The World Online

Chapter 256

Chapter 256 - Tianmo Spear

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After closing the alliance channel, Ouyang Shuo was still thinking about the 3rd campaign scenario. Thoughts like which factions to join, what strategy to use, and what to do kept on stimulating his mind.

When he is still thinking about the campaign scenario, his secretary, Lang Bainan walked in and said, “My lord, the head of Armory Division, Wang Gao, asked you to head over there to discuss the weapon crafted for you.”

Ouyang Shuo was surprised by his words. It had been five days since he handed over Wang Gao the meteorite, and it should’ve been completed by now. Why did Wang Gao ask him to head over instead of sending it straight to him?

Without thinking much, Ouyang Shuo quickly walked out of the office.

When he rushed to the Armory Division, a young blacksmith stood in front of the door. When he saw Ouyang Shuo, he walked towards him and greeted him.

Under the lead of the young blacksmith, they walked to the personal workplace of Wang Gao.

Once they entered the workplace, they were welcomed with a non-stop heat wave.

In the workplace, there were another three assistants beside Wang Gao. They were helping Wang Gao in the final quenching of the spear. When they got there, it was clearly the crucial moment, and Wang Gao was full of sweat as sweat was all over his body, evaporating as soon as it dripped onto the workbench.

The young blacksmith walked towards to Wang Gao and whispered in his ears.

Wang Gao nodded and continued his final stage of the crafting. Without anything to worry about, Ouyang Shuo decided to stay there and to observe.

Ten minutes later, Wang Gao started to wrap things up by tidying up, putting away his tools, taking a towel to wipe off his sweat, before walking over to Ouyang Shuo and greeting, “My lord!”

Ouyang Shuo nodded and said, “So… what’s the purpose of you calling me here?”

“Weapons are deadly and they have their own spirit. Every time a godly weapon is crafted, it will need to be showered with the blood of the owner. My lord, later you will have to drip some of your blood onto your spear as a catalyst to hasten the birth of its spirit.” Wang Gao explained.

Ouyang Shuo finally understood what he meant. It was just something like using his blood as a password to ensure the weapon could only be used by him.

Without any hesitation, he pulled out his sword dangling on his waist and opened up a cut carefully. After that, he dripped his blood into a small bowl and filled it up with his blood. An assistant then quickly handed over a bandage and help him patch up the cut even though minor injuries like this would be recovered on the spot for the likes of Ouyang Shuo.

Wang Gao took over the bowl of blood, returned to his workbench, and asked his assistant to put the spear into the furnace. Once the entire spear turned red because of the fire, Wang Gao poured Ouyang Shuo’s blood onto the spear with lightning speed.

As soon as the blood touched the spear, the blood immediately seeped into the spear. In the blink of an eye, the spear was covered with a layer of bright-red radiance. The radiance kept blinking and blinking as if it were alive.

Then, in the midst of the raging fire and bright red glowing radiance, a demonic god appeared, emitting a fierce and murderous aura.

Then lightning so bright as if it could blind eyes flashed across skies, a thunderous roar followed after the eye blinding lightning; all of these sights and sounds were caused by the birth of this incredible spear.

“Right now!” All of these unnatural fantasy phenomenons did not manage to distract Wang Gao’s focus. He remained calm and shouted at his assistant to stay with him. Together, they took the spear out and started with the final quenching, annealing, and other various processes.

When Wang Gao struck down the final hammering, he immediately collapsed. The crafting of the spear had taken a toll on him and he could barely even stand even with the help of the assistant. Albeit exhausted almost to the point of fainting, Wang Gao did not show any expression of tiredness but instead, joy and a sense of accomplishment were shown all over his face.

And at the same time, the system notification rang beside Ouyang Shuo’s ears.

“System notice: Congratulations to player Qiyue Wuyi for his blacksmith, Wang Gao, advancing into a Grandmaster Blacksmith. Rewarding him 2000 reputation points.”

Right after that, an announcement followed.

“System announcement: Congratulations to Shanhai City raising the first Grandmaster Blacksmith in the game, specially rewarding Shanhai City the title of 【The Origin of Forging】.”

Ouyang Shuo checked the stats of the title of 【The Origin of Forging】. 【The Origin of Forging】increased the smithing masteries of blacksmiths that were in the territory by 10%, and blacksmith refugees were more likely to be attracted to the territory by 15%.

The two stats were very useful. According to the prediction of Ouyang Shuo, there should be probably other titles such as 【The Origin of Tailoring】 and so on.

The level advancement of Wang Gao and the stats brought by the title of 【The Origin of Forging】 would definitely speed up the level advancement of all blacksmiths in the city and would indirectly increase the development of the military-industrial complex.

After taking a moment for a short break, Wang Gao picked up the spear, walked up to Ouyang Shuo, and said, “My lord, the spear is ready, please grant the spear a name.”

According to his request, the spear weighed about 35 kg, and its length was about 380 cm with its spearhead length about 37 cm. The color of the spear was entirely black.

The most unique part of the spear was that when the spear is crafted, carvings of the demonic god automatically formed on the spear. The carvings looked so real and the spear seems like an incarnation of the demonic god. According to Wang Gao, he did not carve them onto the spear but they were formed when the blood seeped into the spear.

Ouyang Shuo then immediately associated this with his demonic god’s bloodline and said, “Since the spear is made with the meteorites’ fall from the skies and it has been nourished with the blood of the demonic god, I decide to name it the Tianmo Spear.

