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Chapter 157

Chapter 157 - Foreshadowing 

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At night during dinner, Ouyang Shuo started having a conversation with Sun Xiaoyue about game matters.

"Xiaoyue, last time you told me that a lot of work occupation players are gathered in Dali?"

Sun Xiaoyue looked at Ouyang Shuo and casually said, "Yeah."

"Are you interested in setting up a guild?"

"Setting up a guild? I don't think I can handle that." Sun Xiaoyue didn't have much interest in it.

"What I mean is, we can build a guild formed up of purely work occupation players. If this were the case, you could bring together all your friends. A guild can open up a guild channel so you can communicate easily." Ouyang Shuo wasn't ready to give up and tried to tempt Xiaoyue.

Sun Xiaoyue was a smart girl, and Ouyang Shuo had such an obvious intention. She wasn't dumb and understood straight away, staring at him and teasing, "Rich man, so what’s your plan?" Last time Ouyang Shuo had transferred 300 gold to her and totally scared her.

Ouyang Shuo also knew he was too rash, and embarrassment appeared on his face. Luckily after getting close, he became more thick-skinned and said, "My plan can't be explained in such a short time. Anyways, I'll provide the funds for you to set up a guild. It's a win-win isn't it?"

Sun Xiaoyue looked at Ouyang Shuo weirdly, unexpectedly not bargaining and accepting.

After dinner, Ouyang Shuo had received little aunt Lin Jing's call.

Ever since knowing Ouyang Shuo's real identity, Lin Jing naturally paid attention to everything that happened to Shanhai Town. The escapades of Shanhai Town in the battle map made Lin Jing emotional and she nearly called. After Shanhai Town upgraded to the world's first county, Lin Jing couldn't help it and called to congratulate him.

"Little Shuo, not bad!"

"Thank you, little aunt!"

"I really didn't expect that you could get such great results. Next time little aunt will have to depend on you."    

Ouyang Shuo froze and laughed, "Little aunt, stop mocking me." To divert her attention, Ouyang Shuo had no choice but to change the topic and said, "Yeah little aunt. I want to work together with the Snow-War Rose Mercenary Group, are you interested?"

"Work together? What kind of work?"

"I hope the mercenary group can set up a separate branch to hire work occupation players. The prerequisite would be that the recruited players would be willing to move."

"Little Shuo do you want to hire work occupation players for your territory?"

"That's right."

"This is something that needs a lot of effort and our mercenary group will have to collect payment." Lin Jing instantly turned into the deputy leader and started to talk business. 

Ouyang Shuo nodded, commended her business spirit, and laughed. "Of course I wouldn't make them work for free, you know that we have what you all need."

Lin Jing's eyes brightened and he said with uncertainty, "Equipment?"

"That's right!"

"But, wouldn't you be exposed?" Lin Jing was worried.

Ouyang Shuo felt warm inside, they were family so what they considered first was the safety of the other. Ouyang Shuo smiled mysteriously and said, "It's okay. To build such a branch, it needs a period of time. Whatever happens in the future, who knows? Anyways, you just need to know that I'll pay you. I think Xie Siyun will support you, and with both of your support, this cooperation would work."

Lin Jing looked at Ouyang Shuo and nodded. "As long as you have it planned."

"Thank you, little aunt!"

"You, ah... we’re family so why are you being so courteous? Anyways it's a win-win situation, isn't it?"

"Happy cooperation!"

"Happy cooperation!"

The next day, Ouyang Shuo went online on time.

Ouyang Shuo walked out of the room and on the patio, Yingyu and Qing'er were packing up together with Siqin and Siqi. From today, both of them would move to the west courtyard.

Looking at Ouyang Shuo, Yingyu put down the luggage and walked forward, asking with concern, "Big brother, Qing'er and I are moving to the west side courtyard so the main courtyard will only have you. We should hire some more maidservants. You are already a lord of a county and can't be as casual as before. If you don't have anyone to look after you, people would laugh at you."

Ouyang Shuo froze and instantly nodded. "Yingyu, you make sense. How about this, I'll pass this job to you."

Yingyu threw Ouyang Shuo a stare and said unhappily, "Big brother is so lazy."

To hire maidservants for Ouyang Shuo, it wasn't a small issue. The maidservant of him would be the boss of the back courtyard and would have high authority which was higher than Siqi and Siqin. Hence, to handle this well wasn't a simple thing.

