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Chapter 288

Chapter 288- Division Trial

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During the 11th month, the Three Flowers Wine factory had profits of 4000 gold. Including the returns from the Beimu Saltpans, Langshan Minefields, and tax returns, the financial income was 28 thousand gold.

Ouyang Shuo kept 7000, increasing the amount in his storage bag to 110 thousand. he passed the remaining 21 thousand gold to the Financial Department to assign, in which the military expenditure took up a huge amount.

As it was close to the end of the year, many of the huge projects in Shanhai City had ended. The 3 bridges joining up Shanhai City, Qiushui City and Friendship City had been completed.

The official residence area, government department area, and commoner residence area were all nearly completed. Even though the population broke 60 thousand, it only took up 1/4 of the residence area.

The building of the two official roads were also near to completion. The road connecting Qiushui City to Friendship City would be completed within a week. The Tianhai Road to the west would be finished in the new year.

The hardest one was the Tianfeng City wall project. With the current speed, it needed to be dragged until next year.

In the 12th month, the Meritorious Service Division under the Administration Department would start its year-end assessment which would affect their bonuses and their positions. This was the biggest event in the administrative system.

As this was a matter of heavy importance, Fan Zhongyan personally chaired the assessment.

The biggest Chamber of Commerce in Qianshou, the Quanji Chamber of Commerce, had officially set up a branch in Shanhai City, and the migrant wave caused by the Mazu Temple had calmed down.

The philosopher debate quest hadn't had any progress. Shanhai City had not seen or noticed any philosopher visit.

Similarly, the various offices in the system imperial capitals weren't going very well. Ten days had passed, and they hadn't even seen a single historical person, not to mention trying to recruit them.

Gaia 1st year 12th month 1st day

Shanhai City's 2nd division had been built and officially set up.

The 2nd division was star studded. Apart from major general Luo Shixin, the colonels were Lin Yi, Sun Tengjiao, Shao Bu, Heiqi and Sun Chuanlin. They were undoubtedly the top in the Shanhai City army.

They also had a specialty, which was they were young.

Apart from the newly built heavy armored cavalry which was formed from the city protection units and regiments, the remainder of the 5 cavalry regiments were experienced and were the elite of the Shanhai City army.

Hence, the moment they formed, the 2nd division had high combat power and was the greatest out of the 3 divisions.

The next day, Ouyang Shuo arranged the 2nd division to go for the trial. Only the generals in the division could join in, so Ouyang Shuo and Baiqi couldn't.

City North Camp, drill ground.

The 13500 soldiers of the 2nd division formed up; Ouyang Shuo activated the interface and initiated the trial, instantly causing a notification to resound in his ear.

"System notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi for activating the army group trial, it will be split into division and legion trials, please choose the type!"

"I choose division trial!"

"System notification: choice selected, automatically deducting 5000 gold, will you immediately start?"


Instantly a teleportation gate appeared in the drill ground; it exuded a mysterious feeling.

The testing ground was like a battle quest space with different time settings. During the process, dead soldiers could be revived for free, and those that were revived would be downgraded to a grade 1 normal soldier.

In theory that was no limit in the number of times you could go for the trial. As long as you had money you could start it.

Luo Shixin brought the 5 colonels and walked to Ouyang Shuo. "Marquis!"

"Go!" Ouyang Shuo didn't say much as he trusted these soldiers.

"Yes lord!" Luo Shixin bowed, walking nonchalantly towards the teleportation gate.

Following closely behind him, the various troops followed their colonels through the teleportation gate.

When he went past the gate, what appeared in front of Luo Shixin was a vast grassland.

Looking across, aside from grass, it was still grass and nothing else.

Even so, Luo Shixin didn't put down his guard. He ordered the troops to get into formation to get ready for battle at any time.

As expected, when the last soldier walked through, the teleportation gate disappeared. At the same time, an announcement was made. "Division trial has officially started, lasting to the end would mean you passed!"

As the words were said, numerous wolves appeared in the once empty grass lands, estimated to be no less than 100 thousand of them.

Luo Shixin couldn't believe it; he had never seen so many hungry wolves before. Don't tell me that they would all rush towards them and attack them?

