The Trembling World

Chapter 72

Chapter 72: Electrical Door Lock

Liu Gan searched the security guards’ bodies and found two police truncheons. He went to their work counter to search a bit, but he didn’t find anything useful, especially not a powerful weapon like a handgun.

It seemed in this world was similar to the real world where gun control was very strict. It seemed like the only place to obtain a gun or firearm would be to go to the police station or a local army camp.

After searching for a little bit, Liu Gan and Jiang JinYuan once again stood in front of the metal door. Using the flashlight as light, he investigated and came up with the conclusion that the door was opened by swiping a card. But because there was no electricity, the card swiping system was unable to function, so the door remained in its shut and locked state.

“It looks like this place isn’t the location of the backup power source. It seems to be the place to store top secret materials. Why don’t we go up to the parking lot to look around?” Jiang JinYuan said to Liu Gan as he shined the flashlight around. It seemed like he was starting to regret coming down here.

“How can I when the treasures are almost within my grasp?” Liu Gan said in a very excited tone. Basement level two, with its security clearance and the heavy-duty metal door, was almost too obvious that this was the typical setting for a secret area that was hidden away for treasured goods.

“Yeah, perhaps there might be valuable products behind that door, but this heavy-duty metal door won’t operate without electricity.” Jiang JinYuan scratched his head at this problem.

“Perhaps there’s a different method to open this heavy-duty metal door, and I still feel that the backup power reserve was behind this heavy-duty metal door. So after the power loss, this door automatically locked itself preventing any repair technicians from entering,” Liu Gan guessed.

“Since this heavy-duty metal door won’t open, we should go back upstairs to the parking lot to look around. We might find the electric generator room within the parking lot. Once we turn on the electricity, we can come back here to try again.” Jiang JinYuan suggested to Liu Gan.

Liu Gan definitely didn’t want to leave after getting this far, so he took two steps back. Then, he charged forward and with one large leap, he kicked the heavy-duty metal door. The metallic door just produced a loud ringing sound, but the kick wasn’t enough to knock it open.

Even though Liu Gan created such a loud noise, the location was very hidden. The additional hallways had doors to barricade the sound within, so the zombies upstairs wouldn’t hear the sound from below. Essentially, this place was sound-proof.

“The metal door is very thick, so relying on brute force won’t kick it open.” Jiang JinYuan shook his head.

“There is definitely another way to open this door,” said Liu Gan, refusing to give up as he looked again.

“Perhaps we can use my PDA as a power source to charge up the card swiping system. After wiring it up, we would still need an identification card, fingerprints, and iris authentication.” Jiang JinYuan said after checking out the electronic panel by the metal door.

“Identification card. Would this work?” Liu Gan recalled as he pulled out a card from deep within his backpack. It was one of the three identification cards that he obtained from the yellow-checkered shirt male and a female. He showed the picture to Jiang JinYuan.

“Yes, this is the correct identification card, but you are still missing the fingerprint and iris authentication. How about this? Let me try to connect the PDA to the electric panel that controls the doorlock to see if it will be enough to start up the panel.” Jiang JinYuan was very doubtful that it would open, but he knew that Liu Gan wouldn’t give up that easily. So Jiang JinYuan could only do his best to support Liu Gan, and in the meantime, Jiang JinYuan would investigate the panel by the metal door.

“Do you need to open up the exterior shell?” Liu Gan asked Jiang JinYuan.

“Yes, but there’s no appropriate tool.” Jiang JinYuan nodded.

Liu Gan pulled out metal pliers, screwdrivers, and other similar tools. Jiang JinYuan played with the panel and tools for a bit, but it was to no avail.

“First, I need to remove this outer shell, but these tools are not appropriate for that job.” Jiang JinYuan explained.

Liu Gan frowned, then for a brief moment, he stuck out his hand. “BAM!” In one palm strike upon the panel’s exterior shell, he was able to crack the plastic exterior shell.

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“It’s fine now. I only need to find the electric supply wire now.” Jiang JinYuan quickly blocked Liu Gan, so he couldn’t do any more damage to the lock. Jiang JinYuan held on to the screwdriver and weaved it in between the crushed plastics and wires. On the inside of the panel, he picked out several wires that were red, black, and yellow in color.

After separating the wires, Jiang Jin Yuan took apart his PDA’s back cover. Carefully, he connected the PDA with the main electric supply line.

“The PDA uses rechargeable batteries, right?” Liu Gan asked Jiang JinYuan.

“It uses solar energy to recharge, so if it’s a sunny day, then it will recharge very quickly to full energy. Once full, this high energy rechargeable battery can last around three days.” Jiang JinYuan messed with the PDA’s monitor, then pulled out a very thin solar panel for Liu Gan to check out.

“Oh, I see now.” Liu Gan nodded.

Jiang JinYuan fiddled for a little longer, and he was able to start up the metal door by hooking up the PDA as an electrical outlet. Liu Gan passed over the identification card for swiping, but the red blinker kept flashing to indicate that its clearance wasn’t high enough.

“Try this identification card.” Liu Gan pulled out a different card to hand over to Jiang JinYuan. This identification card had a picture of a 50-year-old male, and based on his seniority, his authority must be higher.

Jiang JinYuan swiped the card again, but this time it worked as the lights lit up green. Next was the fingerprint authentication.

“Where did you get this identification card, and do you have the person’s fingerprints and iris. We can’t open the door without those.” Jiang JinYuan said to Liu Gan.

“Fingers and eyeballs.” Liu Gan suddenly thought of the vials Pan Hua gave to him. It was left behind by the female San Xing worker. The vial had the writings incubator bottle on it. It couldn’t possibly have the fingers and eyeballs.

Liu Gan found the small vial and gave it to Jiang JinYuan. Jiang JinYuan was astonished as Liu Gan was so resourceful, but with little hesitation he opened the vial cover.

Of course, a finger and eyeball were floating inside.

“Where did you get these things?” Jiang JinYuan curiously asked Liu Gan.

“I picked it up off the floor.” Liu Gan replied.

Jiang JinYuan figured that Liu Gan didn’t want to share details, so he didn’t continue questioning. With his bare hands, he took out the finger and requested napkins from Liu Gan to wipe it off. Then, he pressed the finger onto the verification area.

A green light lit up once again, and the iris authentication was next.

Jiang JinYuan used the same napkin to wipe the iris dry, and then he aimed the iris at the eye scanner. After scanning, a red light lit up. Clearly, it was a sign that it failed the authentication!

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