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Chapter 169

Chapter 169 - Bargaining Chip

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Ouyang took out a token from his storage bag. This token was obtained by General Shi when they destroyed a large-scale raider camp 2 days ago.     

Ever since the mixed regiment was formed, Shanhai County once again activated bandit destruction mode. His goal was to clean up the new 1000 square kilometers of territory.

Two days had passed, and they had only completed a fourth of their mission. Based on the colonel of the regiment Shi Wanshui, he predicted that he would at least need a week to finish it.

Because of the bandits, the business around the lord's manor Guards was pushed back time after time. Ouyang Shuo decided to order Wang Feng to hold the trials after the bandits were dealt with.

Ouyang Shuo held the token in his hand. It was a basic soldier token.     

Heavy armored infantry token (basic): Can directly change the class of 100 max rank militiamen to rank 1 heavy armored infantry.


A similar token had appeared during the auction. However, that was the more expensive heavy armored cavalry which was bought by Xiongba for 1200 gold.

This heavy armored infantry token, based on the market price shouldn't be less than 2000 gold. Firstly was that the market prices soared, and secondly the rarity and preciousness of gold couldn't be compared to 2 months ago.

This soldier token was nothing to Shanhai County. To Song Wen, however, it was a precious treasure.

Ouyang Shuo didn't hesitate and anonymously sent the soldier token to Song Wen. Along with the token was a handwritten letter by Ouyang Shuo.

In the letter, Ouyang Shuo mentioned that he was the friend of Song Jia, and that this soldier token was a meeting gift to give to his future brother-in-law. If he were willing to help out and break the marriage, Ouyang Shuo would reward him. Whether the Song family was willing to ally with a family that was around their level, or ally with a friend that was much stronger, the decision lay in their hands.

In the future, the game would be a battle between the strong. Tianshuang Town shouldn't miss this chance. If they did, they would remain a second-rate territory.

Ouyang Shuo appeared very tough in the letter. He knew that facing a family like the Song family, the weaker you looked, the more they looked down on you. On the contrary, the stronger you looked, the more they would respect you.

At the current stage, to casually hand out a soldier token was a symbol of strength.

It wasn't hard to imagine that after receiving the token he would definitely report to his grandfather. Based on the sly nature of businessmen, before they understood Ouyang Shuo's bottom line, they naturally wouldn't place all their stakes on him right away.

This was the outcome that he had wanted. As long as they hesitated and delayed for this month, then when the migration started and Ouyang Shuo revealed his identity, Yuanping wouldn't stand any chance.

Ouyang Shuo wasn't worried that the Song family would do anything harmful to him. Now the world was on an alert, and the safety of everyone was the top priority.

Famous players like Bai Hua had long before had their real life identities revealed. The federal government had thought this through and placed much care on their safety.

With the businessman status of the Song family, they wouldn't tread on the dangerous road as that would be of no benefit to them.

Ouyang Shuo was so careful because he was worried about Di Chen and the other strong powers. Their strength in reality was frightening, and even in such a world situation, Ouyang Shuo didn't have confidence that he could get away safely.

After settling the soldier token issue, Ouyang Shuo went offline.

In the morning, Sun Xiaoyue brought some simple luggage and went home. As for her game cabin, it was sent through the federal government game cabin transmitting channel and promised to be returned the same day.

In the afternoon, Bing'er's game cabin reached the house. As a kid, her game cabin was of a small size.

After the workers left, Bing'er looked at the game cabin that belonged to her and asked curiously, "Brother, is Bing'er going to play the same game as you and sister Xiaoyue?"

"Yes. How about this? Tonight you can be with brother, and also there will be two sisters to spend time with you. Bing'er will definitely like it."

"Then can Bing'er see sister Xiaoyue?" The little brat couldn't forget about Sun Xiaoyue.

Ouyang Shuo bent down and pinched her cheeks. "Of course. However, you need to wait for a month. And also, Xue'er can join the game with you, are you happy?"

"Ya, is that true, brother?"

"Of course, when has brother lied to you?"

"Yay, I'll go find Xue'er." The little brat said as she ran out of the room.

At 6 PM, Ouyang Shuo logged into the game. This time Bing'er and Xue'er followed along. Because she was still underage, she used the parental guidance mode. Ouyang Shuo had confirmed himself as the parent of Bing'er.