Before he could think, the wolves grouped up and surrounded them, charging towards them.

"Attack!" Luo Shixin was a fierce general who was courageous. He ordered the archer cavalry regiment and the 4 cavalry regiments to attack in 4 directions. As for the bow cavalry regiment, under the protection of the guards unit, they would aim at the wolves.

"Kill!" Lin Yi took the lead and led the first regiment towards the north.

Sun Tengjiao followed closely behind and led the 2nd regiment towards the east. Heiqi attacked the south and Shao Bu attacked the west. The 4 cavalry regiments were like a whirlwind, sweeping the wolves.

When they came into contact, the generals witnessed that these wolves were different. Not only were they fearless, they also had tactics, shocking them.

The vicious wolves were extremely crafty, focusing on the horses. If it wasn't that the 2nd regiment were using the flexible and quick Qingfu horses, there would have been heavy casualties.

Facing 10 times more wolves, the soldiers were riled up. How could they let only wolves sh*t and pee on them?

The 1st and 2nd regiments were heavy armored cavalry, they lacked speed, however as their horses were protected, the wolves did little to them.

Their main weapon was the lance. Unfortunately, it was too heavy and wasn't suitable for battle with the quick wolves. The soldiers placed it into their storage and took out the Tang blades by their side.

As the knives flashed across, the wolf heads fell to the ground.

Lin Yi and Sun Tengjiao gave up on the usual tactics, not charging orderly but instead using a squadron as a group to form up and slaughter wolves.

On the other hand, the 3rd and 4th regiment were light armored cavalry and their main weapon was the Tang blade. They were flexible and could make many changes, randomly moving in and out in the battlefield.

Hence, the tactic that Heiqi and Shao Bu used was to charge together to and fro.

The 5th regiment was in the middle, providing cover fire and attacking from range.

Luo Shixin led his guards unit to sit in the center of the battlefield and didn't choose to attack. The Guards unit was his reserve force to only use when it reached the crucial moment.

The 500 soldiers were the elite chosen from the 4th regiment of the 1st division that Luo Shixin had led. Hence, they had a good understanding of one another.

As the major general, Luo Shixin knew that his role wasn't to slaughter but to make changes to the army based on the situation.

The situation made him frown as it wasn't looking good.

Although the wolf pack had heavy casualties, they seem to be endless. Hence, the cavalry were in a desperate situation and struggled to keep up.

Furthermore, within the four regiments they were fighting for themselves and even competing, making the situation even worse.

Luo Shixin was clear that the 5 colonels were all different, but were also all young and competitive. Thus, they didn't like to lose.

Out of the 5 men, Lin Yi was the most traditional and the one with the most experience. He went from a sergeant all the way to colonel. He had gained much military credits and helped kill many bandits, helping the lord conquer the land.

Luo Shixin was moved to the city north camp and took over Lin Yi, not knowing what he was feeling deep down. Although he was confident, be it skills or leadership, Lin Yi wasn't his match. But he couldn't stop him from having any other thoughts in his heart.

After all, ever since following Ouyang Shuo, Luo Shixin hadn't showed any skill.

Sun Tengjiao was from a refugee camp and followed them to join Shanhai City alongside Ge Hongliang and Xu Zhenchang. The three of them formed a iron triangle and had deep backgrounds.

When he battle started, Sun Tengjiao and been competing against Lin Yi. When he first arrived, he was always below Lin Yi, now both being colonels, how would he not want to prove himself?

Heiqi was a general of the raiders, and after passing an assessment, was finally put to use. Hence, he wanted to prove himself. After all, before surrendering there were more than 1000 men below him.

Shao Bu was a fallen general from the nomadic tribes. The people from the grasslands were competitive, so this was needless to say. Even though he was considered calmer, under the influence of everyone it was hard not to be riled up.

The most stable one was Sun Chuanlin. He was a general from Dali who wasn't happy with bowing down to the rich and famous and left Dali to join Shanhai City.

The tough experience made him cautious and low profile, and he didn't want to compete with others. He only wanted to thank Ouyang Shuo's good grace on the battlefield.

Thinking about this, Luo Shixin's head started to hurt.

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