The World Online

Chapter 234

Chapter 234 - Searching for Treasures in the Secret Room

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"Thank you for saving us!" In the secret room, the girls that were saved thanked Ouyang Shuo again.

Ouyang Shuo waved them off and turned around, ordering the Guards to let them find some clothes to pass to the locked up girls for them to wear before sending them back up.

After all these things were settled, Ouyang Shuo, under the directions of the mountain barbarian teen entered the secret room.

A mountain bandit leader's secret room obviously didn't have any hidden weapons; it was only a thick wooden door which the Guards broke down with brute force.

After breaking down the door, inside the secret room were rows of large boxes. Opening them, they were all kinds of gold and jewels, sparkling in the light, catching everyone's eyes.

Ouyang Shuo counted. There were a total of 2 gold boxes, 5 silver cases, and 1 box of gems and jewels.

Apart from 2 silver cases, the remaining cases were kept in Ouyang Shuo's storage bag. What he felt weird was as the secret room of a mountain bandit leader, he shouldn't only have such basic wealth.

"Are there other secret rooms?" Ouyang Shuo asked the mountain barbarian teen.

She shook her head, "This is the only one I know of."

Ouyang Shuo didn't believe her and ordered the Guards to check once again for any hidden doors or things of that type, he even personally joined in the search, knocking on the walls and floors.

Suddenly, he noticed that an oil lamp was hanging on a side of the wall. The secret room didn't have a torch in it and only depended on the light from the hall, hence the secret room was very dark.

Which was why, this oil lamp seemed really out of place.

Ouyang Shuo calmed himself down and walked up, trying to turn and fiddle with the oil lamp. With a click, and without using much strength, the lamp started to turn. Following which, the sound of rumbling appeared in the chamber. The inner wall of the secret room suddenly sunk in, and there was a small opening that only one person could get through to.

Ouyang Shuo let the Guards secure the entrance while he walked in alone. It was a very narrow space which only allowed two people to stand. There was a wooden stand in the middle with three boxes on it.

Ouyang Shuo opened a box; a gentle glow exuded from the box. It was actually a bead the size of a goose egg, and it felt cold in his hands.

Cool bead: helps one focus and reduces heat, aids in cultivation.

It was a decent support item, just that he didn't know how he could increase the cultivation speed of his internal strength.

Ouyang Shuo opened the second box only to see an old manual. The words ‘Wu Hu Saber Manual’, were written on it. It was a king rank cultivation technique.

Ouyang Shuo guessed that this was the knife technique that the mountain stronghold leader used.

Although the items in the two boxes were decent, they were of little effect to Ouyang Shuo, making him feel a little disappointed. He opened the last box, hoping that there was a certain treasure.

The third box was much bigger than the other two. Opening it revealed a green sword, quietly lying in its sword case.

Name: Qingfeng Sword (Platinum rank)


Sharpness: 70


Specialty: Blade Breaker (When a weapon's hardness is lower than the Qingfeng Sword's, there's a chance to immediately break it)

Evaluation: The Qingfeng Sword was part of a pair known as the "Qingfeng Twin Swords", a weapon Liu Bei used during the Three Kingdoms era. Liu Bei attacked Dongwu to take revenge on Sun Quan for killing Guan Yu. In the end, Sun Quan ordered them to burn down Dongwu, causing Liu Bei to escape. In that escape, he lost one of his swords.

A treasure, an absolute treasure!

This was the first platinum grade weapon Ouyang Shuo had gotten since the servers opened, and it was the only platinum grade weapon in the game so far.

Apart from the normal hardness and toughness stats, there was an extra sharpness stat. Most importantly, it also had the Blade Breaker specialty. Based on its hardness, as long as the enemy weapon wasn't some godly weapon, there would be a high chance of the effect coming into play.

This made it very terrifying. Think about it, your opponent could destroy your weapon at anytime during battle, so how could you focus on the battle?

It was a great sword. Sadly, Ouyang Shuo didn't know any sword techniques. A player's time and efforts were limited. Since Ouyang Shuo chose a spear as his main weapon, he couldn't be distracted.

Ouyang Shuo covered up the 3 boxes and kept them in his storage bag before walking out. When he reappeared, Ouyang Shuo didn't stop and ordered the Guards to carry up the two boxes filled with silver.

