The Trembling World

Chapter 63

Chapter 63: Exploiting An Opportunity

Right at this moment, Liu Gan’s enhanced sense of smell caught something. He slightly frowned as he followed the smell to the restaurant at the side of the street and, with his foot, kicked open the restaurant’s front doors before scanning the inside.

Liu Gan saw the mother and daughter pair tied up inside the restaurant with a cloth tied over their mouths. Seeing Liu Gan enter, they looked at him as if asking for help, but their gazes were filled with even more fear. This was because they didn’t know the personality of the person who had just came in.

Liu Gan approached Cheng Qi and removed the strip of cloth from her mouth. He was about to start questioning her when Cheng Qi cut him off.

“I beg you, please help us….” Cheng Qi pleaded with Liu Gan. This man looked a bit violent, so she did not know whether he was more wicked than Zhao Hui, but right now she had no other choice.

“Did the two men outside tie you up in this place?” Liu Gan asked Cheng Qi.

“Yes.” Cheng Qi nodded while looking at Liu Gan in fear.

Just now she was beside the restaurant’s front doors when she had heard someone screaming from the outside, not knowing who it was exactly. After Liu Gan opened the restaurant’s front door, it seemed as if the ones who were screaming had been Zhao Hui and ChenChen. Could it be that this was the man who had beaten those two up?

She did not know if she and her daughter were really finally saved or if they had just fallen into an even worse living hell. But even if this man was wicked, he couldn’t possibly be as wicked as Zhao Hui right?

“What do you need me to do for you?” Liu Gan asked Cheng Qi.

“Please let my daughter go, and I will do anything for you.” Cheng Qi clearly misunderstood Liu Gan’s intentions. As a woman lacking even the basic strength to truss a chicken, when faced with two evils, she could only choose the lesser of the two. It no longer mattered what would happen to her now. She only wanted her own daughter to escape this living hell.

[942: without the strength to truss a chicken -> refers to her physical condition being very poor]

Liu Gan frowned and stayed silent before leaving the restaurant. When Cheng Qi saw that Liu Gan didn’t even untie her bindings, she once again began to despair. In this post-apocalyptic world, aside from her own relatives, there was no one to trust and depend on. Why would others save and help her? Maybe this man was more cruel than the first two?

Shortly after he left, Liu Gan walked back into the restaurant. This time he held the screaming Zhao Hui in one hand and the screaming Chen Chen in the other. These two were currently missing arms and legs, and their bodies were covered in blood while their pale faces displayed expressions of extreme pain.

Not knowing why, when she finally realize what was going on in front of her very eyes, Cheng Qi all of a sudden no longer felt afraid. Instead, she felt fury brewing deep down within her for revenge. Zhao Hui and ChenChen had killed her husband, and they despicably turned him into BBQ. Taking things even further, they even tried to humiliate her and her daughter. Now that a person, much more evil than them, had maimed them, even if she died, even if she was humiliated by this sturdy man, she would still feel more at peace than before.

Liu Gan threw both Zhao Hui and ChenChen on the ground of the restaurant’s first floor. Then, he then stomped on their legs with his own alloy leg, stopping only until they were completely broken. During this process, Zhao Hui and Chen Chen let out even more mournful wails.

“Right! Serves you right! You beasts! Smash them into smithereens!” Seeing Liu Gan’s stomps and hearing their screams, Cheng Qi who was lying on the corner cursed out nonstop, the expression on her face somewhat crazy.

While dragging the suitcase, Jiang JinYuan arrived at the restaurant doors. Upon seeing the bloody scene, he could not help but shake his head. He did not go in, and he just watched while trying to figure out exactly what was going on and why Liu Gan did these things.

Liu Gan crippled both Zhao Hui’s and Chen Chen’s legs. Then he walked over to Cheng Qi and her daughter to remove the black strips of cloth that were stuffed into their mouths.

“Thank you! Thank you very much! Thank you for avenging us! You are our great benefactor. I will willingly serve you! I will do anything you ask!” Cheng Qi cried as she expressed her gratitude towards Liu Gan. While thanking Liu Gan, she hoped that he would not touch her daughter.

“What happened here earlier? What did they do to you?” Liu Gan stopped Cheng Qi and asked.

“Our family of three went out to look for food, but we found nothing in this place. When we were about to leave…” Cheng Qi cried as she narrated the things to Liu Gan. She spoke about Zhao Hui smashing her husband’s knee. While speaking about being forced to eat roasted meat, she couldn’t help but charge towards Zhao Hui and kick him.

“If you want to kick, then kick at the area where his bones are broken, so that it hurts even more. Or pour some salt on his wounds; that will surely be excruciating.” After watching, Liu Gan gave Cheng Qi some advice.

“Big brother, do you have to be so cruel?” After hearing Liu Gan’s words, Zhao Hui could not help but protest out loud.

Following Liu Gan’s advice, Cheng Qi violently kicked at where Zhao Hui was holding, which was the broken part of his leg. Afterwards, she looked for her knapsack and took out a bag of salt. She scattered it on every wound on Zhao Hui’s body. Sure enough, Zhao Hui painfully howled.

“These two really deserve to die!” After hearing the narration, Jiang JinYuan finally understood what had happened. He walked in and gave Zhao Hui and ChenChen each a kick.

“You know that death is not enough to pay for their sins, right? If we had believed them earlier and took them with us, they would have already taken action and killed me. They would then have slowly started to torture you to death and possibly even make you into roasted meat.” Liu Gan coldly snorted.

“They are newly arrived players. In just two days time, how can they be corrupted so quickly? Listening to the story, they didn’t go hungry the day before because they ate human meat. This doesn’t make any sense.” An unfathomable look appeared on Jiang JinYuan’s face when he saw that the alloy watch was not broken on Zhao Hui’s and Chen Chen’s wrists.

“I bet these people have already eaten human meat back in the real world and did the same cruel things. Upon entering the game and seeing that there were no legal constraints, they became even worse and more unbridled. He did these things not to stave off hunger but simply for the thrill of it.” Liu Gan answered Jiang JinYuan.

“How could they have done that in the real world? How is that possible? That would definitely be impossible!” Jiang Jin Yuan shook his head. His simple mind and ordinary life experience made him unable to believe everything that Liu Gan had said.

“If you two big brothers agree to one thing, I will help you solve this mystery!” After listening to Liu Gan and Jiang JinYuan’s debate, Zhao Hui felt that he could exploit this opportunity and immediately approached them.