maybe things would change for the better.

After presenting the flags, Luo Shixin gave the little white wolf to Ouyang Shuo.

"What's this?" Upon receiving it, Ouyang Shuo asked doubtfully.

Luo Shixin gave a simply description of the battle. "This little white wolf is special, so I brought it to give to you."

Ouyang Shuo nodded and laughed. "You are too kind!" He took a look at its stats.

Name: White Wolf (Spirit Beast)

Level: ---

Skill: Telepathy (Can communicate with all wolf types), Charm (can use its appearance to charm the enemy)

Combat Power: ---

Evaluation: In legends, white wolves were the royalty amongst wolves, they were the descendants of the wolf god and as such have a high position and prestige, the ruler of all wolves.

It's called the leader of all wolves? This little fellow has a huge background.

What was more weird was that its level and combat power were both unknown, probably because it was still in its infancy.

Ouyang Shuo didn't hesitate and used the wild animal taming skill on it. After failing a few times, he barely succeeded.

"System notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi for taming White Wolf, awarded reputation points 500!"

As expected, it didn't become a territory protector beast like the Nian Beasts. This meant that it was a little weaker than them. After all, the Nian Beasts did have the bloodline of the Qilin.

After everything was settled, Ouyang Shuo brought White Wolf and returned to Shanhai City.

Xianyang, Shanhai County office.

On this day, outside the office stood a father and daughter pair. The father was over 50 years old, and his aura meant that he was a high official. The girl wasn't young and was a middle-aged woman, looking very elegant.

"Father, is this the place?"

"That's right!"

"That's great!" The lady was delighted; her happiness was indescribable.

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