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Chapter 168

Chapter 168 - Marriage

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After exchanging numbers with Liumo, Ouyang Shuo didn't stay any longer and left.
When he went home, it was already 5:30PM, and it was time for dinner. Ouyang Shuo didn't say a word and started to cook for the two women in the family.

When eating, Ouyang Shuo noticed that Bing'er's eyes were red and said, "Baby, did you cry in the afternoon? Who made you sad?"

"Bad brother." Being exposed by Ouyang Shuo, Bing'er was embarrassed.

He obviously knew that the little brat was sad because she heard that Xiaoyue was going to leave. He was just teasing her to change her mood.

Sun Xiaoyue could only watch on and nag. "What kind of brother actually bullies his only sister? Haiz."

"I agree." Bing'er followed.  

Ouyang Shuo wouldn't try to defend himself. If he did, he would die a terrible death. He knowingly focused on eating and didn't say a word.

Sun Xiaoyue and Bing'er looked at each other and laughed, like a pair of little foxes that claimed victory.

After dinner, Sun Xiaoyue started packing. Ouyang Shuo looked at her packing bag after bag, and asked doubtfully, "Xiaoyue, you are bringing all those away?"

"Yes, I won't be coming back so of course I'm taking them away." 

"Are you dumb?" Ouyang Shuo spoke with sarcasm.

"You! What's that supposed to mean!"   

Ouyang Shuo was speechless and said, "Didn't they say clearly that each person could only bring a small number of personal items? You can bring all this home, but in the end you still need to leave them on Earth. So don't you think you are dumb?"

Sun Xiaoyue froze, and when she regained her thoughts, she said with a forced smile, "Oh ya, I forgot. I'm really reluctant to throw all this away."

Maybe at that moment, she really realized what the galactic migration meant. This wasn't like changing houses, moving from one district to another, but it was moving from one planet to another.

Seeing that the atmosphere was a little down, Ouyang Shuo didn't say anything and went back to his room.

He made a call back to Song Jia.

"Blockhead, you finally return my call. I was anxious to death." Song Jia sounded very anxious.

"Calm down, say things slowly, what exactly happened?" Ouyang Shuo consoled her.

"Aiyo," she was despondent, saying, "In the afternoon, The Yuan family raised up the issue of marriage to my grandpa and they want me and Yuan Ping to marry to form more reliable alliances in-game. Although it was shelved after my disagreement, I'm afraid I can't stop it for long. Blockhead, what should we do?"

Ouyang Shuo froze, Yuanping actually took that step.

Seems like both the Song family and Yuan family, which were middle sized powers, felt no sense of security as they had just started the game. They wanted to group up to stay safe, and this became a natural choice.

Marriage was a great idea. Song Jia's father was the wielder of power in the Song family, and Yuan Ping was the heir to the Yuan family. 

"What do you think?" Ouyang Shuo didn't react. 

"Even if I die I wouldn't marry him. If my grandpa forces me, I'll run away from home." Song Jia was getting very emotional and her attitude was very resolute.

Ouyang Shuo was calm, recalling the last 3 months of their love. It had magical effects.  

Their love had all the ingredients of a drama, from the student gathering, a crush, meeting after a long time, rich family problems, etc.

All this didn't look real, but this was love.  

Love made you rash and irrational, making you not care about anything and give yourself up.

Ever since he was reincarnated, many beauties appeared in his life. Toward them, Ouyang Shuo had different feelings. They were friends and sisters, but never lovers.

Only in front of Song Jia would Ouyang Shuo put down everything and truly be himself.

"Jia Jia, don't be rash." Ouyang Shuo calmed her down. "What you must do is express your opinion. Don't do anything else. I'll deal with the rest."

Song Jia felt warm inside. "Blockhead, what will you do?"

"The reason your grandpa thought of such a solution was to find a good ally, am I right?" Ouyang Shuo found the core of the issue.

Song Jia nodded. "That's right. Last time he cared a lot about me. Before this, Yuan Ping came often to chase me, and my grandpa didn't agree."

