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Chapter 236

Chapter 236- Thirst for Talents

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Ouyang Shuo had added five regiments - a total of 18 units, nine thousand soldiers, which basically used up all the members of the reserve forces they had gotten from the raider's city attack.

Ouyang Shuo did a rough estimation, just the class changes for this expansion would cost 10 thousand gold. He had earned money at a faster rate than other lords. Now, he was spending money at a far faster rate too.

When he had just entered the game, 100 gold was considered a huge amount. In just a year, he was currently dealing with thousands of gold.

As the military rapidly expanded, the average strength of the soldiers would decrease too. Apart from that, the provision of weapons definitely couldn't keep up with the rate of the expansion.

Based on the standards of the Shanhai City army, reaching 100% provision of bows was impossible. Additionally, the weapons workshop couldn’t keep up to speed with the main weapon of the sword-shield soldiers and the cavalry, the Tang Sword.

The three thousand Qingfu horses that were kept at the city west horse stables were all used up. However, it still wasn't enough for all the Guards regiment and the 4th regiment. They ended up with a 1,500 horse shortfall. As for the three city protection regiments, giving them all Qingfu horses seemed like a far away fantasy.

Such a huge army was also a gigantic burden on the finances of the territory.

Based on the military salary standards, a unit based on an average soldier being grade 4 would cost 275 gold. A regiment used 1,375 gold and a division used 8,250 gold. This did not include the major general and the colonel's pay. Out of which, the general's salary took up 35%.

With such huge military spending, Ouyang Shuo didn't touch the profits from the Langshan Minefields or Northern Saltpans. Instead, he directly passed them to the Financial Department.

Hence, this was the strongest but also the weakest the Shanhai City army had ever been.

Military matters were only the first thing on the agenda for this military governance meeting.

Ouyang Shuo look around, “We last organized the lord's manor at grade 1 city and 4 months have passed since then. As the number of officials and civil servants have increased, the Mandarin Courtyard is getting a little tight."

"Hence, I've decided, based on the organization of the city, to activate the plan for the west of the lord's manor to be a district for officials. The standard would be for each division to have their own courtyard and each department will form a cluster. Including the Military Affairs Department, everyone will move to this district.

"As for the lord's manor, the front courtyard will become purely a meeting area. Apart from the meeting hall, the two sides will also have halls. The main hall will be used for the monthly military and governance meetings, while the small halls will be used for the daily ones. The office in the front courtyard will all be moved to the Mandarin Courtyard."

The changes in the organization of the lord's manor was in truth a change in its meaning and stature. After building the district for the officials, the lord's manor will change into a core area of power. This meant that Ouyang Shuo would officially put down the responsibility of secretaries and below, and he would only control the higher ups and the overall situation.

Ouyang Shuo already had so much to think about concerning outside affairs. He didn't have the energy to keep up with the specifics and micromanage the territory. Hence, he made use of the argument of the Mandarin Courtyard being too small to change the territory structure and organization.

This change wasn't as clear as setting up a division or department, but its influence was far more than either of those.

This type of internal revolution was something that many of them couldn't understand. To them, having an individual courtyard and not having to work under the watchful eye of the lord was something to be happy about. To see the deep meaning, probably only Xu Shuda and Xu Zhenchang could do so.

Fan Zhongyan and Tian Wenjing looked at each other, their eyes showing a sense of uncertainty.

Ouyang Shuo didn't bother about their thoughts and said, “As the territory matters pick up and we get more and more busy, we will get more and more official letters. Hence, only depending on one clerk would grow very difficult. I've decided to set up a clerk office to focus on such letters. The responsibility of the manager of this clerk office is the same as a secretary. Bai Nanpu will be taken up this position. An additional four to five clerks will be hired to help him out."

"Thank you, my lord!" Bai Nanpu had finally made it; he had gained an official position.

Ouyang Shuo also announced that deputy secretary Jiancheng would take over the Construction Division from Zhao Dewang.

Ouyang Shuo had originally planned on letting Sun Xiaoyue take over. Unfortunately, she was only interested in architecture and not construction matters. Hence, Ouyang Shuo could only let that be.

After the reorganization, Ouyang Shuo started to announce his plans for the territory, “To conquer five territories at once is something to be happy about. Next, we need to think about how to integrate these five territories into the Shanhai City system. For them, we must have a plan and also subsequent goals. The main goal is the building of Tianfeng City. It has an important strategic location. It has a level of utmost importance, as it would be the center city for the west region."