Once they walked out of the secret room, Wang Feng rushed up, his face filled with uncontrollable delight.

Ouyang Shuo asked,"Did you level up?"

Wang Feng nodded, "I didn't let lord down; I'm now an intermediate general."

"Great, now I have another good general." Ouyang Shuo was elated.

Ouyang Shuo took a look at his stats.

Name: Wang Feng (Gold rank)

Identity: Shanhai County Guards Unit Major

Occupation: Intermediate general

Loyalty: 95

Command: 55

Force: 75

Intelligence: 40

Politics: 35

Specialty: Fight to the death (Raise troops morale by 20%), Charging (Raise forces movement speed by 20%)

Cultivation Technique: Bajiquan

Equipment: Soldier Mingguang Armor, Exquisite Iron Sword

Evaluation: Core disciple of master Lin Yue, direct and righteous personality, very loyal.

After Wang Feng went back to the troops, he led the Guards unit to sweep the mountain stronghold once again.

At 11 AM, their work here was nearly done.

Ouyang Shuo announced that he would reward the soldiers from this operation with these two cases of silver, resulting in their cheers and claps.

From the operation, they gained a total of 10,850 prisoners, 4,750 combat bandits, and a total of 5800 gold, not including the treasures.

Ouyang Shuo kept the most important things, but he left the grain and other basic resources. He ordered the Military Intelligence Division to inform the mountain barbarian tribes to receive this batch of resources.

The reason he did that was firstly because it was difficult to transport, and secondly because he could use it to thank others. The mountain barbarian tribes didn't stop working with them because Shanhai County had delayed their promise.

As for the equipment and military resources, they were naturally brought back to Shanhai County. The mountain bandit stronghold had a lot of weapons, spears, swords, and even special weapons that fit what they did. These naturally couldn't be given to the proper army and could only be sold by the Snow-War Rose mercenary group.

After settling everything, Ouyang Shuo gathered the forces and was ready to bring the prisoners back to the city.

Just at that moment, the barbarian teen brought 120 odd rescued teen girls in front of Ouyang Shuo, kneeling down and crying, "Please lord, accept us."

During this short period of time, they had heard of Ouyang Shuo's identity.

Ouyang Shuo frowned, "Don't you want to return to your tribes?"

The mountain barbarian teen acted as the representative, her eyes showing a sad expression, as she held back her tears, "Lord, we are all impure, how could we return to our parents? Even if we do, we would only bring shame. Being saved by you, our only wish is to go to a new place and wait for day where our lives come to an end, please accept us lord!"

"Please accept us lord!" The teen girls all echoed.

Ouyang Shuo remained silent. The scene in front of him made him think of the girls he had saved from the raider camp. Their situation was similar, saved from hell but because of traditional rules, they were insecure and felt lowly.

"What is your name? Wasn't there another man that wanted to save you? Do you want to live in Shanhai County too?" Ouyang Shuo asked the barbarian teen.

His words undoubtedly touched a sad spot, and the tears she was trying to hold gushed out.

The Guards beside Ouyang Shuo told him that the guy wasn't here.

Upon seeing that he was free, he started to look down on the girl for not being a virgin and left her, running back to his tribe.

When Ouyang Shuo heard this, he shook his head. Such cruelty, but it was the truth. In such a society, the purity of the girl was very important and girls were born the weaker sex.

Ouyang Shuo didn't know how to console them, just ordering the Guards to bring them back together.

The huge army rushed down the mountain with the prisoners and the resources to meet with Zhao Sihu and his group.

At the foot of the mountain, they got news that Xue'er and the Guards protecting her had rushed over too. Upon seeing him, she flew up happily and landed on his shoulder.

"Good Xue'er, you have done well. What reward do you want?"

Her eyes brightened. "Sweet~sweets~~" As she said this, she placed her fingers into her mouth and started sucking.

Ouyang Shuo shook his head in amusement; it seemed like she got influenced by Bing'er. "Ok, when we go back I'll prepare a huge box for you." The sweets she referred to were the malt candies that the residents made. They were very sweet; no wonder she liked to eat them.

Xue'er's eyes became a thin line, and it suddenly flew up and nibbled on Ouyang Shuo's face. Following which, it flew around his head and appeared very happy.

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