The World Online

Chapter 166

Chapter 166 - Migration Project


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The words from the federal government president were simple but held deep meaning, enough to rattle everyone. If one wanted to know more details, they would have to go onto the federal website. In truth, after the president finished his speech, the television channel started to report on the details of the migration.

Firstly after the program, the whole world would enter code 1 alert status. Military and police were to enter battle formations and prevent any sabotage or stealing from happening.

From tonight onwards, the whole world would start to practice curfew, where after 9 PM, no one was allowed to stay out, and all entertainment venues were to close.

In modern day society, most of the weapons used were energy weapons. Laser weapons had long replaced the normal guns and rifles used 200 years ago.  A 100 years earlier, electromagnetic guns had replaced firearms. With strict weapons control and Gaia that monitored everything, for normal people to cause problems was already very difficult.

Subsequently, from the next day onwards, all schools would stop. Of course that didn't mean that learning stopped, as all the lessons from primary school to university would be moved to Earth Online.

Apart from people appointed to maintain and run the services in the cities by the federation, any other normal shops and services would be closed, and the workers no longer needed to report for work.  

From this moment on, all bank accounts and fixed properties were frozen, and people couldn't buy, sell, or trade goods. Food and daily products would be distributed by the federation to prevent looting.

Gaia, who had eyes on everything along with delivery robots, easily delivered all the goods, and one didn't need to worry that they wouldn’t receive the things that was meant for them.

The federal government started to calculate one's personal assets and changed them into credits. In truth, this job had been started long ago, but now it only needed them to comply and confirm.

All transportation vehicles including trains, planes and airborne railways were now only used to reunite families.

From the next day onwards, the government would send everyone a game cabin. Those who already had one wouldn't be given an additional one. All the cabins were designed based on one's basic information.     

Additionally, the government specifically pointed out that the space on the spaceship was limited, and one was only able to bring a limited number of personal items. They had strict requirements and limitations on the size and weight of the luggage.

At this point, this was all the government had revealed. As for planet Hope and the changes in-game, they were temporarily not revealed.

The federal government had considered how much the public could accept and wanted to control the situation in reality, waiting for everyone to enter the game before making changes in-game.

After learning the details and confirming that they were the same as the previous life, Ouyang Shuo didn't bother about the shock from Sun Xiaoyue and said, "I'll pick up Bing'er from school. As for the rest, let's discuss later."

Sun Xiaoyue nodded understandingly. "Go."

On the roads were signs of chaos and panic. Luckily there were police maintaining law and order and armed machines on patrol, so there weren't any riots or fights.

After the curfew was set, the military entered the city and helped the police in maintaining law and order in order to prevent violence.

Suddenly, Ouyang Shuo received a phone call from his little aunt.

"Little Shuo, did you see the news? I hope you and Bing'er can come over to Shang Hai, and at that time we would all board the galactic spacecraft."  

Ouyang Shuo paused. On this point, he had his own plans. "Little aunt, on the way to Bing'er's school, some things aren't convenient to say. How about this, I'll call you in the evening."

Talking about Bing'er, little aunt instantly understood and switched off the phone.

Following which, Ouyang Shuo received Song Jia's call which he declined. If it wasn’t that he didn't want to reveal that he had already knew the news, he wouldn't have let Bing'er go to school today.

This was such a sudden change. Although the teachers would comfort them, Ouyang Shuo didn't want Bing'er to face any shock.

When he reached the school, as expected, there were many parents waiting at the gate to pick their kids up early. The school could understand, and as the teachers weren’t in the mood to continue the lessons, the early dismissal was smoothly done.

Luckily, everyone was a decent human being, and there wasn't any pushing or rushing. 

Bing'er appeared by the gate, and upon seeing Ouyang Shuo, she ran and shouted, "Brother!" Obviously, she was happy that Ouyang Shuo picked her up early.

Ouyang Shuo pulled her hand and smiled. "Let's go home!"

"En." Her emotions were still very calm. At her age, she didn't have much understanding towards the apocalypse of intergalactic migration.

