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Chapter 281

Chapter 281- The War Is Over

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Just as Zhuo Kuo led his troops to attack Ying Bao's camp, Baiqi similarly dispatched his troops to attack Gu Pass.

Two hundred thousand troops surrounded the south side of Gu Pass.

With the help of the sets of three-bow arcuballistas that Ouyang Shuo and Mulan Yue brought, numerous step arrows were shot into the walls. This allowed the Qin soldiers to climb up and attack like a flood.

Zhao Zhuang's forces tried their best to retaliate, as numerous rolling wood and giant rocks pelted down from above the wall, crushing wave after wave of soldiers. The fire defense line formed by the alchemical fire oil cabinets burned the enemy. When their bodies fell to the ground, they instantly fell apart.

Apart from that, the Zhao army used their height advantage to rain down arrows.

The Qin army was also fearless. They used the corpses to fill up the moat and ate away at the defensive resources that the Zhao had. Under the city wall, the bodies of the Qin soldiers piled up to 2 meters high.

The soldiers stepped on the bodies and continued to climb upward.

The attack of the vanguard team became the last straw that crushed the Zhao Zhuang forces.

Gu Pass had finally fallen. The remaining soldiers inside had no other place to go. Hence, they raised their hands and surrendered.

The fall of Gu Pass meant that the Battle of Changping had entered its final stages.

Upon learning that Gu Pass was lost, the Zhao army, which was attacking the Ying Bao camp, no longer had the motivation to attack. Looks of despair filled their faces.

After a little struggle, shortly after Zhao Zhuang surrendered, Zhao Kuo surrendered too.

Based on Zhao Kuo's personality, he would rather die than surrender; furthermore, based on what Di Chen and the rest said, the Qin army would kill off troops that surrendered and wouldn't let them survive.

Only, history had already changed. Zhao Kuo would follow Chun Shenjun to step onto another journey and into another world to continue his fight against Baiqi.

At this point, the war was officially over. The Zhao camp had no way to fight back, and the battle notification sounded.

Maybe Gaia couldn't bear to see 200 thousand Zhao soldiers being slaughtered, thus ending the battle when they surrendered.

"Battle report: the Battle of Changping is officially over. Now based on player's contribution and their use in the battle, calculating bonus battle contribution points."

In this battle, Ouyang Shuo wasn't the only shining light. Di Chen, Zhan Lang, and Chun Shenjun had all affected the proceedings and played a huge role. As such they all gained high amounts of points.

A system notification resounded by Ouyang Shuo's ear.

"System Notification: Player Qiyue Wuyi, player representative of Qin Country, the Shanhai City cavalry that he led had huge contributions, and he thought of the method to break the chariot circle formation. Awarded bonus 20 thousand battle contribution points."

Compared to the two battles before, Gaia's evaluation of his performance had largely dipped and even his points was at its lowest yet.

Even so, based on the killings of the 10 thousand cavalry, his battle contribution points were still at the top of the leaderboard.

Rank- Name- Battle Contribution Points

1st: Qiyue Wuyi- 350 thousand

2nd: Di Chen- 150 thousand

3rd: Bai Hua- 120 thousand

4th: Zhan Lang- 100 thousand

5th: Feng Qiuhuang- 85 thousand

6th: Chun Shenjun- 55 thousand

7th: Xunlong Dianxue- 50 thousand

8th: Mulan Yue- 45 thousand

9th: Xiong Ba- 30 thousand

10th: Feng Qingyang- 25 thousand

Expectedly, the leaderboard was taken up by the Shanhai Alliance and Yanhuang Alliance. Apart from Ouyang Shuo being the untouchable first, the rest were inseparable.

With such results, although the Yanhuang Alliance lost, there was still glory in it.

Di Chen, Chun Shenjun and the others ranked up to 1st class earl and had finally cleared the obstacle to become a grade 3 county. The next would be to make preparations to upgrade to a prefecture.

Regretfully, Bai Hua and Feng Qiuhuang couldn't rank up to 3rd class Marquis. Both of them had to wait until the next battle before they could rank up.

As the lord's class increased, the number of troops they could bring increased too, making the main way to earn battle contribution points slaughter on the battlefield instead of quests and bonus points.

Taking this battle as an example, Shanhai City had 20 times the troops of a normal lord, and 10 times that of Di Chen and the others. Hence, their ability to get points weren't on the same level.

