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Chapter 149

Chapter 149 - Defensive Region 


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On the forums, the specific details of the defense were revealed by players.

Bengalore Town had also built high city walls. The difference was that theirs were built with yellow dirt as a foundation and only covered with a layer of brick, unlike Shanhai Town’s, which used stone.

The number of soldiers who participated in the defense for Bengalore Town was 2000. There were a total of 6200 raiders, 3 times the number of the defensive forces.

Unlike Shanhai Town which had only 3 city gates, Bengalore Town had the normal standard of 4. Hence, their defensive quest was harder than Shanhai Town’s. The raiders were crafty. Not only did they attack 3 sides and exclude one, they also attacked at the same time.

In the afternoon, the raiders only did a scouting attack, averaging it out on 3 sides. Durava was confused by their tactic and made use of the rest time to rearrange the defense, arranging the defensive strengths of the three sides in a very balanced manner.   

When they attacked in the afternoon, the ferocity and killing intent of the raiders started to show. On the surface the number of raiders were similar to that of the morning, 2 thousand men per gate. In truth, the raiders had rearranged their troops, placing the basic raiders at the east and west directions and all their elites in one direction to focus on attacking the north gate.

With this, the north gate was in an emergency. When he found out about their plan, the three sides had already begun to engage. If he rushed to shift some men around, it would give the raiders an opportunity. Helplessly he could only grit his teeth and wish that the north gate could hold on until the other two gates could support them.

Unfortunately, after an afternoon of intense battle under the attack of the elite raiders, Bengalore Town's north gate failed to defend. Once it fell, like a chain reaction the entire town fell into a state of emergency, and not long after was overrun by the raiders.

After successfully attacking the town, they didn't engage in mass killing but just raided and stole stuff. This was planned by the system to give the lords who failed a chance to fight back and survive.    

Strictly speaking, Durava's planning was acceptable, and he didn't make any major mistakes. Unfortunately, he couldn't beat their trickery, and as such faced defeat.

This failure meant that Bengalore Town needed at least half a month to regain their strength.
After two successive failures, it rang the alarm bells of all the players. No territory would apply without any preparation and just hope to pass.

Hearing that Bengalore Town had failed, Di Chen had a bad premonition that his Handan Town, which was worse defensively than Bengalore Town, didn't have a chance of succeeding. Di Chen regretted his act of defiance and show of pride. Unfortunately, when you released the bow, you couldn't collect back the arrow.

Di Chen could only lead his Handan Town and hope for the best.

After Bengalore Town failed, everyone's eyes turned to the American region's Free Town. Jack Dawson was very confident and bragged that he wouldn’t make the same mistakes and take the honor of the world's first city.

To show his confidence, he proclaimed that he would arrange professionals to live stream his defense on the forums for everyone to watch.

Ouyang Shuo smiled. That American really was confident. He respected his confidence. As a lord, one should have such pride.

It seemed like there would be a good show to see tomorrow. Jack being so confident must mean that he had a secret weapon. That American wasn't a stupid fool.

Ouyang Shuo remembered clearly that the honor of the first city was taken by Free Town, only that he was slightly later than this.

Probably the appearance of Shanhai Town gave Jack pressure. Knowing that the Chinese region had a battle quest, he applied to upgrade without hesitation.

Jack was sure that once the battle ended, Shanhai Town would apply for the upgrade. After failing to be the first town, he didn't want to lose the first city glory too.    


May 19th.

Ouyang Shuo went online on time.

In the morning, the cavalry unit stationed at Friendship Town and the Qiushui Town protection unit left their camps and entered the main camp. Although there was a sudden increase of 2000 people, the advanced barracks wasn't too compact. When he made the inner city barracks, he had done so with plans for future guards before building it.

When the two units crossed the river, the 3 ferries of the towns started to get to work. The Transport Division kept all the ships in the towns in case the raiders used them to cross the river.

With this, unless they had scouted earlier and found out about the defensive condition of Shanhai Town and knew that they had a city protection river, they wouldn’t bother to bring high numbers of ships. If not, this pretty much meant that they wouldn't have a large scale attack on the east and north gates.

Since all the units were in place, Ouyang Shuo called all the generals and had a simple meeting to arrange the various defensive regions of each unit.

