The Trembling World

Chapter 76

Chapter 76: Metallic Chest

“Why did we have to find such a large magnetic energy array here? What does this have to do with biochemical intelligence research? What kind of secret project were they researching? What kind of terrifying thing is trapped inside the magnetic energy array?” Jiang JinYuan mumbled to himself there as he stood up.

At this moment, the magnetic energy array once again produced a brilliant white light, and the rumbling noise of the operation began afterwards. It was very clear that just now the top of the building acted as a lightning rod to absorb a surge of lightning, and it was channeled inside to power the magnetic energy array.

“The secret of all this should be located within the metallic chest surrounded by the magnetic array at the center of the platform. Do you have a way to stop this device? Perhaps we can find some useful things inside that metallic chest.” Liu Gan asked Jiang JinYuan after adapting to the blinding white light that appeared moments ago.

“We still have time to leave right now, and whatever is trapped inside the magnetic energy array is definitely something very terrifying. There’s a reason that it is trapped inside the magnetic energy array and never let out. If we let it out without careful consideration and mess up, then it can lead to certain disaster.” Jiang JinYuan again tried to persuade Liu Gan with a few words.

“Disaster? The entire world is already like this, so why are you still worried about what will lead to disaster?” Liu Gan had a very unconcerned expression. Even if his heart warned him of what terrifying thing was trapped within the metallic chest, he still couldn’t help but fancy knowing everything inside. Could it perhaps be a unique legendary weapon?

If this magnetic energy array was a refining tool used for a high-tech furnace, then the lightning drawn from the sky was the fuel for the refining tool that burned like fire from heaven. If the metallic chest doesn’t produce a legendary weapon, then this trip wasn’t worth the danger he undertook.

Liu Gan had the `Mist Armor` covering his body, the strength from reaching level 5, and substantially upgraded speed. Even if he were to encounter danger at some point, he still had confidence in himself to promptly escape the situation.

“If you must try it, then let us go down to take a look.” Jiang JinYuan was forced to compromise. Although at this moment he felt unwilling and extremely afraid, he was a specialist in science and technology. To say that he was completely uninterested in the metallic chest at the center platform of the magnetic energy array was impossible.

Jiang JinYuan understood the saying ‘curiosity killed the cat’. Logically, he wasn’t willing to continue taking any more risks. Now that he had been pressured into this situation by Liu Gan, he had no other choice but to bite the bullet.

The metal ladder zigzagged between each layer, which had a small platform. Liu Gan and Jiang JinYuan descended down around 7 stories when they finally reached the bottom of the underground cavern.

Liu Gan first used the flashlight to search all over the area, visually confirming the previous scan result. Indeed, there weren’t any regular or colossal zombies down here. If there really were any dangerous creatures inside this underground cavern, then they would be inside that metallic chest on the center platform of the magnetic energy array.

Shouldn’t there be a guardian protecting this legendary weapon? He didn’t know why the scan previously detected it, but afterwards, the scan couldn’t detect it anymore.

“If we want to reach the center of the platform, we must first shut off the circuit breakers between the lightning rod and the magnetic energy array. Then, this kind of lightning rod won’t conduct lightning into the magnetic energy array. Then, it will instead be safe to venture deeper into the underground cavern.” Jiang JinYuan said to Liu Gan after examining some workstations in the surrounding area of the magnetic energy array.

“Then, you can think of a way to shut off the circuit breakers.” Liu Gan nodded a little. Now that he was on the ground floor, the distance between the magnetic energy array was shortened, so he could feel the vast aura given off by the magnetism. He felt more shocked than when he was on the ladder. This kind of enormous electrical machine installation produced a feeling of awe to those who didn’t understand the logic of how to operate it.

After Jiang JinYuan had searched all over the workstations, he walked up to a nearby electrical kit on the wall. He opened the kit and sure enough found a very large and thick circuit breaker inside. He took a hold of the circuit breaker’s handle with both hands and pulled down with all of his strength.

The main rumbling operation was due to the three huge revolving magnetic rings that gradually stopped. Even the bright light slowly dissipated away. Liu Gan and Jiang JinYuan each had their own flashlight and proceeded to walk closer to it.

“I have already pulled down the circuit breaker between the lightning rod and the magnetic energy array. Now, it should be safe inside the magnetic energy array.” Jiang JinYuan told Liu Gan.

“Are you sure?” Liu Gan asked Jiang JinYuan.

“I’m sure. If you’re worried, we can wait for a little while and see if lightning is drawn into the magnetic energy array.” Jiang JinYuan replied to Liu Gan after thinking for a while.

“Okay.” Liu Gan retreated back towards the ladder and sat down nearby. In order to ensure his safety, he decided to wait a while before proceeding.

Jiang JinYuan felt restless. He turned on the flashlight and went to examine the other electronic installations inside this large cavern. It was evident he was very interested in this equipment. Unfortunately, the conventional electricity was suspended; otherwise, he would stay here to mess around and investigate the equipment.

After ten minutes or so, Liu Gan told Jiang JinYuan to conduct a scan with the PDA probing device to sweep the surroundings. Still, it could not detect the yellow dot from before. The magnetic energy array didn’t power up and revolve. It seemed like Jiang JinYuan’s work with the circuit breaker was able to disconnect the lightning rod from the magnetic energy array.

“I feel like it should be safe now. Should we go up and take a look?” Jiang JinYuan asked Liu Gan.

“Okay, you go first. I will follow and protect you.” Liu Gan responded to Jiang JinYuan.

After Jiang JinYuan had climbed up the platform, he walked up next to the metallic chest at the center of the platform. He used the flashlight to thoroughly examine the chest. Liu Gan followed up the platform and stood behind Jiang JinYuan.

The metallic chest in the center of the platform was about the size of a coffin. After examining it for a while, Jiang JinYuan tried to open the top plate of the metallic chest. Because there was no electricity, the top metal plate was very heavy and hard to open. Liu Gan walked over to help. The two of them had to use extreme force to completely open the top metal plate.

After the top metal plate was opened, a transparent crystal cabinet was inside. After Liu Gan used the flashlight to illuminate the contents, he unexpectedly found a woman lying inside the crystal cabinet.

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This woman had many wires connected to her head. Her eyes were closed, and she was wearing black skintight clothing. She had a pretty face and figure, but her chest was not moving. This seemed to imply that she wasn’t breathing at this moment. However, her skin had a healthy-looking color unlike that of a dead or infected body.

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