Under the parental guidance mode, Ouyang Shuo could help her control her character, and after a series of selections, Ouyang Shuo appeared in the Character Creation Hall.

"Ya, such a beautiful fairy sister." Bing'er exclaimed as she looked at the guiding fairy.

Ouyang Shuo didn't waste time and set her ID as Ouyang Bing, choosing the lord's game mode and making her sub-occupation as chivalrous expert. her birthplace was set as Shanhai County. 

Of course, to Bing'er the job didn't have any meaning as she wouldn't even get it.

After selecting everything, the brother and sister appeared in the teleportation formation of Shanhai Town, together with them was Xue'er, the advanced smart pet.

Walking out of the formation, Ouyang Shuo pulled on her hand and pointed to the lord's manor. "That is brother's house, baby do you like it?"

Seeing such a vast manor, she exclaimed, "Ya, such a beautiful house!"

"Let's go. Two sisters are waiting for you."


Walking into the lord's manor, the various workers of each department hadn't started work, and the entire estate only had some workers. Ouyang Shuo brought her to the backyard. When the maidservants Zisu and Banxia saw sire walk in from outside the yard, they were surprised.

What was more surprising was the little girl he was holding to and the little thing jumping on her shoulder.

"Sire!" Although they found it surprising, they still bowed and greeted.

Ouyang Shuo nodded and said, "Banxia, go call big miss and second miss."

"Yes sire!" Banxia immediately turned around.

Ouyang Shuo looked towards Zisu and laughed. "This is my sister, Ouyang Bing. Next time she will be the third miss in this manor. She is still young, so I need you to take care of her."

After two days of observation, Ouyang Shuo was pleased with Zisu. She did her work well and arranged everything nicely and aptly. Handing Bing'er to her allowed him not to worry. 

Zisu didn't dare to be too slow and bowed towards Bing'er. "Third miss!" Suze wasn't dumb, and the sire had specially instructed her to take care of his sister.

Bing'er thought it was fun and she looked at Ouyang Shuo. "Brother, this sister looks like the sister on the television."

Ouyang Shuo didn't know how to explain this to the little brat and said, "Baby, next time treat this like our home okay?"


Bing'er's adaptive skills were solid. When she moved in with Ouyang Shuo, she wasn't the least bit uncomfortable. In the last life, she had quickly adapted to this game.

This time, Yingyu and Qing'er had already washed up and rushed over.

Ouyang Shuo invited everyone to the main hall and let Bing'er stand beside him. After Yingyu and Qing'er sat down, he opened up. "Yingyu, Qing'er, let me give introductions, this is my sister Ouyang Bing."

"Ouyang Bing?" Yingyu frowned in thought. "I remember big brother say that your surname was Ouyang. Is this little sister your real sister?"

Such a good memory. Ouyang Shuo nodded. "That's right, my real name is Ouyang Shuo, Qiyue Wuyi is a nickname." Ouyang Shuo pulled Bing'er and pointed to them. "Bing'er this is big sister Yingyu and Qingsi, have you remembered their names?"

"En." In a formal occasion, Bing'er was always well behaved, calling both of them, making them both delighted.

Especially Qing'er, this girl couldn't sit still and walked beside Bing'er. "That's great, I'm finally not the youngest, so brother won't always bully me."

Following which, she was curious about Xue'er who stopped on Bing'er's shoulder. "Bing'er, tell sister who this little fellow is."

Xue'er was smart and didn't wait for Bing'er to reply. It flew up on its own and said. "Xue'er, Xue'er."

This move made Qing'er's mouth agape. "Ya, it flies. So magical, it's like the sprite in the legends. You said you are called Xue'er?"


Even the always calm Yingyu couldn’t sit still and looked at Ouyang Shuo, asking, "Big brother, is that an ancient sprite?" 

Ouyang Shuo didn't know how to explain this to them and said, "Just treat it as it is."

At this time, Suze walked in. "Sire, miss, breakfast is ready."

"Ok, let's go eat breakfast, let's talk at the table." Ouyang Shuo got up and dragged Bing'er, bringing her to the food hall.

After breakfast, Ouyang Shuo let Yingyu and Qing'er do their own business. Bing'er would take care of herself today.

Before leaving, Qing'er didn't stop reminding Ouyang Shuo to bring Qing'er to her tailor shop. She wanted to sew some beautiful clothing for her new sister.

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