The Trembling World

Chapter 77

Chapter 77: Reinforced Muscles, Steel Bones

Previously on the PDA, it had a yellow dot. It possibly detected this woman.

“Why did we find a woman? What is going on?” Liu Gan frowned. An expression of disappointment was all he could show. His original plan was to kill the guardian beast and then obtain a legendary weapon. For example, he imagined he could obtain an ancient large axe with dragon decor on it. In reality, what appeared was not what he expected, but it was a woman.

“I wouldn’t happen to know more than you already knew.” Jiang JinYuan shook his head. He searched around the crystal cabinet, and he quickly found the control for the panel. Then, he took a minute to figure out the controls. Afterwards, Liu Gan helped him destroy the surface cover, so the wires were accessible.

Jiang JinYuan found a few wire cords that he could connect to his PDA, so he could supply the panel with electricity from the electric circuit. Once he successfully powered it, he was able to take control of the panel. The panel turned out to have many functions.

“She’s in hibernation mode, and around every ten or so minutes, her heart would rhythmically beat once. Only when her heart is beating, did it indicate a lifeform. Previously, when we scanned, it showed a weakly lit yellow dot. Perhaps when we synced up, it synchronized with catching her heartbeat. Otherwise, we would have had no idea she existed here.” Jiang JinYuan explained to Liu Gan.

“Okay, what exactly is she?” Liu Gan asking Jiang JinYuan again. While hibernating, she was surrounded by a magnetic energy array, which was powered by lightning. Liu Gan didn’t believe that this woman was ordinary. However, the real question was whether it was possible to benefit from finding her.

“I don’t know unless we wake her up and interrogate her.” Jiang JinYuan replied to Liu Gan

“Wake her up? I feel like you should think of a way to get this cabinet door open, and then I can tie her up or dislocate her joints before continuing.” Liu Gan replied to Jiang JinYuan. This woman was just too strange, so it would be wise to be cautious.

“Is that really necessary?” Jiang JinYuan pouted a little. Right when he was about to convince Liu Gan otherwise, a sound ‘di di’ was coming from the control panel near the edge of the crystal cabinet. The heartbeat and breathing frequency were on the indicator screen. Both were increasing and the blood pressure was rising as well. It seemed like the woman lying in hibernation mode within the crystal cabinet had been awoken.

“What did you do? Did you wake her up?” Liu Gan asked Jiang JinYuan. Quickly, he drew the fire axe from his waist into his hands.

“I didn’t do anything yet. I only supplied the control panel with electricity.” Jiang JinYuan was as confused as ever. Seeing how the situation changed, he ripped the cords connecting the PDA with the panel.

“She is already awakening.” Liu Gan shined his light onto the woman within the crystal cabinet.

Jiang JinYuan walked over to take a look. Liu Gan was right. Lying within the cabinet, the woman opened her eyes wide, and she stared at Liu Gan and Jiang JinYuan outside of the cabinet.

She moved her eyeballs a few times, a clear sign that she was waking up. At the same time, the crystal cabinet’s cover also split down the middle into two at the edge of the cabinet, and it naturally opened up.

Liu Gan was combat-ready as he eyed the woman from within the cabinet. Even though, he didn’t immediately use his axe to chop her up, it could be said that he was ready for fight or flight.

If it was a regular woman, Liu Gan wouldn’t be so alert, but this woman has been entrapped within the lightning powered magnetic energy array. No matter how you looked at it, this definitely wouldn’t be a normal woman.

Jiang JinYuan smiled at the woman and waved his hand. The woman smiled back at Jiang JinYuan. So far, it didn’t seem hostile.

“We should try to communicate with her.” Jiang JinYuan suggested to Liu Gan in a whisper.

“Up to you.” Liu Gan signaled Jiang JinYuan with a gesture.

The woman detached the the electrical cord from her head, and she slowly sat up. Her skintight clothing was possibly a metal texture since the electrical cords were attached directly to her skintight clothing.

“Who are you? Why were you lying here?” Jiang JinYuan approached cautiously while using his friendliest tone to question the woman.

The woman was very calm originally, but then she abruptly stuck out her hand around Jiang JinYuan’s neck. Then from the cabinet she stood up and held up Jiang JinYuan. It seemed like her strength was abnormal. Jiang JinYuan was strangulated by the woman and lifted off the ground, unable to breathe and scream for help. He could only claw at the forearm of the woman lifting him up. Then, Jiang JinYuan attempted to pry apart her fingers, but nothing he did made her move.

“Let him go!” Liu Gan felt that the situation had taken a turn for the worst and raised his axe high, charging toward the woman and releasing a warcry. To Liu Gan, Jiang JinYuan still had some use, so he couldn’t let the woman kill him so soon.

In one fluid motion, the woman tossed Jiang JinYuan onto the ground. Then from both sleeves, she unsheathed a sharp blade and looked hostilely at Liu Gan.

[email protected]! Is this how you treat people who save you?” Liu Gan screamed his frustration. Then, he charged at the woman with the fire axe.

The woman’s movement was very quick. In one smooth sidestep, she was able to dodge Liu Gan’s heavy strike. Then, with both of her arms and sharp blades facing forward, she charged towards Liu Gan’s body. Liu Gan retreated in a quick succession of steps and was able to narrowly avoid the woman’s series of strikes. Then, Liu Gan was able to find an opening and furiously kicked her body.

The woman flew like a kite that had lost its string anchor. She flew a few meters, crashed into the magnetic rings, and then landed onto the platform’s ground.

Liu Gan released his breath. It seemed like this woman wasn’t that formidable, it was just her movements were very quick.

The woman landed on the floor and did a backwards somersault before landing on her feet. Then, she started charging at Liu Gan once again.

Liu Gan still felt uneasy… His limbs were stronger than steel. Regular zombies that were kicked by his feet would end up with broken bones and be unable to move or get back up. This woman was able to endure his kick without any harm? Could it be that her whole body was made out of reinforced muscle or steel bones?

The center of the platform was rather small, so Liu Gan had difficulty moving around. This woman with lightning fast movements had an advantage over Liu Gan. So the moment this woman charged at him, Liu Gan didn’t hesitate to jump off the platform, six meters onto the ground floor. He landed sturdily onto the ground.

After Liu Gan jumped, the woman followed suit and jumped. Liu Gan understood that this woman was really malicious. So the moment she landed onto the ground, Liu Gan charged at her with the axe. The woman used her blade attachments on her arm to block. It was able to stiffly absorb Liu Gan’s chop.

Liu Gan retracted his axe, ånd he was surprised to find that the moment both of their weapons clashed, his short axe’s blade edge had a half-a-centimeter indentation.

This woman’s sleeve blade was definitely created from some unknown metal. There was no way it could be this durable and sharp. If his body was pierced, there would definitely be a bloody hole.

The woman blocked Liu Gan’s attack, and then she stood up firmly on the ground. She took a few steps backward before she waved her sleeve blade to attack while charging at Liu Gan.