The Trembling World

Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Should Hit The Road

“You…” Zhao Hui looked at Liu Gan, and the look on his face became even more desperate.

“Let me stab him a couple more times then!” Cheng Qi quickly approached after hearing what Liu Gan had said.

“If you poke him with that many holes, you might accidentally hit an artery and cause him to die. That’s exactly what he wants. If you truly want to avenge your husband, then the best choice would be to put him in a state where he would wish he was dead.” Liu Gan advised Cheng Qi.

“How do I do that?” Cheng Qi asked Liu Gan. She was not good at these kinds of things. Also, the craziness she displayed earlier made her afraid of herself. In particular, her daughter Yao Yi, who had been constantly terrified, now had a blank look in her eyes and hadn’t spoken ever since.

“I’ll teach you.”

Liu Gan took out a few strips of cloth and bound Zhao Hui’s mouth first. Afterwards, he tied up Zhao Hui’s thighs and upper arms, firmly binding them so as to not let him bleed to death when his hands and feet were cut off.

“What are you planning to do?” Zhao Hui fearfully peered at Liu Gan. This man did such dreadful things with such a calm demeanor, which made Zhao Hui again feel as if he was looking at himself.

But now, the one being injured was him!

“You’ll see soon enough.” Liu Gan answered Zhao Hui before forcefully pulling Zhao Hui’s fractured arm straight. He then swung the firefighter’s axe that he was holding up high with his other arm towards the area slightly away from where he had bound Zhao Hui’s arm.


Zhao Hui again let out a heart-rending, lung-splitting cry. After the arm was cut off, the alloy watch that was on it suddenly disappeared, reappearing on his other arm.

While Liu Gan was punishing Zhao Hui, he was also passively conducting an experiment to see what would make the alloy watch disappear. This was a rare opportunity to test this theory while a player was still alive.

Since the alloy watch appeared on the other arm, Liu Gan, consequently, used the axe to chop off Zhao Hui’s other arm. The alloy watch once again disappeared from Zhao Hui’s severed arm, and it appeared on one of his ankles this time.

Thus, Liu Gan again cut off the leg wearing the alloy watch, and the alloy watch once again mysteriously appeared Zhao Hui’s other leg. Without a pause, Liu Gan once again waved the axe in his hand, cutting off Zhao Hui’s other leg. In the end, the alloy watch transformed into an alloy ring wrapped around Zhao Hui’s neck.


There seemed to be no way of removing this thing except for Liu Gan to cut off Zhao Hui’s neck, but that would mean completely killing Zhao Hui. The alloy watch would then turn into a dark mist dissolve into nothingness.

Zhao Hui immediately fell unconscious from the pain of having both of his arms and legs cut off. But Liu Gan very quickly discouraged this by pinching his philtrum, which caused him to come to. How could he sleep and not fully enjoy such a wonderful moment?

After cutting off Zhao Hui’s arms and legs, Liu Gan took out a lighter and burned off the severed areas. He applied some antibiotic medicine and then took out several stips of clean cloth. He bandaged the wounds so Zhao Hui wouldn’t die so quickly from an infectious wound.

“You are crueler than me and more evil. You and I are the same kind of person! You will go to hell with me!” Zhao Hui endured the pain and gaspingly cursed at Liu Qian. He had now deeply experienced what it felt like to be in hell because right now he was in hell…. No, more like he was in purgatory.

“You and I are not the same kind of person. You are evil for no particular reason, and I am evil towards evil. Therefore, the one going to hell is just you. I will live for a hundred years and send even more people just like you to hell.” Liu Gan once again tightly bound Zhao Hui’s mouth before walking in front of ChenChen.

“Big brother, he did all the bad things! I didn’t do anything! Ask that Aunt if you don’t believe me! All of this has nothing to do with me…” After seeing what Liu Gan did to Zhao Hui, ChenChen had long since been scared out of his wits. Seeing Liu Gan coming over with the axe, he thus implored Liu Gan.

“Birds of a feather flock together. What good results from staying together with scum like that?” Liu Gan coldly questioned ChenChen.

“Uncle, Auntie! Please help me! I don’t want to be cut down by him.” ChenChen pleaded while turning his head towards Jiang JinYuan and Cheng Qi.

“When your comrade was slaughtering my husband and bullying my daughter and me, what did you do? Don’t try to act blameless! You were his accomplice!” Chen Qi’s eyes showed an intense cold expression and was unwilling to help ChenChen ask for leniency.

Liu Gan also ignored this nonsense. After stuffing ChenChen’s mouth shut, he bound him until he became a human stick within a few seconds. He stopped after giving ChenChen the same treatment as he gave Zhao Hui. Even if someone helped ChenChen by asking for leniency earlier, Liu Gan would not have stopped. When Zhao Hui tried and failed to sneakily attack Liu Gan, ChenChen had attacked him from behind with a machete. Although he missed, this was still definitely unforgivable.

“Now they can only ask for a quick death. So if you want revenge, there’s no need to do anything else, and letting them live a few days would be enough. Sometimes, the feeling of wanting to die but being unable to is even more painful than dying itself.” After finishing up everything he did, Liu Gan spoke to Cheng Qi.

No one had more experience than Liu Gan when it came to losing both arms and legs and wanting to be dead rather than alive. He didn’t mind letting these two human lowlifes fully experience this feeling.

“Thank you.” Cheng Qi again teared up

This robust man had a few similarities with Zhao Hui, like maintaining a calm expression while doing such cruel things. But it was very clear to Cheng Qi, that this man and Zhao Hui were not similar people. She was full of gratitude towards this man. Whatever this man did or asked of her right now, she would gladly oblige.

“We should hit the road. ” Liu Gan clapped his hands to call out to Jiang JinYuan.

“Is our benefactor going already?” Cheng Qi looked at Liu Gan with a surprised look

“I already did a lot for you, but I can’t help you anymore.” Liu Gan shook his head.

“Don’t tell me you’re leaving them here?” Jiang JinYuan asked Liu Gan.

“Do you think I still haven’t done enough for them?” Liu Gan frowned. He was not a knight or a savior, and his mercy and kindness had a limit.

“This mother and daughter pair… If we don’t bring them along, they would probably find it difficult to survive in this post-apocalyptic world. They might run into bad people again.” Jiang JinYuan couldn’t help but mention this to Liu Gan.

Back when Liu Gan had left LuLu at the Lucky Garden District, he had also wanted to ask Liu Gan to bring her along. But back then, he had been a bit worried that Liu Gan would go back on his word and not escort him to the laboratory, thus he restrained himself and kept quiet.

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