The Trembling World

Chapter 66

Chapter 66: Biochemical Intelligence Laboratory

Looking at this mother and daughter pair, Jiang JinYuan did not know why, but it led to him to think about his wife and daughter in the real world. He was afraid that he would not be able to reunite with them. If he’s not around, who would take care of them and what would their future be like, he wondered.

The only way would be to finish this task and let the company compensate them with a huge sum of money. It would then be considered letting their future have some certainty.

When he thought of his wife and daughter, Jiang JinYuan sympathised with Cheng Qi and Yao Yi even more.

“If I bring them along, then how am I supposed to escort you to the laboratory? Do you think I have the ability to protect so many people?” Liu Gan asked Jiang JinYuan. In this post-apocalyptic world, the number of people who were pitiful and needed to be saved were immensely huge. However, he wasn’t a savior of the world. In this type of situation where he was not in a rush, he would still stop and assist those in need and save anyone he could.

“Yes, you did not bring LuLu along with us,” Jiang JinYuan sighed.

“Let’s go! The weather is taking a turn for the worse. A thunderstorm might be arriving soon.” Liu Gan gazed at the ominous dark clouds in the horizon and urged Jiang JinYuan.

“If we cannot bring them along, can we at least send them to a safe place? If not, what was the point in saving them? They will still be dead.” Jiang JinYuan unwillingly pleaded to Liu Gan. After thinking of his wife and daughter in the real world, he was not able to steel himself and leave them in the lurch.

“In [The Trembling World], there will be people getting killed and bullied every minute and every second. Do you think we are able to care so much? We are not some savior of the world. The two of us are just normal human beings. Having the ability to survive is the most important. If you keep dilly-dallying, then I am going to leave you alone here.” Liu Gan sullenly replied.

“Alright, but please give me a few minutes more.” Jiang JinYuan replied to Liu Gan and walked to Cheng Qi’s side.

Cheng Qi was feeling a bit lost. She looked at Jiang Jin Yuan and then turned to Liu Gan. Originally, she was worried that Liu Gan had malicious intent, so she was already grateful that he was not going to harm them. The thought of them continuing to help her did not even cross her mind.

“From this place, walk towards that direction. After crossing one street, you will be able to see the Bureau of Industry and Commerce of Nanjing City. Continue to walk forward and you will be able to see the Lucky Garden District. In that district, there is a girl called LuLu. If she is not in unit one on the third floor of block two, then she will most likely be at unit three on the fifth floor of block one. That girl is pretty amazing. She is able to kill zombies, and she is kind-hearted. The both of you can rely on her for protection.” Jiang JinYuan drew a map on the floor and explained to Cheng Qi.

“I know where the Lucky Garden District is.” Cheng Qi nodded her head. She was originally a resident of this area.

“You must stay strong since she has already lost her father. If you do not stay strong, you will not be able to protect your daughter.” Jiang JinYuan encouraged Cheng Qi. He unconsciously thought of his own wife and daughter, and a tear could be seen coming out from the corner of his eyes.

“Thank you.” Cheng Qi looked at Jiang JinYuan gratefully. In this post-apocalyptic world, not everyone was as vicious and perverted as Zhao Hui. There were also good and kind people like Liu Gan and Jiang JinYuan. Regarding Liu Gan’s unwillingness to bring them along, she understood and accepted it. Furthermore, Jiang JinYuan was helping her by telling her of a safe place that she could go to.

“If you meet any evil people again, then you must definitely fight against them bravely. Do not let them have the chance of harming you again.” Jiang JinYuan instructed Cheng Qi.

“En.” Cheng Qi gripped tightly onto the machete that belonged to ChenChen and nodded her head.

“You must stay strong! You must continue to live!” Jiang JinYuan wiped his tears away and shouted to Cheng Qi. He then quickly caught up with Liu Gan who had walked off earlier while clutching his luggage.

Even though what Jiang JinYuan said was for Cheng Qi to hear, in actual fact, it was as though he was telling his own wife and daughter. At this point, he wanted to be able to reach the laboratory quickly. No matter how difficult it would be, he wanted to complete his mission so as to allow his wife and daughter to be able to continue living even if he was not able to be by their side.

While he was holding the PDA, it clearly showed all the status and presence of zombies in the radius of a few hundred metres. Even if it was only once every ten minutes, it was more than sufficient.

When there were places with zombie mobs, Liu Gan could avoid them. Whereas when the path had no zombies or one with a few zombies, Liu Gan would just rush forward and clear them with his axe.

With the help of the search function, plus the fact that he had only brought Jiang JinYuan alone, the speed at which they were moving towards San Xing building was very fast. Furthermore he had come from that direction the day before. Hence, he was quite familiar with the area.

After he took care of the two scumbags Zhao Hui and Chen Chen, Liu Gan and Jiang JinYuan arrived at the vicinity of San Xing building shortly after. However, in front of the building a huge number of zombies were lounging about.

As he did not pay much attention yesterday, after some scrutinizing, Liu Gan realized that the majority of the zombies were middle-aged women. It should be because these women would frequently gather at this area for mass dancing. So when they turned into zombies, other than following the other zombies drifting around in search of food, they would most of the time return to this area.

“You said that that place is San Xing’s laboratory?” Liu Gan pointed at the distant building and asked Jiang JinYuan.

“En, it should be correct. The biochemical intelligence laboratory should be in this place.” Jiang Jin Yuan nodded his head, and he took the PDA from Liu Gan and continuously pressed on the screen.

“Doesn’t San Xing corporation exist in the real world? What is happening in the laboratory?” Liu Gan asked as he knew that the question was of great significance.

“It should be modeled after the one in the real world, I guess? You should know that the producers and programmers are quite sick in their mind. It would be possible for them to have placed a zombie boss here…” Jiang Jin Yuan jokingly replied Liu Gan.

“Indeed they are quite sick.” Liu Gan did not ask any more questions, as he surveyed the surroundings. The sky was getting darker and according to the situation, the thunderstorm should not be too far off. He would have to think of ways to enter the building with Jiang JinYuan as soon as possible.

“What methods do you think are feasible to get us safely into the building?” Liu Gan asked Jiang JinYuan. Whether in real life or the virtual world, Jiang JinYuan was the most familiar with the vicinity, layout of the building, and the laboratory.

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