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Chapter 164

Chapter 164 - Internal Affairs Department

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In the afternoon, Shen Zhui walked into the lord's office.

Until he sat down, he still wasn't sure why Ouyang Shuo had called him.

The last conversation between Ouyang Shuo and Tian Wenjing was naturally kept confidential. Apart from those two, there wasn't a third person that knew. Tian Wenjing wasn't a big-mouthed person, and before Ouyang Shuo revealed it, he wouldn't tell others about it.

Ouyang Shuo smiled as he pushed the teacup towards Shen Zhui. "Relax, it’s good news." Although Shen Zhui was chosen and developed by Ouyang Shuo, this was the first time both of them had a conversation. Naturally, he felt nervous.

Shen Zhui heaved a sigh of relief and calmed down.

"I've noticed your performances in the Saltpan Division, and you’ve been doing well. Now I have a more important task for you. Are you willing to leave the division?" Ouyang Shuo didn't hold back the compliments.

He was shocked. Now that he was already a secretary, what was a more important role? He didn't dare to think about it and said carefully, "I'll follow what sire says."

Ouyang Shuo nodded. "If I let you become the new director of the Material Reserves Department, do you have confidence?"

Even someone as calm as Shen Zhui, upon hearing such news, couldn't keep his emotions in check.

To be able to be commended by Tian Wenjing, Shen Zhui was obviously special. But this news was too shocking. However, he quickly collected his emotions and said, "To be honest, I don't dare to think about this question. Compared to the four directors, in terms of skill or experience, I'm still lacking." 

"You don't dare?"

Shen Zhui gritted his teeth. He knew that if he rejected this, then he might not have another shot at such a once in a lifetime opportunity. Although the temptation was great, he decided to be rational.

Think about it, the 4 directors of Shanhai County, none of them were simple and ordinary.

Director Fan and Director Zhang were famous people in history. Becoming directors was wasting their talents. Naturally, one wouldn't talk about not being able to live up to certain expectations.

Director Cui was the godsister of the lord, and was born into a business family. She had vast experience and had been in this territory since the beginning.

Director Ge was the one out of the 4 with the least experience. Even so, he could bring along a huge camp of refugees and survive in the wilderness, which spoke volumes of his ability.    

He also had vast experience in the military. Even so, there were negative rumours about director Ge spreading, and if it wasn't for the support of Ouyang Shuo, he wouldn't have been able to hold his position.

Every director was a monster in leadership, and they weren't people a normal person could beat.

Shen Zhui knew that he was a scholar, and had only a few years of private schooling to learn a few things. His formal education was done in Lianzhou College. In the territory, not mentioning the talents, there were more than 5 scholars and people who passed the imperial exams.

As for experience, he had one of the least out of the few secretaries. Out of the 3 secretaries in the Material Reserves Department, he had the least experience.    

The only thing that he had was his spirit and his desire to learn. However, such qualities couldn't add to his competitiveness, as after all, everyone looked at results.

Hence, Shen Zhui didn't have the confidence or the skill to take over such a heavy responsibility.

He gritted his teeth and said solemnly, "Yes sire, I don't dare."

He didn't expect that not only would Ouyang Shuo not be angry, but also laugh happily. "Not bad, really not bad."

Shen Zhui was confused and asked, "Sire?"

"You know why I praised you?"

"Please solve my ignorance, sire!" Shen Zhui said respectfully.   

"Promoting you to director was a dangerous decision. Your concern is also my concern. If you accepted straight away, then I would have to think whether putting you at such a position was the right choice. If a person could know everything about himself and block temptation, he deserves to be given a chance. Long ago in the military, I made it clear that we would develop talent and wouldn't look at experience. Here, we will use the same theory."

"I have to admit that the time may not be right to promote you, but we have no choice now that director Tian has a more important job. The Material Reserves Department needs someone to take over, and from his recommendation, you are the best fit. During the administrative meeting on the 25th, I’ll announce your promotion.  Primarily, however, I was still worried. I wanted to talk to you and also test you."

