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Chapter 155

Chapter 155 - World’s First County


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The moment Heiqi surrendered, a system notification sounded out from Ouyang Shuo's ear.

"System notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi for leading Shanhai Town and successfully passing the test, officially upgrading to grade 1 county."

Just at that moment, a golden light shot up from the lord's manor into the sky and spread out wide. The glow stretched out to the new boundaries of the territory before disappearing.

"System notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi for upgrading to a grade 1 county. Town grade lord's manor automatically upgraded to county grade lord's manor. Randomly selecting 3 basic county grade buildings, player can choose one."

"System notification: random selection complete, the 3 buildings are Chenghuang Temple, teahouse, and jail, please choose!"

"I choose Chenghuang Temple!"

"System notification: The building has been automatically built. Player, please take a look!"

Following which a ring of system notifications sounded.

"System notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi for becoming the first player in the Chinese region to upgrade to a grade 1 county. Rewarded 2200 merit points!"

"System notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi for becoming the first player in the Chinese region...."

"System notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi..."

As compared to the village and township stages, the county stage merit points rewards were double.

The moment the notification went out, the Chinese region was in an uproar. Shanhai Town's upgrade came out of the blue. For the past two days, players had just witnessed Bengalore Town and Free Town failing to upgrade. Everyone thought that all the lord players would learn their lesson and delay their upgrade applications.

Who would have thought that Shanhai Town would still go ahead and do the impossible? Most crucially it had actually succeeded. The Chinese region players felt like they had witnessed history.

Sure enough, shortly after the system notification, a world notification sounded.

"World notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi for being the first player in the world to upgrade to grade 1 county, rewarded 4000 merit points, 4000 reputation points, given the title of World's First County!"  

"World notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi for being the first player in the world.."

"World notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi..."

A strong sense of pride and honor burned in the hearts of all the Chinese players. Many of them were excited
. Some who were rash and didn't want to exit and voice their thoughts on the forums spent one gold to shout on the country channel. Anyways, one gold was affordable in the current state of the game.

"1st floor: Qiyue Wuyi has brought glory to the country, amazing!"

"2nd floor: nicely done Qiyue Wuyi!"

"3rd floor: another world first, so amazing!"

"4th floor: Qiyue Wuyi I want to give birth to a monkey with you!"    


Ouyang Shuo obviously didn't have energy to bother about the country channel
, as he had many things to deal with.

After Heiqi surrendered, Ouyang Shuo ordered Lin Yi to bring the raider cavalry back to the barracks. The organization of the troops would be discussed the next day.

Following which, Ouyang Shuo called Ge Hongliang to his side, asking the Military Affairs Department to tabulate the casualty report. They had to prepare compensation for the casualties and also prepare an organization report for the military to be discussed tomorrow.    

After giving his orders, Ouyang Shuo rode the Qingfu horse and hurriedly went towards the square.

Receiving the notification, Bai Hua and the others already knew about the result and didn't remain in the west city tower, returning to the square to prepare to return to their territories via the teleportation formation.    

Ouyang Shuo rushed to send them off. After they sent him their congratulations, all of them left. They knew that since Shanhai County had just upgraded, there were a bunch of stuff for him to do so they shouldn't disturb him any longer. Anyways, since the alliance channel was opened, if they had anything they could discuss through the channel.

Before leaving, Feng Qiuhuang told Ouyang Shuo that she had received a pigeon letter that Di Chen's Handan Town had expectedly failed. Ouyang Shuo nodded and didn't say anything.

After sending them off, Ouyang Shuo finally had time to check out the stats after the upgrade.    