Therefore, although they took the initiative and spent time planning and scheming, they couldn't compare with Ouyang Shuo in terms of battle contribution points.

With pros, there were definitely cons too.

With such a huge army, one had to pay a high price too. After the battle, of Shanhai City's 10 thousand elite cavalry, only 6500 remained. The rest all died on the battlefield of Changping.

Not only Ouyang Shuo, but the other lord's forces had heavy casualties. Out of the 70 thousand player troops from both sides, less than 30 thousand survived.

Ouyang Shuo roughly remembered that during the year-end celebration, Gaia would do a small scale update, which would involve changes to the battles.

The lords used up large amounts of gold and troops. If they only earned merit points, it wouldn't be worth it. Hence, Gaia would release more tempting prizes to motivate lords to participate.

Ouyang Shuo earned 39 thousand merit points and now he had reached a total of 129500 merit points, ranking up to rank 2 Marquis, and he was a lot closer to the 204800 merit points required to rank up to rank 1 Marquis.

The ranking up didn't make Ouyang Shuo satisfied. What he cared about were the rewards that the Qin gave out.

During the Battle of Zhuolu, he had obtained the <Yellow Emperor Internal Cultivation Technique> and the <Wild Animal Taming technique>; during the Battle of Muye, he gained the incense pills and the Shangdian. The latter boosted one's strength while the former increased the territory strength.

As usual, Bai Hua and the others went back to the main map while Ouyang Shuo went to the Wang Ling Camp to wait for his reward.

An official brought the reward from the Qing King, a jade pendant.

Name: Dragon and Phoenix pendant (platinum rank)

Type: Jewelry

Specialty: Deterrence (Raise the prestige of the wearer), Implication (Helps the cultivation of the wearer)

Evaluation: Dragon and Phoenix, represents peace and prosperity and also a high status. It shows a good sign and represents well wishes.

The specialty description was simple, and as for how it worked, Ouyang Shuo had to find out himself.

A pendant was naturally good. Unfortunately, it was still far from what he expected. He thanked the official and wore the pendant.

Ouyang Shuo came to say goodbye to Baiqi.

He seemed like he was specifically waiting for him. "Did you get your reward?"

"Yes, I'm here to say goodbye to you."

"Great, lets go!" Baiqi said casually.

Ouyang Shuo didn't react and stammered, "W-we?"

"Yes? You don't welcome me?"

Baiqi's words were like a huge pie that smacked him on the head.

Ouyang Shuo couldn't understand. He didn't trigger the recruiting mission, so why would Baiqi be willing to follow him?

If he didn't know the reason, he wouldn't be at ease.

"I don't understand."

As if he expected that Ouyang Shuo would ask that, he said, "My god told me that Lianpo and Zhao Kuo had went to the player world. The Qin no longer need me, so I want to go to the player world too. You are first rate, be it talent or territorial power, so you're obviously the best choice."

Ouyang Shuo understood; so it was the work of Gaia. If it was as he expected, recruiting him was the hidden reward.

How could it be just a jade pendant?

What Gaia told Baiqi probably didn't stop with Zhao Kuo. In history, after the Battle of Changping, Baiqi was killed by the Qing King, so that was another reason.

"Wu An lord, please!" Ouyang Shuo said solemnly.

Baiqi shook his head, "There's no more Wu An Lord, I am Baiqi." Following which, he took the lead and walked out.

After that, Ouyang Shuo led the troops back to the main map.

On the way back, he checked Baiqi's stats.

Name: Baiqi (God rank)

Title: Asura

Dynasty: Warring States (Qin)

Identity: Shanhai City General

Occupation: Special rank general

Loyalty: 75

Command: 98

Force: 90

Intelligence: 85

Politics: 45

Specialty: Annihilation in war: Raise troops morale by 40%; Hot pursuit: Raise troops movement speed by 30%; Field fortification: Raise troops Defence by 20%; Adapting to the enemy: Raise troops killing ability by 25%

Cultivation Method: Killing Sword sword technique

Equipment: Heavy type Qin Sword

Evaluation: The best of the 4 famous generals during the warring states, good with machines and mechanics, great courage, a cut above the rest, great at adapting, produces miracles, shocks the world, the best war god.

Compared to Shi Wanshui and Er'Lai, Baiqi's stats were terrifying. His command, force and intelligence were all first rate, and the only thing he lacked was politics.

His character specialties were an all-round buff for his troops.

Amazing, Baiqi!

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