"To support the building of Tianfeng City, I've decided to send the prisoners from the Er'Shi Ridge there, apart from those already selected for the reserve force. To do what? We have already missed the chance for land reclamation and also the second season of rice planting. The answer is to build a city wall. The wall it has now is too small-scale and is only able to hold a limited amount of people. Its outer wall has to follow that of a prefecture grade, 10 kilometres long, 10 meters high, and 30 meters thick."

The core project for Tianfeng City would be to finish this outer city wall and the official channel, these two large-scale projects. Ouyang Shuo made Zhao Dewang the city magistrate out of such considerations.

Ouyang Shuo's thinking was simple. Before they built Tianhai Road, Tianfeng City was cut off and far away, so it was difficult to expand.

Ouyang Shuo might as well just start building city walls and other simple buildings.

"Apart from Tianfeng City, the second priority is Gushan Town. It's close to the mountain barbarian tribes in the center region and located at a good strategic location. I've decided to move all the residents to Yishui Town and also attract the mountain barbarians to come down. Let them run Gushan Town themselves," as he said these words, he turned around and looked at Tian Wenjing, “Tian Wenjing, you will handle its building."

"Yes my lord!" Tian Wenjing assented.

Compared to the settlements at Qiushui City, Gushan Town had an advantage. Its facilities were all there and didn't need rebuilding. It could also hold 10 to 20 tribes.

Gushan Town also kept contact with the mountain barbarian tribes, so persuading them wouldn't be too difficult.

The only regret would be that they had missed the second rice planting season. When the mountain barbarians come down the mountain, Shanhai City would need to provide them with half a year of grain.

If one couldn't bear to pay for bait, they wouldn't catch the fish. Ouyang Shuo understood such reasoning.

After the original residents of Gushan Town moved to Yishui Town, it could help promote growth in Yishui Town and help it upgrade to Yishui City. Before they took down Broken Blade Town, Yishui Town would be the east side castle for Shanhai City, so it was important too.

Hence, after he started the creation of Shanhai Road, Ouyang Shuo needed to build channels and paths between Qiushui City and Yishui Town, including that of Gushan Town.

Since the mountain barbarians couldn't plant crops, using them to build official roads and paths was the best idea. It wouldn't cause to him to waste too much manpower.

As for the clearing of the raider camps across the path, he handed this task to the city east camp as a matter of course.

Ouyang Shuo settled the plans of the five affiliate territories with a few words. Moreover, he gave a working direction to the departments and divisions.

As the territory expanded, another big problem of Shanhai City was revealed—a lack of talent. The five affiliate territories were like Shanhai Town when it was at that stage; they lacked talent. Shanhai City had no choice but to send some high-level civil servants and officials over.

This resulted in a shortage of talent in the main camp.

If it was simply a shortage of government-level officials, Ouyang Shuo wouldn't be worried. After all, he did have Xinan University. After a little training, they could take up roles.

The crux of the problem was that outside of the government system, they lacked specialized talents. Apart from Fan Zhongyan and Tian Wenjing, they didn't have any other high-ranked officials.

This worried him, the five affiliate territories were all struggling in this area. They were unable to find and develop talent.

A lack of talent restricted the growth and development of Shanhai City.

Xinan University was a long term plan, similar to the Shanhai City offices in the system imperial cities. They wouldn’t affect the situation in the short term.

Historical people were also so difficult to obtain. The end of the Xia, Shang, and Zhou dynasties neared, so there weren't any famous ministers that he could obtain. The only thing Ouyang Shuo looked forward to was Yi Yun at the start of the Shang dynasty.

Unfortunately, half a month had passed since the Battle of Muye, but no one had seen Yi Yun.

Shanhai City had an advantage in attracting Shang dynasty famous ministers. Not only did they have Er’Lai, the famous general, they also had a gift from the Shang King. As such, they had a strong relationship with the Shang dynasty.

Moreover, the Mazu Temple, the Recruitment Hall, and the Yellow Emperor Temple raised the reputation of Shanhai City. Hence, the city had a huge advantage in attracting historical people.

Even so, they still didn't gain get any rewards yet, which made Ouyang Shuo anxious but helpless.

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