【Territory】: Shanhai County (Grade 1 
【Lord】: Qiyue Wuyi (
First Class Earl)
【Title】: The World’s 
First County (Increase town fame by 30%)
【People's Sentiment】: 94
【Security】: 92
【Refugee Spawn Rate】: 200 * (1 + 50%) = 300 / day
【Territory area】: 2000 square kilometers
【Territory Unique Characteristic】: +50% Refugee attraction rate, +25% Special talented people attraction rate, +50% Crop production rate, +25% Productivity of workers, +20% Experience earned by troops, +10% Chances of talented people in the territory to advance a level
【Political】: 55/100 (Affecting the administrative efficiency and morale)
【Economic】: 50/100 (Affecting the trading prosperity and tax)
【Cultural】: 52/100 (Affecting the education development and quality of residents)
【Military】: 58/100 (Affecting the military strength and stability)
【Subsidiary Village】: Beihai 
Town, Qiushui Town, Friendship Town
【Territory fund】: Four Sea
s Bank
【Territory Association】: Textile Association
【Territory Industry Properties】: Bei Mu saltpan
s, Langshan mine, West city ranch, Jifeng valley horse stables
【Territory Specialties】: Lianzhou three flower wine, 
Colored silk, White tea
【Special Building】: Lianzhou College, Beihai Bay, Sangu hotel, Qingyang Guan
【Hidden Building】: Ma Zu Temple (Sealed), 
Recruitment Hall, Yellow Emperor temple

Basic buildings list:
Provides tea, rest, discussion and meeting place. Building requirements: Tea professor, Teahouse building blueprints, 4000 units of wood, 8000 units of green brick, 2000 units of stone. Building time: 7 days.

Blusher powder shop】: Sells blusher powder. Building requirements: Merchant, Blusher powder shop building blueprints, 2000 units of wood, 4000 units of green brick, 2000 units of stone. Building time: 5 days.

【Chenghuang Temple】: 
Used to pray to and respect Chenghuang. Building requirements: Chenghaung temple building blueprints, 5000 units of wood, 8000 units of green brick, 4000 units of stone. Building time: 10 days.

【Earth Temple】: 
Temple used to respect and pray to the Earth God. Building requirements: Earth temple building blueprints, 4000 units of wood, 5000 units of green brick, 4000 units of stone. Building time: 7 days.

【Jail】: Place where criminals are locked up. Building requirements: Jail building blueprints, 4000 units of wood, 5000 units of green brick, 5000 units of stone. Building time: 7 days

As compared to the township stage, the county stage stats interface was simpler. In the basic structures, apart from the famous structures, the other structures didn't appear in the stats page.

Entering the county stage, the main focus wouldn't be on the basic buildings and instead on the local specialties and local production. These two decided the difference between territories.

Apart from that, as compared to a grade 3 township, a grade 1 county had other interesting changes.

Firstly was the speed of refugees spawning, the basic rate of 50/day in the township stage had increased to 200/day, and the upper limit of the population had increased a lot.

Based on the specialty of Shanhai Town, to reach the upper limit of the grade 1 county would at most take 1 month.

This was the distinct feature of the game. It was hard to upgrade tiers but easy to get from one grade to another.

Definitely, the reason why it was so fast had something to do with the specialty of Shanhai Town. A normal town would need 50 days to reach the upper limit, nearly twice that of Shanhai Town. The further into the game, the stronger the specialty of Shanhai Town would become.

On the side of basic buildings, a grade 1 county had 5 basic buildings, much less than a township. The basic buildings were all prepared during the township stage, so in the county stage, most of them were expanding their scales and efficiencies.

The 5 basic buildings, the teahouse, and blusher powder shop belonged to business buildings. Chenghuang temple and Earth temple belonged to cultural buildings under the charge of the Culture and Education Division. As for the jail, the procuratorate division was naturally in charge.

A grade 1 county building blueprint cost 200 gold, and other than the Chenghuang Temple that was already built, Ouyang Shuo needed to spend 800 more gold.

Apart from that, the town grade granary, Ancestral Hall, and private school needed to be upgraded to county grade. However, as the Ancestral Hall became the Yellow Emperor temple, there was no need to upgrade it, saving a huge amount of gold. 

As for the remaining granary and private school, upgrading to county grade was already their max.

The granary and private school were considered grade 2 village basic buildings, and a county grade blueprint needed 500 gold each, so a total of 1000 gold.    

The advanced buildings like the shipyard could be upgraded to a special level, only that it needed a grandmaster level ship builder. Shanhai County’s shipyard manager Zheng Dahai was already at the master level, but he was a long way away from the grandmaster level.

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