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Chapter 282

Chapter 282- Philosopher Debate

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When Ouyang Shuo returned to the main map, it was already the afternoon of the 19th. The moment he walked out of the teleportation formation, a system notification sounded out in his ear.

"System notification: The Battle of Changping had officially ended, the Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States Period’s main historical people will automatically join the game. Players, please reach for them yourselves."

In these periods, the number of famous people were numerous, and something big was about to happen.

"System notification: Jiang Ziya lives in seclusion in Shanhai City. Officially triggering storyline quest. Philosophers automatically join the game. For specifics, the players may log onto the official websites to find out."

The moment the notification went out, the players went into an uproar.

The most vibrant and glorious moment of that time period had started. The attention it gained from the players made the fighting between the Yanhuang Alliance and Shanhai Alliance pale in comparison.

The Yanhuang Alliance also escaped and wasn't dissed and insulted by the players.

The players all rushed onto the website to check out the specific quest requirements.

The storyline quest, the other type of quest apart from battle quests, had finally showed itself.

Like the battle quests, the storyline ones were also triggered. When a certain dynasty's historical person joined the game, historical personnel that the lord had recruited might trigger the storyline quest.

For the storyline quest to be triggered, 3 requirements must be fulfilled at the same time.

Firstly, the historical person must be recruited by the lord. For example, when the Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States Period’s people entered the game, and players then went to recruit those historical people, they wouldn't trigger any quest.

Secondly was when the dynasty that the storyline quest appeared in wanted to join the game. For example Jiang Shang had lived in Shanhai City since the Battle of Muye. Until the battle of Changping ended, and when the Apring and Autumn and Warring States periods entered the game was the storyline triggered.

Thirdly, the historical person must have the ability to trigger the storyline quest. This meant that the person had to be important such that he played a part in that storyline quest.

Hence, to trigger the storyline quest, it was pure luck and hard to come by. Alternatively, the moment it was triggered, the rewards were plentiful and it was something everyone yearned for.

The storyline quest was split into solo storyline, camp storyline, and map storyline. Each one was self explanatory for which players could participate.

The type of quest would be decided by the part the player played as well as his influence on the storyline.

The philosopher-type quest that Jiang Shang triggered was the biggest scale map storyline quest.

In the last life, Jiang Shang wasn't recruited by any lord, so the storyline quests that others triggered were only camp quests and didn't expand to the whole map.

In Ouyang Shuo's ear, another system notification resounded

"System Notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi, your resident Jiang Shang has triggered the quest, will you accept the A rank branch quest?"

Reappear philosopher debate: the huge debate during the Warring States Period was a great wonder in Chinese history. It was the competitiveness of that period that gave birth to the base of Chinese civilization, and made it the peak of human culture.

Requirements: Reproduce the grandeur and the school of thought of those times with at least organize one huge debate with huge influence; out of the 10 school of thoughts, at least 3 must join your territory within 1 year. The territory will obtain the title: Culture Shrine

Ouyang Shuo was rewarded for triggering the quest with a side quest. Although it didn't look simple and had strict requirements, Ouyang Shuo accepted without hesitation.

"System Notification: Player Qiyue Wuyi accepted the Rank A branch quest. As the main area of the philosopher debate, Shanhai City's attractiveness toward famous people increased by 50%"

The moment the notification went out, the number of envious people were plentiful.

This was when the players reacted. When they were paying attention, they missed out a point—Jiang Shang lived in Shanhai City.

Thinking about that, the country channel was in an uproar. The lords who participated in the Battle of Muye knew that Qiyue Wuyi was in the Shang Dynasty camp, so how would Jiang Shang, who was in the Zhou Dynasty camp, run to Shanhai City?

News, shocking news!

The rumours and nosiness of the players spread like wildfire, and some rash players even left messages in the country channel to go toward Shanhai City to visit Jiang Shang.

Ouyang Shuo didn't have time to bother about the players as he arranged for the troops to return to their own camps. The compensation for the dead and replacement soldiers was handled by the Military Affairs Department.