Of course, for Cui Yingyu who was born in a large family, this wasn't a difficult matter. Although Ouyang Shuo was so casual in saying that, in truth, he had already considered everything.

Ouyang Shuo didn't bother and asked curiously, "Yingyu, you should make a name for your courtyard."

Yingyu didn't say anything and instead, Qinger smiled gleefully and said, "Big brother, we have already thought of the name and called it Qingyu Courtyard. How is it, is it nice?"

"Qingyu Courtyard? Not bad!" 

"Hehe!" Qing'er was clearly satisfied.

Ouyang Shuo didn't stay in the backyard and walked towards the front courtyard.

The front courtyard was as busy as various administrative workers were shifting their work and documents to the side courtyard on the left.

Seeing Ouyang Shuo, Fan Zhongyan and Tian Wenjing walked over and smiled. "The lord's manor has become so big!"

Ouyang Shuo nodded, and thinking about Yingyu and Qing'er naming their courtyard, he felt that the front courtyard should also have a name. He told his intentions to the two who naturally agreed.

Ouyang Shuo knew he wasn't as skilled in this area and said, "As for the naming, I'll rely on both of you."

Tian Wenjing took the lead and said, "During the Ming Dynasty, the palace had Wenhua and Wuying, two halls. Today, for our east and west side courtyards, one is for martial arts and the other is for civil servants, why not just name it Wenhua Courtyard and Wuying Courtyard?"

If it were following history, naming in such a way naturally wasn't correct. Since it was a game, the main map naturally didn't have the Wang Dynasty.

Ouyang Shuo was pleased with this name and looked at Fan Zhongyan. "What do you think about it?"

Although Fan Zhongyan felt that stealing the name was bad, it made sense and showed their ambition so he agreed.

After naming the courtyard, next would be arranging someone to carve the signboards. These matters obviously wouldn't need Ouyang Shuo to personally worry over as his subordinates would handle them.

Ouyang Shuo walked out of the manor and walked towards the barracks. What he cared about most now was the situation with the prisoners and the casualty situation with the Shanhai Town army.

The cavalry unit and the Qiushui Town city protection unit who had rushed over for reinforcement were still in the barracks and hadn't left.

Before Ouyang Shuo left yesterday, he had told Ge Hongliang that he was going to hold a meeting to discuss the problem with the military organization.

The generals gathered in the barracks meeting room.

Ouyang Shuo sat on the elevated platform, looked at Ge Hongliang on the left, and said, "Director Ge, what's the situation with the prisoners and our casualties?"

Ge Hongliang stood up, bowed, and started reporting, "Before reporting the prisoner situation, I’ll first report our casualties. The Beihai Naval fleet’s first unit lost 50 men. The cavalry unit lost 50 men. The Qiushui Town city defense unit lost 100 men including 50 cavalry and 50 sword shield soldiers. The Shanhai Town city defense unit lost 100 men including 50 archers and 50 sword shield soldiers. The 2 infantry units lost 150 men. The god machine unit lost 10. Apart from that, the peasant forces lost 100 men. In total, a total of 560 men were lost."

Ge Hongliang paused, giving time for them to digest this before continuing, "In this battle, we had a total of 3000 prisoners. Amongst which were 300 water bandits, 700 cavalry, 1000 normal raiders and 1000 elite raiders. Out of the 2000 raiders, 1000 are infantry and 1000 are archers."

After Ge Hongliang reported this, he returned back to his seat.

Ouyang Shuo continued, "What's the reorganization plan of the Military Affairs Department?"

Shi Wanshui and the other generals looked towards Ge Hongliang. This concerned all their interests so they paid a lot of attention to it. Some units lost a lot and badly needed new blood.

Ge Hongliang had become the Military Affairs Director for a long period of time, but being stared at by all the directors, he still felt a shiver down his spine. Luckily he had the support of the lord, or else he wouldn't be able to handle them.

"The Military Affairs Department plans to inject fresh blood into the units that had casualties. With the remaining prisoners, we can build a cavalry unit and 3 infantry units. As for the specifics, we need the lord to decide.”

Ge Hongliang didn't suggest any specific plans.

Ouyang Shuo frowned, he could see that Ge Hongliang was pushing away responsibility as the director he himself was lack of confidence. It seemed like in the future he had to find a historical person to take over.

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