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Chapter 153

Chapter 153 - Raider City Attack (Part 3)

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The Combat Logistics Division delivered hot and delicious dishes for the soldiers who were risking their lives.

At that moment, no one dared to leave the city walls, and even Ouyang Shuo didn't dare leave. He let the Sangu restaurant prepare some dishes and send them to the resting room in the city tower for Bai Hua and the others.

Using the rest time, the members of the Shanhai Alliance chat and ate at the same time. The topic of their discussions were focused on the first half of the raider’s attack that had just ended.

"I really didn't expect that the raider city attack would be so intense." Xunlong Dianxue said emotionally.

"Yeah, it's making me lose all my confidence." Feng Qiuhuang agreed, her face filled with uncertainty.

Bai Hua looked at Ouyang Shuo with concern and asked. "Wuyi, do you have confidence for the afternoon's attack?" The others looked towards him in worry.

Ouyang Shuo smiled. "It’s fine. We blocked off their attack in the morning so their morale has already been lost. As long as we don't make any mistakes, it will be no problem to block them."

"But, Shanhai Town has equally lost as many troops in the morning. And the enemy has 1000 elites and 1000 cavalry that hasn't made a move." Bai Hua wasn't as optimistic.

Based on the post battle report, out of the 6700 raiders, 200 water bandits died, 300 were captured, 1200 basic raiders died, and 300 elite raiders died. This was to say that the enemy still had half of their strength. Definitely such a big loss would affect their morale and whether or not they could give it their all in the afternoon was a huge question.    

On the side of Shanhai Town, of the 500 navy soldiers in the Beihai navy fleet, 50 had died. 50 archers from the Shanhai town city defence unit had died, 200 sword shield soldiers died, and 80 out of the 500 civil team force died. Their losses were in a 1:5 ratio as compared to the raiders, which was a very good result.

"The raiders lost more than us, so let's just see how they’ll react." Ouyang Shuo said.

At the same time, in the raider’s big tent.

"Big Brother, the situation isn't good. What should we do the afternoon?" Heiqi asked.

Huoda was very solemn. "In the afternoon, it's time for second brother to act."

"How so?" Heiqi was a bit confused.

"In the morning I arranged men to build the floating bridge, and we had prepared two already. When we were attacking in the morning, based on the report by some of the guys that retreated, the enemy shifted a group of soldiers over from either their east gate or their north gate. Hence their defences would be weakened further, which will give us a chance. Second brother, you must immediately bring your troops to loop around the back, using the floating bridge to get across the city protection river and sneak attack their north gate. Remember, you must wait till the west gate has attacked before starting your attack. You can't be too early, or they’ll have a chance to prepare. Understood?" Huoda explained.

"Understood!" Heiqi said excitedly.

At 1PM, the raiders launched another attack. This time, Huoda didn't leave any reserve troops and ordered all his troops to attack, giving them enough pressure such that they are unable to care about their north gate.

Ouyang Shuo stood on the city tower and saw that their 1000 cavalry at the wing were gone, he immediately had a bad premonition.

As expected, in the skies above the north gate, a signal bullet appeared which was the sign of a sneak attack.

"I order the troops!"


"Order the Beihai naval fleet to return to the city protection river to help in the Defence of the north gate."

"Yes sire!"

After the messenger left, Bai Hua said, "These raiders are so crafty and smart. Once they found out a weakness, they will stop at nothing to exploit it."

Ouyang Shuo laughed. "Originally I didn't have 100% confidence, but now I can confirm that Shanhai Town will win."

"Why so?"

"The enemy raider is in over himself and wants to use the cavalry to attack our north gate. He doesn't know that there are 400 soldiers there and also the Beihai naval fleet. Most importantly, them shifting the cavalry away will open up the 600 cavalry that we had hidden near the west gate. Originally with the 1000 cavalry there I didn't dare to attack, but now since they chose to die, I have no choice." Ouyang Shuo explained.  

Bei Hua's eyes brightened and smiled. "No wonder, the enemies definitely won't expect Shanhai Town to have so many cavalry that hadn't been used."

Ouyang Shuo nodded, sending out another order. "I order general Lin Yi to prepare to go out at anytime. Wait for my signal."

"Yes sire!"

"Brother Wuyi, why not let them go now?" Mu Lanyue asked curiously. The little brat had finally gotten used to the battle environment and walked out of the resting room.

