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Chapter 159

Chapter 159 - Guild Token 

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After announcing the setting up of the guards squadron, Ouyang Shuo ended the meeting.

After which, he ordered them to immediately return to their camps after replenishing their forces. Especially the vanguard unit which needed to return to the North camp.

Of the 300 Qingfu horses obtained during the Qingming Operation, 100 were lost during the Battle of Zhuolu. Of the remaining 200, Ouyang Shuo wanted to leave 150 for the Guards squadron and the other 50 to the Military Intelligence Division.

Originally, the unit that needed the Qingfu horses the most was the vanguard unit. But to confuse the Tianfeng tribe, they couldn't assign them horses that weren't obtained from them.

Hence, the vanguard unit still had a shortfall of 400 Qingfu Horses. Luckily, the Tianfeng tribe had sent someone to contact Zhou Haichen to tell them that they had intentions of trading again.

When Ouyang Shuo received the letter from Zhou Haichen, he gave power to Friendship Town to purchase Qingfu Horses and equip the vanguard unit in the shortest amount of time.

Walking out of the barracks, Ouyang Shuo made a trip to the Military Affairs Department.

In the Military Affairs Department meeting room, Ouyang Shuo gathered the 3 heads of the Military Intelligence Division.

"My lord, is there anything big going on?" Songsan had a face filled with excitement.

During the military meeting, Songsan also joined, and only the Military Intelligence Division didn't get any plans, which disappointed Song San. Today, for the lord to call them alone was a huge signal.

Unfortunately, Ouyang Shuo dealt them a blow right away and said in a low tone,"To put it bluntly, towards the recent work by the Military Intelligence Division, I'm not pleased. Your intelligence can't keep up with the enemy and it makes me disappointed."

Song San's face turned white and immediately stood up, kneeling on the ground and said with panic, "I've not done my job well, please punish me!"

Leng Qian and Lei Xun had a face full of regret and immediately knelt on the ground.

Ouyang Shuo's criticism was like lighting to the Intelligence Division. If it were spread out, all members of the division won't be able to lift their heads up.

Seeing the 3 of them blame themselves, Ouyang Shuo told them to stand. "Stand up, if others see it, what will they think?"

"Yes my lord!" Song San and the others stood up and returned to their seats, the fear on their faces didn't go away.

"I know the three of you aren't experienced and you learned everything from scratch. For you to pick up this job is also really difficult. But I have no choice as I lack talent in this area, so I can only squeeze the three of you." Ouyang Shuo was very thorough in his words.

"We are sorry for failing my lord!" Song San and the rest were touched. This young man was one of the earliest original sergeants in Shanhai Village. As he was smart, he was placed in charge of the Military Intelligence Division.

The heavens pitied him, and this Military Affairs secretary, who didn't have anything when he came to the village, was given a position.

Following which, in the Military Intelligence Division appeared Lengqian and Lei Xun, two elite spies whose fame overtook his. Luckily, Ouyang Shuo didn't lose faith in him and allowed him to remain as the secretary.

Even Leng Qian and Lei Xun could only be considered learned personnel and weren't experts.

Hence, to say the truth, for the Military Intelligence Division to get to such a level wasn't easy.

Unfortunately, Ouyang Shuo held too high a hope for this division. He was clear that intelligence was very important in a war. That was why since the village grade level he had formed up the Military Intelligence Division. He wished that the division could, through practical experience, grow and develop step by step.

Sadly, intelligence work was a very specific and professional job. The skills used weren't things that someone on the outside could understand. Hence, that was why even until now the Military Intelligence Division was so lacking.

Ouyang Shuo had a headache, and helplessly since he couldn't win by quality, he needed to win by quantity. He looked at the 3 of them and said, "I've decided to expand the division once again to 200 people. Apart from the current two teams, there will be a new special operations team. Songsan will be in charge of that. During this period of time, you guys will develop a group of elite spies. To increase the efficiency, the Transport Division will provide you with 50 Qingfu horses."

