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Chapter 160

Chapter 160 - Fallen Moon Guild 

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Staying on topic, Sun Xiaoyue received Ouyang Shuo's guild token and was thinking about setting up the guild. She didn't have any heart to continue shopping.

She turned around and looked at her buddies. "Luoluo, let's set up a guild and play together."

Luoluo’s full title was "Fallen Leaf of Autumn". She was a 21 year old university student, an intermediate alchemist, and Sun Xiaoyue's best friend in the game. "Setting up a guild? How do we have enough money? The guild token is very expensive. We can't exactly buy a copper token right?"

Sun Xiaoyue took out the black iron guild token from her storage bag and raised it in the air, saying gleefully, "Look, what is this?"

"Ya, a black iron guild token."

"Thats right!"

"Xiaoyue, when did you become so rich, you took out 200 gold a few days ago and it was already scary enough, now you take out a black iron guild token. This token costs 200 gold." Luoluo looked at Sun Xiaoyue. "Say the truth Xiaoyue, do you have a sugar daddy?"

Sun Xiaoyue's face turned red and her embarrassment turned into fury. "Stupid brat, what are you saying? This was sent to me by my friend. It's not free, I actually sold my body for it."

"Ha? I thought you said you didn't have a sugar daddy, now you even sold your body?"

"You..." Sun Xiaoyue knew that this time she couldn't explain herself, and she didn't want to continue on with this topic.

"Anyways I'm going to set up a guild, so would you like to join in?"

As expected, Luoluo excitedly said, "Join, of course I’ll join. The black iron rank guild token has a specialty. And also, I want to be the deputy guild leader."

Sun Xiaoyue once again had control and said excitedly, "You want to be the deputy leader?"


"Call me older sister and I'll agree."

"Ya, but we are the same age and even the same month, so why should I call you older sister?"

"Are you going to call me that? If not, your deputy guild leader position is going to fly away."

Luoluo suddenly went right next to Xiaoyue and dragged. "Sister~ Sister~"

"Tsk, you might as well have not even called..."

"I don't care, I've already called you. Quick, let’s go register!"

Sun Xiaoyue rolled her eyes and said, "What's the rush, call Hui Tuban and the rest. We can't have only the two of us in the guild right?"

"Right right, let's send a pigeon letter and ask them to meet us us at Yamen."

Dali Region Yamen

Sun Xiaoyue and Luoluo reached there first, and 10 minutes later, 3 male players walked over.

Seeing the 3 males that were late, Luoluo grumbled, "Ya, you’re really guys, actually making us two girls wait for you..."

"Big miss, we rushed over from the school." The one that spoke had an average body. He looked normal and his name was Wuchi. However, as his Chinese name was pronounced the same as shameless, he was thus called that. They all studied at the imperial city architectural college but their main course was bridge design.

Wuchi and Luoluo were boyfriend and girlfriend in real life. It was through Wuchi that Xiaoyue met Luoluo and became best friends.

Of the other two males, one was slightly thin and was called Hui Tuban. From his ID, one would know that he specialised in city planning.

The last guy who was slightly fatter was called Jiu Duanxian, and he was a map drawer.

"Ok, since everyone is here, let's give our guild a name before we register."

"We are all from the architectural college, so why not call it architectural colleague guild?" Hui Tuban said.

"That's such a terrible name. No good, no good." Luoluo disagreed.

Jiu Duanxian laughed. "Luoluo, although you don't belong to the college, you can be counted it's sister-in-law."

"Haha!" the rest laughed as Luoluo chased him around.

After fooling around, Wuchi said seriously, "I've thought of a name."


"Tumu Castle!"


"Think about it, it sounds cool and has to do with our occupations."


She turned and looked at Luoluo. "Luoluo, do you have any good ideas?"

Luoluo thought about it seriously. "Xiaoyue, why not combine our names and call it Luoyue Guild (Fallen Moon Guild), let's not care about this bunch of stupid guys." 

"En." Sun Xiaoyue nodded. "I agree, what do you guys think?"

Under Luoluo's forceful eye, Wuchi had no choice but to agree.

"Yea! Three votes and majority wins!" Luoluo didn't bother about Hui Tuban and Jiu Duanxian, and ended the voting.