Ouyang Shuo laughed and explained. "Now the raiders have just launched an attack, and be it stamina or morale, they are at the highest condition. It isn't a good time to attack."


An hour later, the battle at the west was still in a stalemate. Although the raiders added an extra 1000 elite, the city protecting troops had an extra 300 men. Added with the alchemical fire oil cabinet, both sides were equally matched.

The ambush at the north gate wasn't effective, and the west gate had entered a stalemate, so Huoda couldn't keep calm anymore. Especially as the number of injured men increased, their morale had reached the tipping point, and if nothing was done, there might be deserters. Huoda didn't dare to take it too casually and personally led the lines to raise morale.

Ouyang Shuo stood on the city tower and upon seeing their leader enter the fight, he heaved a sigh of relief. He called for the major of the God Machine Unit Wang Yuanfeng, pointing to the leader and said, "General Wang, do you see that middle aged man commanding in the middle of the battlefield?"

Wang Yuanfeng who had an amazing vision could obviously see him clearly. " I see him. That's their leader, right?"   

"That's right. Now, do you have confidence to shoot him down?"

Wang Yuanfeng took a deep breath and said carefully, "He is approximately 1300 meters away from the wall, and with the range of the bed crossbow, I think I can give it a try."

Ouyang Shuo nodded. "General Wang, take a gamble. Remember, it's better if you fire two together, as this is a chance we’ll only have once."


Wang Yuanfeng turned around and left, gathering the bed crossbowmen to zero in and aim the bed crossbows. To kill their leader, they had to fire the triple-bow acruballistas strongest arrow, which was the "1 spear 3 sword arrow". It’s range could reach up to 1500 meters. As for the frosty crow arrow that suppressed the catapults, they could fire over 10 at once to prevent the enemy from getting close to the catapults.

After aiming, the triple-bow acruballistas fired at the same time. The 1 spear 3 sword arrow was as big as a spear, and drew a perfect arc in the air and flew towards the main leader Huoda.

Ouyang Shuo stood on the city wall and looked nervously at the trajectory. Wang Yuanfeng didn't let him down and the two arrows one after another accurately found his position.

Huoda at that time was still trying to raise the troops morale. Facing the two sharp arrows, he had no way to react before they pierced him like spears, killing him instantly.

The death of Huoda caused the morale, which was just rising, to plunge to the depths. Especially the way he died was too shocking. They never expected that the enemy could shoot such a scary arrow from 1300 meters away.

Ouyang Shuo definitely wouldn't miss such an opportunity and hollered, "Send my orders!"


"I order the cavalry to exit the city to break through their defences and destroy the enemy."

"Yes sire!"

Below the city walls, the 600 cavalry were waiting nervously. After getting the order, Lin Yi excitedly shouted to the men behind him. "Brothers! It's our turn!"

"Kill!" The 600 cavalry screamed.

These excellent warriors were cooped up for an entire day, while even the civil team was sent. Only they had to wait for their turn. Till now, they finally got the chance they waited for, how could they not be excited?

As the city gates opened slowly, 600 cavalry dashed out of the city gates like a sharp arrow, charging into the raider army. Behind them, the city gate that was opened was quickly closed.

The news of Huoda dying had slowly spread around the raider camp. The raiders at this time had low morale, and it was like they lost the heart of their army. The attack of the Shanhai calvary destroyed the last bit of hope they had and crushed their fighting spirit.

Lin Yi had already gotten used to using this kind of assault.

Especially during the Battle of Zhuolu, from start to finish Lin Yi had witnessed the commanding prowess of Zhang Liao, learning a lot. He was also a hardworking man and during the resting times, he’d asked Zhang Liao for help and teaching. Zhang Liao wasn't a selfish person. and he had a good impression of Lin Yi. Hence, he helped him without holding anything back.    

Six hundred cavalry under the leadership of Lin Yi galloped around amongst the raiders as if there were no one there. The raiders were prepared to attack the city, so their formation was obviously a sieging formation. Facing the charging of cavalry, they were unprepared, so how could they block them?

Lin Yi was also smart, leading the cavalry to focus on destroying the ladders, catapults and moving arrow towers to help the allies have the upper hand. As their sieging tools were destroyed, they were forced to retreat.

After charging around for a while, Lin Yi didn't dare to stay too long and led the troops back. The raiders were scared like birds and had no strength to stop their retreat.

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