At an earlier period of time, the city east and city west camps were clearing out raiders and helping the construction of the official road by clearing obstacles. Out of every batch of prisoners, the Military Affairs Department will choose the elite and send to the reserve force. As for the money earned, they were used to pay for the teleportation fees for the battle of Changping so little remained.

The elite raiders were normally cavalry. The independent regiment also used this chance to make the 3 thousand men Organization into the standard 2.5 thousand men.

The Military Affairs Department sent the remaining prisoners to Yongye Town, Guangshui Town and Yishui City. As the number of prisoners was huge, Yongye Town and Guangshui Town successfully upgraded to city grade.

After dealing with military matters, Ouyang Shuo personally brought Baiqi back to the Lord's Manor.

Returning to the main map, Baiqi became young again, around 30 years of age, back to his prime.

Ouyang Shuo's arrival surprised the directors and secretaries, who were working in the Lord's Manor. Ouyang Shuo took the opportunity to introduce Baiqi to them, officially helping him blend into the Shanhai City system.

Following which, Ouyang Shuo brought Baiqi into his book room, where both of them had a chance to have a deep conversation.

Not talking about other things, after the Battle of Changping, their roles swapped around, and they needed some time to adjust. Luckily, Ouyang Shuo wasn't a shameless person and was respectful toward Baiqi.

Ouyang Shuo introduced everything about Shanhai City to Baiqi, including the surrounding situation and the military, such that Baiqi could assimilate into the role.

Hearing about the new camp in the western suburbs, Baiqi was very interested and wanted to go take a look.

After the Battle of Changping ended, the teaching team would return from Jianye and continue to train the new soldiers.

Ouyang Shuo had reason to believe that with Baiqi's help, the selection for the special forces will fit in better with the cold weapons era.

Baiqi being willing to move into the new soldier camp helped solved one of Ouyang Shuo's big problems, which was the position he wanted to give him. The current military didn't have any vacancies. Based on what he planned, he wanted to wait until the territory was a grade 1 prefecture before making plans.

After discussing, Ouyang Shuo called Zisu and asked her to bring Baiqi to choose a mansion in the official residence region, also sending him 2 maidservants to serve him.

Ever since the Housekeeping Division was set up, Zisu had recruited a batch of maidservants and sent them to personnel of rank secretary and above. Based on the standards set by the division, secretaries would have 1 maidservant, while directors would have 2. As for the generals like Shi Wanshui, they would be treated like directors.

Apart from taking care of their daily lives and serving them, they also had the responsibility of supervision.

Shanhai City didn't have a safety unit, so Ouyang Shuo did so just in case. Of course, the people he was guarding against were the aboriginal people.

As for Fan Zhongyan, Shi Wanshui, and other such historical people, naturally the maidservants just served them and nothing else.

After settling everything, Ouyang Shuo finally had time to go onto the website and search the details.

Based on the introduction by Gaia, after the initiating of the quest, the key people and their disciples from the various philosophical school of thoughts would appear in the wild and travel various territories in a way that lords couldn't understand. With their standards, they would choose a suitable place to live in and build their sects and schools.

Be it whatever personal standards, the territory would have to fulfil 3 basic criterias:

At least one representative of a school chooses to live in the territory.

There's a place for that school that acts as the base.

The school must recruit at least 10 disciples to show its influence.

Hence, one could imagine how hard it was for Ouyang Shuo to solve the branch quest. Luckily, he still had time so he could take it slow. This was in addition to Shanhai City being the home ground for the debate, thus making it more attractive.

As some schools had more than one representative figure, the system rule would be first come first serve. This also meant that one school could only choose one territory.

Of course, if a school had different branches, it could set up different offices. For example, in history there was Legalism, which was split up into three factions.

The difference between the philosophers debate in history was that Gaia made all the various factions and schools appear at the same time. With that, the representative of the Mohists, Mo Zi, could cross time and have a debate with the Confucianism representative Kong Zi. People of different times of the same school could also have a discussion like Meng Zi could learn about the meaning of Confucianism from Kong Zi. Wasn't this interesting?

This was the charm of the game.

Not only that, as more dynasties entered the game, various schools and factions as well as secret legacies would appear.

The brightest moments in Chinese history were going to appear in the game!

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