After the discussion, it was decided that the Shanhai Town’s city protection unit was in charge of the western region, the Qiushui Town city protection unit, apart from the cavalry squadron, would be in charge of the northern region, and the 500 reserve force would be in charge of the eastern region.

The cavalry unit and the cavalry squadron from the Qiushui Town city protection unit were to act as a mobile strike force to be at the west gate to attack at any moment.

As for the two infantry units, the first infantry unit and 2 squadrons from the 2nd unit were sent up along the western city walls to help the Shanhai Town city protection unit defend. The remaining 3 squadrons from the 2nd unit were stationed at the west gate to help the Qiushui Town city protection unit defend.

One could see that the west gate was the main defensive direction, as a total of 1800 men were stationed there. The mass killing devices, the triple-bow acruballistas and the alchemical fire oil cabinet, were placed at the west gate.

Comparatively, the north gate was weaker with only 700 men.

One reason for this was that the space outside the north gate was limited, and secondly it had the protection of the city protection river. Even if the raiders wanted to play tricks and go across the river, they would lose a lot. Hence, Ouyang Shuo was not worried at all.    

Apart from that, the 1st unit from the Beihai naval fleet would leave early in the morning the next day and go towards the Friendship River. If raiders wanted to get past the water to attack, then they would have made the wrong decision, and the naval fleet would destroy them.

As for the east, the raiders wouldn't be so stupid to make such a big loop around to attack. If it were like that, the 500 reserve soldiers would be able to hold up until reinforcements arrived. The area around the east gate was also cut in half by the city protection river, so it was actually a death ground and not suitable for attacking.   

The only weakness of the east gate was that enemies would attack from the sea, cross the valley, and then come onto land to fight. They might even use small sized ships to go down the city protection river and drive the boats to the east gate, using the boats as cover to shoot at the city protection squad with arrows.

These kinds of situations were impossible, as the 2nd Beihai navy fleet unit wasn't useless. They were stationed at the sea’s entrance, and if one wanted to go into the valley, they had to break through the naval fleet's defences.     

At this time one could see the advantages of Ouyang Shuo choosing such a spot to set up the village. With the back facing the mountains, one didn't need to bother about defending that and it solved the problem of defending the east. A large river blocked the north and east, solving the threat from the east and largely weakening the threat from the north.

With such unique advantages, only Shanhai Town could protect their west gate with most of their troops.

At 10 AM in the morning, the residents living outside the city were assigned living quarters by the Administration Department. All the residents were temporarily housed in the residential region of the city and assigned to various houses and families. The Financial Department gave financial help and benefits to the residents that took them in.     

Such an arrangement was to prevent these migrants from setting up tents, affecting the safety and order of the city and making it harder for the Security Division to do their work. Secondly, this made it easier to monitor the migrants to prevent raiders from infiltrating within.

The day before, the Administration Department had told every resident that they had the responsibility to monitor everyone in the city. Once they found something suspicious, they must report it. If they knew something and didn't report, they would be punished by the Procuratorate Division.

Ouyang Shuo made use of the power of the masses to restrict the entry of raiders.    

At 3PM in the afternoon, the last batch of residents had entered the city. The Military Affairs Department ordered to lock the city gates, and people were only allowed to enter and not leave.

At 4PM in the afternoon, Beihai Town sent the earnings of the Beimu saltpans for the first half of the month.

At the latter part of the April, the prisoners from Jifeng tribe had been sent to Beimu saltpans, and it had already been expanded to 10 thousand acres. Hence in only half a month, the saltpans earned 3600, similar to the entire April's earnings.   

The class change of 100 cavalry and 200 infantry cost a total of 250 gold.

Ouyang Shuo kept 2000 gold on him and gave 1350 into the Four Seas bank. Because of the territory’s expansion and the setting up of branches in the affiliate territories, the funds prepared by the Four Seas bank was too little. If it wasn't for the Financial Department putting the money that they held into the Four Seas bank, the territories probably would not have been able to hold on. 

At 5PM, the weapon workshop finally had good news. After 2 days of overtime, the weapon workshop had finally made 2 alchemical fire oil cabinets. These 2 were placed at the west gate by Ouyang Shuo.

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