The Trembling World

Chapter 69

Chapter 69: Vacant Room

The two players got knocked back upon impact, and they stumbled to get moving quickly. Feeling that something was about to go terribly wrong, they were trying to run and escape. However, Liu Gan sent the body of the sturdy male player’s corpse flying like a sandbag and accurately knocked one of the male players onto the ground.

Afterwards, Liu Gan chased up to the male player that escaped and kicked him in the back sending him head first into the wall of an alleyway. On the wall it left a streak of brain mush with blood trail, the body just fell onto the ground.

“Boss, let me live, we just met and grouped up, I didn’t really mean to kill you.” The sturdy male player pleaded after seeing that Liu Gan easily killed the other three of his companions. The sturdy male player was frightened so much by the scene that he kept repeatedly begging for mercy.

“So now you want to ask for mercy. What happened to the courage and pride you were boasting before when you tried to kill me?” Liu Gan coldly replied. He walked up and used his fists to crush the study male’s neck and let the body drop to the floor.

Jiang JinYuan had seen Liu Gan’s fearlessness before, but he was shocked watching him suddenly kill four people. In his eyes, he wondered what this person might have done in real life to be so familiar with killing someone. He couldn’t be a professional hitman, right?

In particular, the last player was injured and begging for mercy; but Liu Gan didn’t hesitate in killing him. He used his own hands to crush the player’s neck, and it was an extremely violent way of killing. After watching it all, Jiang JinYuan felt for a brief moment that this was hard to accept.

“I hate people who threaten me.” Liu Gan said after finishing up. He walked over and gave Jiang JinYuan a pat on the back.

“Yes, they weren’t good people.” Jiang JinYuan was still trembling, as he replied to Liu Gan.

“You don’t have to be so afraid of me. As long as you don’t provoke me and you listen to my words, I won’t do anything to you. I will do my best, so you can arrive at the main city’s laboratory. However, if I find out that you are hiding something from me or taking advantage of me, I will not be happy. When I’m not happy, the consequences will be severe.” Liu Gan said as he scavenged the corpses for loot.

“I won’t cause you any unhappiness.” Jiang JinYuan quickly replied to Liu Gan. Based on what he had heard Liu Gan say to the other players and judging from Liu Gan’s actions and expressions, Jiang JinYuan was so sure that Liu Gan was definitely trying to join them. He really didn’t expect Liu Gan to fake all of it, just so he could get close to kill them all.

This person was really meticulous as well as fierce. When he was resolving matters, he was calm and he wouldn’t do a sloppy job. It was rare to see a person with this type of fierce role. Those who were able to be his friend were very fortunate, and those who would become his enemy would have terrible endings. Jiang JinYuan didn’t need someone to spell it out for him to know which side to take.

Liu Gan was only able to find a decent amount of food and water from looting as well as rope and other materials. Because of the limit of his backpack, he could only choose a few things he felt were useful to store in the backpack.

The sky gradually darkened. Even though it didn’t rain yet, the sound of thunder could be heard and flashes of lightning could be seen. Getting ambushed by those five players was a short dent in his time frame, and Liu Gan tried his best to bring Jiang JinYuan into the building after resolving the issue.

After looting, Liu Gan took the probing instrument and scanned San Xing Corporation’s building. He obtained the location of the zombies that were dispersed throughout. Liu Gan investigated the locations, and he found an appropriate entry point. It was through the large building's second floor open window, on the device it seemed like an empty room without any zombies guarding.

The window was at least six to seven meters off the ground. The buildings external surface was very slippery, so it was impossible to scale. This didn’t faze Liu Gan at all. He took out his rope and measured the approximate distance, and then he tied the end of the rope to his fire axe. He then tossed the axe into the window, tugging tightly on the other end of the rope until the fire axe was lodged onto something in the room. Then, he proceeded to climb up.

Previously, when Liu Gan went rock climbing, he was experienced in rope climbing techniques. With his improved strength, Liu Gan scaled the building with ease as he pulled on the dangling rope. The only annoyance was that his current alloy metal limbs added more weight to his body, If the rope material wasn’t sturdy, then it would snap with his weight.

Luckily, the rope didn’t break yet. Liu Gan used a mere ten seconds to climb up to the top. If the rope was to break, he was prepared mentally, so that when he landed, it would do the least amount of damage. Right now with his body’s quality, even falling six or seven meters down, he needed to be in the right posture when he landed to minimize damage.

Seeing that Liu Gan easily climbed the dangling rope six or seven meters up from the window, Jiang JinYuan couldn’t help but sigh as he questioned what type of person Liu Gan was. Now he understood why Liu Gan would want to remain in [The Trembling World] and refuse to return to the real world. Perhaps this type of world was better suited for people like him to survive in.

After climbing to the second floor, Liu Gan peeked in the window. He discovered that it was a washroom, and within it there were no detected zombies. However, the noise from throwing the fire axe would have attracted the zombies’ attention. So the moment Liu Gan reached the window, there was a zombie with rotten flesh from the mouth to the ear that charged into the bathroom at Liu Gan.

Liu Gan naturally didn’t give it a chance to bite. At the same moment he climbed through the window, he gave a good kick at the zombie, and it landed backwards on the floor. Liu Gan rushed forward and stomped at it’s neck, which broke it. Thus, it ending the life of the zombie.

After confirming that there were no other zombies coming, Liu Gan walked over to lock the washroom door. Then, he walked back to the window to let Jiang JinYuan tie the rope to his waist, so he could climb from the ground below.

Jiang JinYuan wasn’t as nimble as Liu Gan. He tried his best to climb upwards, but he soon found himself out of breath unable to climb up. At the same time, a few zombies in an alleyway nearby started charging towards Jiang JinYuan, who was hanging in midair.

Jiang JinYuan panicked and tried his best to pull himself up two times. But most likely since he was too nervous, not only did he not climb up, but he slid back down a bit both times. The incoming zombies moved at a very fast pace, and in a few moments, they were right by Jiang JinYuan’s side. One zombie reached out with its claws and bloody mouth, as it attempted to reach Jiang JinYuan.

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