"Thank you, my lord, for your trust!" Song San took the lead and said gratefully.

Ouyang Shuo waved him off and continued. "Apart from that, I’ll give the three of you some mission. Song San will lead the special team to investigate the western region. Leng Qian will lead the first team and investigate the eastern region, including the mountain barbarian tribes. Lei Xun will lead the second team and continue investigating the north."

"Yes my lord!"

"I'll give you a month and you must give me exact details of the east and west, and create a map of the regions for the upcoming war." Ouyang Shuo turned his eyes to the territories on the side, holding bad intentions.

"Yes my lord!"

From the Military Affairs Department’s reorganization, this would use up large amounts of gold.

It would cost 1900 gold to pay the dead soldiers' families, the newly-built 3 units and 1 guards squadron, and the added Military Intelligence Division team.

With that, only 200 gold was left from the 2000 that Ouyang Shuo had left.

The last 200 didn't last for long as Ouyang Shuo used it to purchase a guild token, and sent it to Sun Xiaoyue for her to use it in Dali to build a work occupation guild.

The empty-handed Ouyang Shuo didn't even have any money to buy a grade 1 county building blueprint. He could only wait for the month to end for Langshan mining field and Northern Saltpans to hand over their profits.



Sun Xiaoyue was just shopping along with her friends when suddenly a notification appeared by her ear.

"System notification: you have an anonymous package, will you accept it?"

Sun Xiaoyue instantly remembered the conversation she had with Ouyang Shuo and muttered, "Accept!"

A white line shone across, and in her storage bag, a guild token appeared.

Similar to the village creation token, guild tokens were split into copper, black iron, silver and gold. The different level guild tokens would allow a different number of players and have different guild specialties.

A copper guild token had an upper limit of 100 men and had no guild specialty. A black iron token had a limit of 1000 men and 1 specialty. Silver guild tokens had a limit of 10 thousand men and 2 specialties. A gold guild token would have a limit of 100 thousand men and 3 guild specialties.

Normally speaking, a guild with a copper token would be known as a small guild, a black iron guild as a medium-sized guild, and silver and gold guilds as large-sized guilds.

In theory, a large-sized guild would at most have 100 thousand members. But in truth, one could use many different ways to increase that upper limit.

Of course, to control a 100 thousand member guild was impossible without a strong and efficient team.

Hence, behind the top 10 guilds, there would at least be a workshop behind them. Some of them even had investments from financial institutions to have professional teams to manage the guild.

So for some solo players to use their high levels and fame to build a large-scale group, the guild would either be controlled by financial groups, or would run the risk of disbanding.

The players in the game were even more practical than in real life. They wouldn't join based on reputation and be a slave for the guild. Especially as this game affected real life, there wasn't such a chance.

The difference with the village creation token was that the guild token could be upgraded from doing quests, and the guild specialty could be selected and wasn't fixed.

For guilds like the Snow-War Rose Mercenary guild, which were in the top 10, they started off with the lowest copper grade token, and through doing quests upgraded its level. At this stage, all the guild tokens they used were all at least silver rank.

On the current market, a copper guild token cost 10 gold. The black iron grade ones needed 200 like the one Ouyang Shuo bought.

As for silver rank guild tokens, only the 10 big guilds had them. The golden rank guild tokens were a real mystery and weren't something that current adventure game mode players could get.

Upgrading the guild token through guild quests was pretty easy early in the game. Like the 10 big guilds, many high-end players used less than half a year to upgrade their guild tokens from the lowest level to the silver rank.

However to upgrade it from silver to the gold rank, one needed a long and arduous journey.

Ouyang Shuo remembered that the largest guild in China, the Blood Evil Mercenary guild, had taken one and a half years to upgrade to a gold rank guild token.

Of course, apart from an additional guild specialty, for the 10 big guilds, the silver guild token was already enough. After all, they could set up branch guilds for other members.

The core members hadn't actually reached a total of 10 thousand members. The so-called core members were basically the loyal members and ones which were paid a salary.

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