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Chapter 165

Chapter 165 - Explosion

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Ouyang Shuo didn't let everyone wait for long, and after announcing the structure of the Internal Affairs Department, he said, "I appoint Shen Zhui as the new Material Reserves Department director, and at the same time remove him from being the secretary of the Saltpans Division."

Everyone was in an uproar as this was unexpected news. Everyone looked towards Shen Zhui, some with jealousy, some with curiosity. It was just that no one looked to congratulate him.

Although he had prepared himself to withstand pressure, to face such a situation, it was still tough to breathe. Thinking about Ouyang Shuo's words, Shen Zhui slowly calmed down, walking into the middle of the hall and bowing. "Thank you sire, I won't let you down."

From today onwards, Shanhai County had given birth to another dragon head. Although this one was a bit duller than the others, one had to admit that his rise was motivation to everyone.

Following which, the meeting officially started. The various secretaries and directors gave their reports. Everything went as expected and there weren't many surprises.    

After the administrative meeting had ended, it was already noon, and everyone went back home. Only the 3 heads of the affiliate territories were left at Ouyang Shuo’s request to have their meals at the lord's manor.

Two days ago, the choosing of maidservants had come to an end.

Under the supervision of Yingyu, the two maidservants were invited in. The older one was called Zisu, and the younger was called Banxia, and both would be in charge of his living. Zisu was also in charge of managing all the other servants.    

Based on Yingyu's introduction, both of them were orphans and had no relatives in Shanhai County. Zisu was still okay as her age was similar to Yingyu. She was a calm person, and her ability was not bad. Banxia was a bit younger, similar in age to Qing'er.

In truth, to be Ouyang Shuo's maidservant was exceptionally easy. Because he went offline at night, and he wasn't around in the day, the time he was served was very little.

In the afternoon, Gu Xiuwen, Zhao Dexian, and Zhou Haichen walked into the office and started to describe the situations in their various territories.

Qiushui Town’s head Zhao Dexian mentioned that Qiushui Town needed to do 2 things, which were firstly to upgrade the water irrigation system and secondly to build the city walls.

Ouyang Shuo supported and agreed for the Four Seas bank to loan Qiushui Town a sum of money to use for these two projects. On the scale of the city wall, Ouyang Shuo raised specific requirements. As an affiliate territory, in the future, they would have at most 2 city walls.

Hence, the first wall had to be 5 kilometers long, in the middle in scale of the 2 walls in Shanhai County.

As for the upgrade of the water irrigation system, that needed more support. The purpose of Qiushui Town was as a grain base. Apart from reclaiming more land, perfecting the water irrigation system and raising production of grain per acre was the best way to solve the problem. After all, if one had a lot of land but not enough farmers, then it'd be useless.    

Zhao Dexian was worthy to be called an ex-village chief, having a sharp eye for agricultural matters and vast experience. At least at the current grade 1 town, he could still be of great use.

The Friendship Town head Zhou Haichen reported the trade situation with the Tianfeng tribe. Friendship Town had smoothly completed their second trade with Tianfeng tribe, obtaining 200 Qingfu horses.

Both sides had agreed after discussions to build a fixed market. With this, Friendship Town could trade with the nomads and wasn't restricted to trading only with particular tribes. The key was that as the fame or the reputation increased, other tribes might come and trade with them.

Hence, the setting up the market meant that it opened up the window to trading with the nomadic tribes. The goods were no longer restricted to Qingfu horses, sheep, and fur. Everything was tradeable. If it went smoothly, then this would stimulate the economy and the lives of people in Friendship Town.

Lastly was the report from Beihai Town’s head Gu Xiuwen.  

 It had been a month since Beihai Town upgraded to a grade 3 town, and adding the 4000 Jifeng tribe prisoners, the population had received a considerable boost.

Even so, Beihai Town was still half a month away from reaching the 10 thousand max population.

As for Harbour Town, Gu Xiuwen raised that the fishermen had already set up a fishermen association and started to work together when fishing. The men went out to fish while the women stayed at home to dry the fish to make fish jerky before sending it to the market to sell.

In Beihai Town, apart from the fishermen, the biggest group were the salt workers at the Beimu saltpans. Based on his plan, they wanted to copy the main territory and build living quarters near the saltpans, slowly shifting them out of the town.

