The Trembling World

Chapter 75

Chapter 75: Isolation

Right at this moment, Liu Gan heard a rumbling sound again. Furthermore, since he was crouching near the passage opening, he heard this rumbling sound even clearer than before. He could already now determine that this rumbling sound didn’t originate from the thunder outside, but it originated from at least ten meters deep underground.

As to answer the question of what terrifying creature produced this kind of rumbling sound would be basically impossible. One would personally have to travel further downwards to be able to clearly investigate.

“Did you hear that?” Jiang JinYuan had a face full of dread as he asked Liu Gan.

“I heard it. I also heard it earlier, but you didn’t.” Liu Gan’s face still showed an indifferent expression.

“Then, do we still have to go down!?” Jiang JinYuan scowled miserably as he asked Liu Gan. Finding a very formidable bodyguard for oneself had its advantages and disadvantages. If it weren’t for Liu Gan, he simply couldn’t even reach the laboratory safely. Yet at the present moment, all of this was clearly not what he had wished for.

Jiang JinYuan only wanted to restore this building’s electricity and communications equipment as quickly as possible. Then, he would get in contact with the main city’s laboratory, so that they could dispatch an aircraft or ship to come over and pick him up. This would allow him to complete his task for the San Xing Corporation, and what was meant for his wife and daughter was the large compensation as previously agreed upon.

However, Liu Gan’s only goal was for the both of them to risk going below into an underground world.

“Of course we’re still going down. If there were an unknown organism inside, then it’d be a good reason to be worrisome. But now that we know there isn’t a single thing inside, what are you so afraid of?” Liu Gan shined the flashlight onto Jiang JinYuan’s face and then into the passage underground.

Looking at the results from the PDA’s display, no person or zombie could be seen hidden inside, apart from that inexplicable disappearing yellow dot below the surface. But in order to prevent any accidental mishaps from occurring after entering, Liu Gan, nevertheless, again used his strength to push open the metal door several times. Now, the metal door was already open to about a hundred centimeters wide, so he could push it directly instead of using the crowbar.

Even if Liu Gan considered it likely to encounter danger, he still decided to go down to investigate more. It was such a secret area, so who knew what powerful treasure could be found there? If one didn’t take risks when playing a game, one would definitely not obtain any fabled legendary equipments.

Only after pushing aside the metal door to a sufficient width, did Liu Gan and Jiang JinYuan both finally descend down the metal ladder very carefully into the bottom of the underground cavern. After entering the room, Liu Gan shined the flashlight all around and, nevertheless, could not find any kind of door whatsoever.

Could this be another secret enclosed chamber?

“This wall should have a mechanical door powered by electricity, but in this situation without any electricity, then it should be possible to push open.” Jiang JinYuan said to Liu Gan while pointing at a specific wall after he had examined all around the area. Although they were inside a game world, Jiang JinYuan was familiar with the designs of these special structures inside a laboratory. Actually, this laboratory did not differ much from San Xing Corporation’s laboratory of the real world.

Liu Gan walked over to take a look and felt what Jiang JinYuan said was true. At this moment, the entire wall he was facing was possibly just like a sliding door. Therefore, Liu Gan reached out with his hands to grab onto some part of the wall to try shaking it. He discovered that this sliding door was not as heavy as the previous metal doors, and also, there were even wheels underneath. He only used a little force to push the wall in front of him, and another opening appeared at once. The opening was at the corner of the room.

Not long after the opening appeared, a beam of light suddenly appeared from the outside, and it was extremely bright and dazzling. Furthermore, the rumbling sound of a mechanical operation and the sound of electrical currents accompanied the beam of light’s appearance. Jiang JinYuan was frightened without warning and almost screamed out loud. Liu Gan seemed relatively more unperturbed, but he too was susceptible to the blinding light. As he had been enveloped in darkness, his eyes uncomfortably adjusted to the sudden appearance of the bright light.

The bright light slowly dimmed, and Liu Gan and Jiang JinYuan’s vision adjusted after ten seconds. Only then did they discover a framework of ladders and platforms immediately on the other side of the trap wall beyond the opening. There were seven partitions leading to eight layers, and the zigzagging ladders descended more than ten meters downward to the ground floor of the cavern. This huge underground cavern happened to be underneath San Xing Corporation’s hundred story building.

After walking past the trap wall facing the open cavern and upon walking up to the top of the platform that oversaw the cavern, you could see the center of everything. Previously the PDA monitor indicated that the center of the cavern should be the location of the yellow dot. There was a spherical or annular electromechanical system more than ten meters in diameter. The previous beam of light precisely originated from this huge system.

If one looked carefully, it wasn’t a spherical or annular mechanical system at all. Rather, there were three ring-shaped electromechanical devices joined together to form the sphere. These three rings were just slowly rotating, so it seemingly looked spherical.

Just as the beam of light was gradually dimming, the three rotating rings were also slowing down. After they finished slowing down, Liu Gan could see a platform in the center of the spheroid, and a metallic cabinet was placed horizontally across the platform. If the yellow dot that appeared previously was meant to represent something, then it may be assumed that it should be located within that metallic cabinet now. Looking at the information from the PDA’s scan, the location’s coordinates matched identically.

He just didn’t know why the yellow dot suddenly disappeared.

“Have you seen anything similar before?” Liu Gan asked Jiang JinYuan. Before when he was playing another sci-fi game, Liu Gan also encountered this kind of huge high-tech electromechanical system. Now that he personally saw his circumstances in the presence of such a huge system up close, he still couldn’t help but feel shocked.

“I haven’t, but I think those rings should be magnetic energy generators. This kind of large-scale magnetic energy array is often used for research, specifically designed to isolate or shield some unstable substance.” Jiang JinYuan replied to Liu Gan as he examined the gradually dimming beam of light coming from the spherical system.

“A magnetic energy generator system? Didn’t you say the building’s electricity supply was offline? Why did it produce such an intense light just now, and why is it still rotating?” Liu Gan continued to question Jiang JinYuan.

“When we entered, a thunderstorm was raging outside. If I were to make an educated guess, the rooftop of this kind of tall building must have a lightning rod that extends several hundred meters straight up into the sky. Lighting in the sky is precisely one of the electrical power sources for this magnetic energy generator system.” Jiang JinYuan continued his analysis.

“This building’s lightning rod really is something strange.” Liu Gan nodded a little. Previously, he always thought it was strange why this kind of large building attracted almost all of the lightning nearby. He had guessed whether or not this large building had some sort of secret that required this lightning, but he didn’t expect that he had actually guessed correctly.

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