The Trembling World

Chapter 68

Chapter 68: No Worries

“Since we’re all players that have entered the game, there’s no need for us to fight to the death. Even though I killed your partner… you shouldn’t have had that strong of an emotional connection with him. You probably just met and grouped up, so you shouldn’t have any reason to feel hatred towards me. How about we group up and cooperate?” Liu Gan suggested to the man threatening Jiang JinYuan. Liu Gan still needed Jiang JinYuan, so he couldn’t let him die.

“How do you want to work together?” The male looked warily at Liu Gan as he questioned him.

“I know this guy is a worker from San Xing Corporation. Previously, we traveled together but only so he could bring me back to the real world. He still has a lot of secret information that I wasn’t able to get from him. I wasn’t able to meet any other players, so I couldn’t form a larger team. But I do know that surviving in this game world alone is terribly hard, so I temporarily partnered with him.”

“Boss men, if you would be willing to accept me, I am willing to join you. As you can see, I am very good at fighting. Even though you have lost a companion, if you include me in the group, I am definitely more useful than him. If a team has a good fighter, then it will be a lot easier to survive while staying within [The Trembling World]. Our goal is to survive and return back to the real world, right? If you accept me, I can replace that person who died.”

Liu Gan said this to the person holding Jiang JinYuan hostage, and at the same time, he looked around elsewhere. He knew the opponent definitely wasn’t just two people, and they wouldn’t be very unified since they were a temporarily formed group. By giving that speech, it should have been easy to convince part of the group members, so they could relax and lower their guard. Then, he could easily rescue Jiang JinYuan from them.

Sure enough, right after Liu Gan had said these words, another three male players came out from hiding and walked closer.

“Your skills are very good. If you are willing to join us, then it won’t be a problem. But first, show us your sincerity.” A sturdy male player said, as he came out of hiding.
“I didn’t mean to kill your partner. Since he attempted to assassinate me, I was forced to take action.” Liu Gan pointed to the male corpse on the floor.

“That is understandable.” The sturdy male player replied expressionlessly. It seemed like it was as Liu Gan had guessed. These people were forced to grouped up temporarily.

“So boss, what must I do so you will accept me?” Liu Gan said to the sturdy male player.

“Let us hold onto your weapon and bag. After we have felt that you proved your sincerity, we will return these items to you.” The sturdy-male player said after pondering for a little while. As for when he would return these items, it wouldn’t be up for Liu Gan to decide.

“Okay, I can give these items to you as a way to express my sincerity.” Liu Gan said after thinking for a little bit. Liu Gan acted as if he was hesitant before he threw the fire axe a few meters away from him. Then, he placed his bag and other weapons down on the floor. He even placed the dagger by his waist on the floor, and then he stepped back a few meters away.

The sturdy male player signaled another male player at his side. The male player carefully walked over and after giving Liu Gan a look, he grabbed the weapons and backpack back to the side of his companions.

“Boss, how is my sincerity?” Liu Gan asked the study-male player with a shout.

“In case you are hiding some weapons on your body, if you want to join us then let us search your body.” The sturdy-male player opened Liu Gan’s backpack and replied.

“Okay then.” Liu Gan acted reluctantly, but he agreed and lifted both his arms up.

The previous male player, who came up to pick up the backpack and weapon, walked back over to Liu Gan to inspect him. After confirming that there were no more weapons, he went back to report to his three companions.

The four players whispered in each other’s ears, and it seemed like they were accepting Liu Gan based on his sincerity and honesty.

“I welcome you to join us.” The sturdy male player said, as he waved his hands. Right now four players were each wielding a weapon, but Liu Gan was empty handed. To them, if Liu Gan had alternative motives, they could chop up Liu Gan at a moment’s notice.
“Boss, this San Xing Corporation’s worker isn’t honest. We must find a way for him to reveal all his secrets.” Liu Gan said as he closed the distance between the four other players until he was two meters away from where they stood.

The four male players were definitely precautious towards Liu Gan. They had their eyes locked on Liu Gan, but since they confiscated Liu Gan’s weapon, they didn’t need to immediately kill Liu Gan. They decided to monitor him first before finally deciding to let him join.

Meanwhile, the male player holding Jiang JinYuan hostage, also put down the machete by Jiang JinYuan’s neck. The male player’s purpose of holding Jiang JinYuan hostage was so his partner could kill Liu Gan. But now that Liu Gan had already surrendered, there was no need to continue acting.

“Yes, we should interrogate him, I always felt that this…” The sturdy male player could only open his mouth to say a few words before Liu Gan suddenly charged forward. He sent an alloy punch that struck the face of the male player holding Jiang JinYuan hostage. Immediately, his face caved in with the nose and eyes collapsing inward, and without a sound he dropped to the floor. The machete in his hand also fell.

Liu Gan was waiting for this moment when the machete left Jiang JinYuan’s neck, so Jiang JinYuan’s life wasn’t in any life threatening situation. That was when Liu Gan had no further concerns.

“You…” The sturdy-male player said while feeling that the situation had turned sour. Raising his iron rod to prepare to fight, along with the two other males to surround Liu Gan. Unexpectedly, Liu Gan got even closer and strangled the male player’s neck. Only “kacha” could be heard as the neck cracked, and the sturdy-male player’s eyes became dull. His body just dropped to the ground.

The other two males raised their machetes and charged at Liu Gan. Liu Gan raised the body of the sturdy-male player and and threw it at the two other males. The force of the thrown body crashed into the two male players wielding machetes and sent them flying.

Liu Gan was scary with the fire axe, but even empty-handed, Liu Gan could also be frightening. Both his hands and feet were no different from an iron claw and an iron hammer. In addition, he was already level 5, so his strength and speed had increased dramatically. If there were other players that were level 5, they still couldn’t be a match against Liu Gan. So with these players at level 4 and below, it was as easy as crushing ants.

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