"The results showed that our decision was right and that you are a talent. You don't need to worry, pressure is a good thing. You need to turn that into motivation. I want to prove to the world that our Shanhai County has the ability to groom directors. Don't worry and do your best. If anything happens, I'll back you up. Remember, I'm your final shield."   

Ouyang Shuo's words were exactly what he wanted to hear. Even if he faced a sea of fire, he would jump without hesitation if Ouyang Shuo ordered him to.

Shen Zhui stood up and kneeled on the ground, bowing to Ouyang Shuo.

His eyes were filled with tears and he said emotionally, "Don't worry sire, I won't let you down." He had decided to do his job well and take the pressure.

Ouyang Shuo stood up and helped him up, patting his shoulder. "You're a man, why are you crying? Do well, show me some results."

Shen Zhui tried his best not to cry and shouted, "Yes sire!"  
5th month, 25th day, Shanhai County meeting hall.

The 5th month’s administrative meeting had started, and apart from the directors and secretaries, there were the head of the affiliate villages.

Under the charge of the Culture and Education Division, the meeting hall had totally changed.

In the meeting hall, a stage was set up and had split the hall into 2 regions. The higher region had a red mat, and on it was a wooden table which was half a meter tall. The middle was flat and the sides curved up. On it were a paper ink and a pen.

Behind the table was a chair. It had an oval back and on the sides where it extended was the arm rest, a very simple design.     

At the bottom of the meeting hall, there were 3 short tables on each side. On them were tea and fruits. Behind them were similar floor mats, just that there wasn't a chair.

The 4 directors were seated at the 2 sides and knelt behind the chairs. Behind them were the secretaries. The last 2 tables were currently empty. Beside the left table sat the 3 heads of the affliate villages. On the right were the secretaries of the Auditing Division, Law and Order Division, and the Procuratorate Division.  

Ouyang Shuo sat on the chair, his body straight, and looked down before saying, "Before we officially begin, I'll announce some personnel changes."

The various directors and secretary were all unfazed as they had expected that the lord would make changes.

"I've decided to set up an Internal Affairs Department to be in charge of the law and order, jails, auditing, and population control. The Auditing Division, Procuratorate Division and the Law and Order Division will all be under this new department. Apart from that, the Household Registration Division will also be moved under this new department."   

Ouyang Shuo had dropped a 1000-pound bomb which exceeded all of their expectations. The Internal Affairs Department was in charge of all the important divisions, and its importance could be compared to that of the Administration Department. Especially after moving the Household Registration Division over, now all 4 departments could be said to be equally important.

The setting up of the Internal Affairs Department was done with modern society as an guide, combining with the current situation with Shanhai County. Their role mainly had to deal with law and order.

The only exception was the Auditing Division.

How to maximize their ability had always been the problem Ouyang Shuo had been thinking about.

If he made them directly into a department, it might be too thin and not important enough. If he let them work independently, however, they’d lack authority, which wouldn't help their work. After much consideration, Ouyang Shuo decided on this strategy.

When he announced the setting up of the Internal Affairs Department, Tian Wenjing understood everything. Ouyang Shuo probably wanted him to take charge of this, as compared to the Material Reserves Department, whose stature had been constantly increasing or decreasing. This was certainly more attractive and a better place to show his ability.

As expected, Ouyang Shuo started to make personnel changes. "Tian Wenjing will be the director, and at the same time he will be relieved of his duties as Director of the Material Reserves Department."

Tian Wenjing got up immediately and walked to the middle of the hall before bowing. "Thank you sire, for your trust. I won't let you down."

This arrangement was something that was too shocking and no one had expected it.    

In the territory, to be able to take up such a task, only Fan Zhongyan and Tian Wenjing could do so. as Fan Zhongyan was already the Administration Director, for Tian Wenjing to be the Internal Affairs Director was to be expected. Now both of them had finally got back to the same starting line.

The only thing that everyone looked forward to was about who was going to replace him. The position of Director of Material Reserves was similarly very attractive.

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