【Name】: Tianmo Spear (Platinum Class)

【Durability】: 75

【Sharpness】: 65

【Tenacity】: 55

【Specialty】: Demonic vampirism (Has a chance to evolve every time the spear absorbs blood)

【Description】: Made with meteorites fallen from the sky and bathed with the blood of the demonic god. After a series of mutations, it has become a godly weapon and can only be used by the person who dripped his blood on it. Untradeable, unthrowable and evolvable.

If there wasn’t the blood of Ouyang Shuo who had the bloodline of the demonic god, maybe the spear would’ve been ruined, being able to reach the level of dark gold at most.

The Tianmo Spear was undoubtedly strong, equally as strong as the Qing Feng Sword of Song Jia.

However, what was most important was that the Tianmo Spear was evolvable. Its specialty, demonic vampirism, had decided that when the spear was bathed with sufficient blood of decent enemies, then it might be able to evolve into a one and only spear that was top of the world.

While he gently brushed over the spear, Ouyang Shuo said, “Tianmo Spear, follow me into the battlefields, pierce through enemy chests and bathe in their blood. Let us forge our very own undefeatable legacy!”

The spear, as if it has become alive, vibrated suddenly and it’s red radiation started glowing.

Seeing this, Ouyang Shuo could not help but to feel extremely happy. He did not know that the spear has its own spirit at all; the bloodline of the demonic god was indeed powerful. He then started to think that next time, they should do the same when they were forging higher tiers of Mingguang Armor.

Finally, after obtaining a godly weapon, Ouyang Shuo also checked its stats.

【Name】: Qiyue Wuyi

【Title 1】: Lian Zhou Marquis

【Title 2】: Patriot

【Territory】: Shanhai City 

【Occupation】: General (secondary job)

【Level】: 55

【Merit】: 90500/102400 

【Title】: 3rd class marquis

【Reputation】: Well known (77000/100000)

【Internal Energy】: 5800/10000

【Body structure】: 18+8 

【Talent】: 21+4 


【Charm】: 8

【Leadership】: 75+10 

【Strength】: 38+5 

【Intelligence】: 20 


【Talent】: Omit

【Specialty】: Omit

【Scrolls】: 《 Yellow Emperor Internal Cultivation Technique》(4/12 layer)

【Technique】: 《Baji Fist Art》(Perform with ease) 《Yang Family Spear Technique》(Become Proficient)

【Art of War】: Omit

【Skills】: Advanced scouting, advanced weapon mastery, wild beast taming technique (basic)

【Mount】: Omit

【Equipment】: Omit

【Armor】: Omit

【Weapon】: Tianmo Spear (Platinum class)

【Unique item】: Beads of cooling, 《Treasure map of Bei Hai Harbour》

The difficulty of leveling increased even further after players managed to reach level 50. Until now it had been 5 months ever since the Battle of Zhuluo, but Ouyang Shuo only managed to level up to 55 from level 48.

Among the acquired stats, whenever the stats after deducting additional stats added by equipments reached 80 points, it would need 5 free stats to raise 1 acquired stat; after 90, the need would need 10 free stats to increase by 1.

Ouyang Shuo has decided that when 【Leadership】reached 80 points, he would try his best to pump 【Strength】to 80 points and then pump 【Leadership】again.

There was still a gap between his stats and the stats of Luo Shi Xin. The gap was even bigger when it came to Ouyang Shuo and Shi Wanshui. His stats now were just equivalent to an intermediate class officer only.

Last month, Ouyang Shuo managed to reach level 4 of the 《 Yellow Emperor Internal Cultivation Technique 》, doubling up his ki capacity, reaching the point of 10 thousand points. He could now practice it every day, increasing his ki capacity by 10 points each by circling qi. In one day, his ki would be able to increase by 120 points, and if he wanted to level it up to level 5, it would take him a month.

The most important thing was that Ouyang Shuo felt that he has reached his limits in terms of the number of his cycling of ki, or the inner qi that he gained each time since he reached level 4.

Without any miracle or special encounter, it would be hard for him to improve again.

Among Ouyang Shuo’s equipment, his mount, armor and weapon was platinum grade. The only problem was his equipments that consist of only a black iron grade 【Ring of Courage】and silver grade 【Strength of Barbarian】.

After closing his stats window, Ouyang Shuo left the Armory Division.

When he got back to the lord’s hall, Lei Xun was already there waiting for his return. Although Lei Xun was now engaged with the training of new army recruits, the operation of the Military Intelligence Division did not stop. Hence, any important information would still be reported to Ouyang Shuo.

“My lord, the recent news of the grassland has come.”

Ouyang Shuo has already prepared himself psychologically when he saw Lei Xun. It has been 3 months since Operation Wildfire, so the balance amongst all the tribes in the grassland should’ve been disrupted by now.

In the past 3 months, Ouyang Shuo did not stop his surveillance on the grassland at all.

After Operation Wildfire, Tian Qi tribe’s western army had collapsed, and it would take some time for them to reform the army. Due to this, they also lost their deterrence ability on the smaller tribes in the west.

The intermediate-sized tribes were the first to show their fangs. They ignored the warnings given out by the Tian Qi tribe and began to invade their smaller counterparts, plundering their cattle, stealing their resources, and occupying their ranches.

The result? Tian Qi Tribe only gave out warnings, but no other actions were taken. Their attitude had been interpreted that they had lost their power, and this caused even larger-scaled uproars.

Therefore, the flame of wars began to spread across the entire grassland from west to east, then from north to south.

In a blink of an eye, war had devoured the entire grassland. The market outside of Friendship City, however, managed to benefit from the war, gaining abundant Qing Fu Warhorses to arm the entire 2nd brigade by trading food and iron with the tribes.

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