"That's right. Since it's in-game, naturally we will solve it through the game. Relax, I will prove that I'm more reliable than the Yuan Family."   

Song Jia didn't want to tease Ouyang Shuo about his bragging and said, "Blockhead, I trust you. You won't let me down."

Ouyang Shuo didn't want to make the atmosphere depressing and laughed. "Jia Jia, after you migrate, will you stay at your Tianshuang Town, or come to me?"

Song Jia froze. "That's depends whether your place is as good as you say it is."

"Haha, I guarantee you will be pleased."

"Stupid blockhead, still bragging."    

Following this, the two naturally continued to flirt. Ouyang Shuo found that Song Jia was especially clingy today, and totally different from usual.

The sudden change and the thing about marriage made the usually confident Song Jia into a little girl who wanted someone to rely on.

The two of them talked till 10, when little aunt called and Ouyang Shuo had no choice but to end the call saying, "Sweetheart, my little aunt called me. Let's talk next time."

"En." Song Jia, although she was reluctant, she followed what Ouyang Shuo said.

"Good night. Don't worry, I'll settle the game stuff.

"Good night."  

Ouyang Shuo hung up the call and picked up his little aunt's call. "Little aunt, it's me."

"Little Shuo, who you talking to, your phone has been engaged for so long."

"I was talking to your future niece in law." Ouyang Shuo could finally relax himself.

Lin Jing's eyes brightened and smiled, "Wa, little kid, not bad. Who is that girl? When you going to introduce her to me?"

At this moment, Lin Jing felt like she had the instinct of being a parent.

Ouyang Shuo said, "Little aunt, I don't dare. What if you steal her from me?"

"Hey stupid brat, when did you start making fun of your little aunt?"

"I don't dare. I don't dare." Ouyang Shuo raised his hands and surrendered.  

"Ok let's stop fooling around and talk about business. Little Shuo, have you thought about my proposal in the morning?"

Ouyang Shuo had thought it out and said, "Little aunt, you know that tomorrow Bing'er will enter the game."

"What does that have to do with this?"

"I'll definitely bring her to my territory. If I move to Shang Hai and stay with you, what if she lets slip and reveals everything in the game? It's not that I don't trust your members, but just to be safe, I don't want anything to happen at the last moment. Little aunt, don't worry, I studied the migration specifics, and although in theory people in the same city will board the same spaceship, if we are relatives we can apply to the government to let us board the same spaceship at the last moment." Ouyang Shuo explained.

Lin Jing froze. She didn't think about this so much. As for her nephew, he was so careful.

"Then that's okay, you make sense." Lin Jing compromised.

"Thank you little aunt for your understanding."

"We are a family. Tell Bing'er that I'll visit her a month later in-game."

"I will. That little brat will definitely be happy."

After ending the call with little aunt, it was only then that he had time to log into the game. At this moment, Bing'er was already asleep, so he wouldn’t go disturb her.

In the game, it was naturally in chaos.

The first was that the exchange platform was closed, which made Di Chen and the others lose their money provider.

Following which, the prices of every good in the game began to rise. The players were clear that as players swarmed into the game, the balance would be broken.

As for the complaints and anger of the players who sold their territories, they were unable to cause any uproar.

Ouyang Shuo didn't have the mind to care about all this, and ordered the finance department to collect the profits of the latter half of the 5th month from the Beimu saltpans and the Langshan mines.

Firstly was that Ouyang Shuo needed to buy the basic building blueprints of the grade 1 county, and secondly he need to pay the military salaries.

Ouyang Shuo knew that since the federal government set the migration on the 1st of the 7th month of 2190, there would be an update in the game at night.

The upcoming update would have a deep impact on the game, and he needed to make use of the last month to make preparations and make use of his advantage to earn big.

All this needed large amounts of resources, or everything would be for naught.

Spending an entire afternoon, Ouyang Shuo hid in his office and thought about what he would do for the next month. Apart from that, he needed to convince Song Jia's brother, Song Wen, to help him convince his grandpa to abandon the marriage.

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