Hui Tuban and Jiu Duanxian. These two bros looked at one another and laughed bitterly. "Ai, so inhumane, so inhumane."

Luoluo didn't bother with them and pulled Sun Xiaoyue into Yamen.

Sun Xiaoyue passed over the guild token and received the form, filling up the basic information before handing it over once again.

In the end, after paying the 1 gold fee, the guild was formed. Such high efficiency.

After Fallen Moon Guild was formed, Sun Xiaoyue kept her promise and promoted Luoluo to deputy guild leader, appointing the other three as elders. The deputy guild leader and the elders had the ability to recruit members. As for kicking members, only the guild leader had that power.

After forming the guild, the guild channel was instantly opened, and one didn't need to pay a fee to talk.

The black iron rank guild token allowed them to choose a guild speciality. As it was going to be set as a work occupation guild, Sun Xiaoyue chose the specialty which was- Raise skill familiarity by 10%.

Every member would wear the badge of the guild. The guild badge was designed as a circular moon and on it, and a group of people sat on the moon.

The guild badge was also jewelry, and the guild specialty would be activated through the badge. If one removed it, the guild specialty would fail to work.

Walking out of the Yamen, Sun Xiaoyue looked to her partners and said, "I've told Luoluo that setting up this guild was a mission by a friend. He's a lord and hopes that we could recruit work occupation players through the guild."

"Joining the guild, does it mean joining the territory?" Hui Tuban asked.

Sun Xiaoyue shook her head. "Of course not, everyone can make their own choice."

"What's the territory of your friend called, is it great?" What Wuchi cared about was strength.

Sun Xiaoyue gave an awkward laugh. "I also don't know what his territory is called. But what I can be sure of is that it's strong. He paid for my training fees and also for this guild token."

"Sugar daddy!" Luoluo started once again.

"Go to hell!"

"Xiaoyue, what you mean is for us to help and recruit work occupation players for the territory right?" Out of the 4 of them, Jiu Duanxian was the most rational and the smartest.

"That's right. With the guild specialty of Fallen Moon Guild, it wouldn't be too hard to recruit people. Only because of there being the territory, hence we must hold a careful selection. Only those who are willing to move over and have high potential will be selected." Sun Xiaoyue explained.

Jiu Duanxian nodded. "Don't worry, we will help you!"


"Lets go and recruit people!" Luoluo loved having more people around.

Jianye, the base of the Snow-War Rose mercenary group.

"Jing Jing, are you saying that your nephew wants to work with us?" Xie Siyun who was the War Rose in the game asked with uncertainty.


"Has he told you his identity?" Xie Siyun understood Lin Jing too well and guessed the meaning right away.

Lin Jing didn't find it unexpected at all and nodded. "That's right. But I temporarily can't tell you."

The two of them had formed an understanding spanning many years, and shared everything with one another. Since Linjing wouldn't say it, Xie Siyun wouldn't ask. "How does he want to work with us?"

 "The mercenary group will help him build a work occupation group, and his territory will provide equipment." Lin Jing didn't hide anything.


"That's right. Believe me, we won't lose out on this trade." Lin Jing knew that without revealing a bit more, she wouldn't be able to convince her.


"I really can't say."

"Ok, as expected your nephew isn't simple and has huge ambition."

"So does that mean you agree?" Lin Jing was elated.

"You already promised him, what choice do I have?" Xie Siyun said helplessly.

"Haha, Siyun you are the best."

"Okay, since it's a cooperation, we must be sincere in doing it. You will personally be in charge of the guild. I'm actually curious about what type of equipment he can provide us that makes you so eager." War-Snow Rose Mercenary guild being able to expand to its level was because of the trust between the two.

"En." Lin Jing nodded. "I heard that the few guilds in Jianye have been gearing up. It seems like they are forming an alliance, so we must be wary."

Xie Siyun laughed. "They are staring at our best guild in Jianye Crown."

"What are your thoughts?"

"Let them do what they want. A bunch of stupid fellows, what can they do?"

"Are we really going to not care?" Lin Jing was still a little worried.

"Relax, trust me."

"Ok, as long as you have things planned out." Lin Jing had a lot of faith in Xie Siyun.

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