Beihai Town wanted to turn into a harbor town, so it needed to throw off the burden of salt workers. Now in the town, the ratio in the population wasn’t typical, as half of the population were salt workers.

Furthermore, the salt workers had said that they were willing to shift out. Firstly, it was more convenient and secondly, there was more freedom.

It was only on how to build the living quarters that the town and the Saltpans Division couldn't agree on.

Beihai Town wanted to separately build 5 living quarters near the saltpans, and each would accommodate 1000 workers, the same as a full population grade 3 village.

The Saltpan Division was thinking from a management point of view that they could at most build 2 quarters. In the end, Ouyang Shuo decided to let the salt workers decide for themselves.

After the brief meeting, the 3 of the heads went back to their territories.

Ouyang Shuo returned to the backyard and got ready to go offline.

In the backyard, Zisu was bringing Banxia and sewing clothing for Ouyang Shuo. Zisu was an intermediate tailor, and she could sew some clothes for daily use.

In actuality, the clothing that Ouyang Shuo wore on formal occasions was all done by Qing'er. That brat not only cared about what she wore, but she also settled the clothing of both Ouyang Shuo and Yingyu.

Based on what she said, as the brother and sister of a master tailor, if they wore clothes too badly, she would lose face.

Going back to the room, Ouyang Shuo went straight offline.

In reality, Ouyang Shuo's anonymous post had finally attracted attention. Some players replied that they followed the method and they felt the presence of internal strength.

When there was one, there would be two. If there was only Ouyang Shuo who said that, then everyone wouldn't believe it. Now with others, it would have a certain persuasiveness.

Hence, this post was dug out from the sea of posts and became a hot topic.

For the past two days, the questions and replies on the post had grown. Many lucky players replied to say that they had cultivated successfully. Of course out of those, there would be many liars who only wanted attention.

Ouyang Shuo wasn't clear if the popularity of the post had anything to do with the federal government.

What he could confirm was that everything was going in the direction that he wanted and even exceeded his predictions.

The landmine had finally exploded, and the protests of the people got more and more intense like a thunderstorm and charged at the federal government.

The federal government finally couldn't keep quiet any longer and announced that on the 26th of May, which was that day, they would make a speech through the television to answer all the doubts.    

After sending Bing'er to school, Ouyang Shuo returned home immediately and prepared to watch the speech. Sun Xiaoyue didn't go to school today and specially stayed at home. With a woman's 6th sense, she felt that something big was going to happen.

The two of them sat on the sofa and turned on the tv to witness the critical moment.

"Eh, what do you think the president would reveal about Earth Online? I felt that something is up and that it's weird." Before the broadcast, Sun Xiaoyue asked Ouyang Shuo.

Ouyang Shuo had already trained himself to control his expression and said, "How would I know. Anyways it's gonna start soon, so we will know soon enough."

"You really don't know?" Sun Xiaoyue didn't give up.

"Of course I don't!" Ouyang Shuo lied so hard that even he believed himself.

Sun Xiaoyue stared at Ouyang Shuo. From his face, she couldn't find any abnormality, so she could only say helplessly, "You're getting better at faking.”

Sun Xiaoyue had long ago believed that he knew something, just that she wasn't clear how much he knew. Hence she would often test him out.

Unfortunately, with her skill level, she was unable to make an old fox like Ouyang Shuo speak.

At 9 AM, the federal government president appeared on the television.

At the same time, out of the billion people, at least half were, through various means, watching this special broadcast.

"Hello everyone, I'm going to announce huge news. After hearing it, please do not panic as the federal government has made plans to solve any problem that will occur."

"Twenty years ago, our scientists found that our Earth will, in 2200, which was 10 years later, explode from the core and the entire Earth will become a ball of fire."

"Luckily, heaven left us a path, and on one of our satellites, we spotted a new planet which could sustain life. Hence the federal government created a secret galactic migration project. The game Earth Online that everyone is paying attention to is a part of that project. The project has in these 20 years, come to fruition."

"The federal government has officially decided to start the galactic migration on the 1st day of of the 7th month of 2190. At that time, everyone will sit on the galactic spaceship and fly towards planet Hope. The specific details will be posted on the federal government website. Please work together with the federal government and prepare ahead of time. See you soon!"

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