On the other hand, she asked curiously, "Brother, my teacher said we would all sit on galactic spaceships and move to other planets, is that true?"


"Wa, that's great. Bing'er has not sat on a spaceship." Bing'er had a face filled with excitement. "Brother, do you think there will be monsters in the new world?"

Ouyang Shuo was speechless. As expected, a kids world was totally different. He rubbed her head. "Brother doesn't know. However, even if there are any, Bing'er doesn't need to be scared, as brother will protect you."

"En." Bing'er had a lot of faith in her brother.

On the way back, various stalls and shops had all closed. Luckily, Ouyang Shuo was prepared and he had gathered some amenities.

When they reached home, it was close to noon.

After lunch, Ouyang Shuo let Bing'er return to her room to rest. Bing'er was well behaved, and knew that Ouyang Shuo had things to tell Sun Xiaoyue, so she went in without a fuss.

Ouyang Shuo brewed a cup of tea for himself sitting on the sofa as he looked at Sun Xiaoyue. "Xiaoyue, what are your plans? When’re you going home?"

Her family wasn't in Jiaozhou, and going home was the obvious choice.

Sun Xiaoyue said helplessly, "In the morning when you went to fetch Bing'er, my family called me to go home tomorrow."

Ouyang Shuo nodded and said, "Then go home tomorrow. Don't let them worry."

"Till now you still don't want to tell me your in-game ID?"

Ouyang Shuo shook his head. "It'll only be a month, right? In the game, based on the time, you should have graduated right?"

It was a trick. Every time she asked, he would change the topic. As she observed in the past half a year, Ouyang Shuo's ID had very important information, which made him so careful. If not, he wouldn't be such a cold and secretive person.

"Yes, I graduated the day before and am now a intermediate architect. Yesterday, I followed what you said and spent 100 gold to enter the Imperial City building department to intern. The one month of the internship might just be when the migration will happen." Sun Xiaoyu explained.

Ouyang Shuo nodded. "On the side of the Fallen Moon guild, is there any progress?"    

Fallen moon guild had became her little problem, and she laughed bitterly. “Qinruo and Qiaoqiao have already joined. Apart from that I used your method and there were some rewards. However, our reputation was too low and players didn't want to join. Yesterday, we just crossed a hundred members."

Ouyang Shuo was still very confident. "Don't worry. As the real world changes, their views will change too. A month later when the migration starts, everything will not be a problem. You don't need to worry about the guild, so just focus on your internship."

"Okay." Sun Xiaoyue wasn't too devoted to managing the guild anyways.

"Oh ya, there's something I need your help on."

"What is it?" 

"I remember you said that your grandpa was a boat specialist?"

"Yes." Sun Xiaoyue was confused on why he would bring this up.     

"When you go home, can you talk to him? I hope he can join my territory. Best if he could ask some of his scientist friends. Especially concerning ships and alchemists."

Sun Xiaoyue understood and giggled. "You always like to beat around the bush. Since I'm joining you, my family will naturally join you too. As for the others, you better call my grandpa yourself. When I return, I'll call you and let my grandpa have a video chat with you."

Ouyang Shuo was delighted. "That's the best Xiaoyue. You’ve done me a huge favor."

Sun Xiaoyue shook her head and said, "Okay. However, I must remind you that you bragged so much about your territory. If it sucks in the end, what an embarrassment."

"Don't worry, when was I so unreliable?" Ouyang Shuo said helplessly.

"That's true. Okay I trust you. In the future I'll depend on you, my lord." Sun Xiaoyue joked.

"Luckily I have you. If not, I don't know how Bing'er is going to adapt when she enters. Even in the game I won't be able to be by her side." Ouyang Shuo was really thankful for Sun Xiaoyue.

She sighed. "Ha, i won't see her for 1 month. I’m going to miss her. Ok, the things that needed to be settled have been done. If there's anything, just call me. I'll go find Bing'er."

Ouyang Shuo nodded and said, "Ok, go."

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