The Trembling World

Chapter 61

[Character List: Family of three: Father (Yao WeiDong), Mother (Cheng Qi), Daughter (Yao Yi). Two players: Zhao Hui, ChenChen

Chapter 61: Good Behavior

After tying up Cheng Qi and Yao Yi, Zhao Hui lectured ChenChen about the rules of surviving in this post-apocalyptic world. Afterwards, the two of them carried Yao Weidong’s body into the kitchen at the back of the restaurant.

After a while, some smoke and strange fragrance of BBQ drifted over from the kitchen’s direction.

Both the mother and daughter seemed to understand what the BBQ aroma meant. They were lying on the ground with tears flowing nonstop. Their hearts were desperate and the anger and fear they felt reached the extreme.

Cheng Qi wanted to seize the opportunity when the two men went into the kitchen to break free of the ropes and escape through the restaurant’s open front door with her daughter. But after struggling against the bindings on her hands and feet, she discovered that she couldn’t move at all. This made her even more desperate.

Her heart shuddered, as she thought of the things that she and her daughter Yao Yi would experience if they were unable to leave this place.

“Fresh BBQ is delicious! I never thought that finding food in this post-apocalyptic world would be so difficult. You can only find a lot of things to eat by using your head.” After ten or so minutes, Zhao Hui and ChenChen cheerfully walked out of the kitchen. Zhao Hui proudly imparted post-apocalyptic survival skills to ChenChen as they walked.

After returning to the restaurant in the first floor hall, ChenChen walked to the entrance and looked around outside. The weather was even gloomier than the weather this morning, and it always seemed as if a thunderstorm was coming. It looked like they may be staying the night in this restaurant. With Cheng Qi and Yao Yi to keep them company, surely tonight would be entertaining?

The previous night, he and Zhao Hui had an extremely wonderful and exciting time. He had never encountered something so wonderful in his entire life. Recalling that unforgettable scene made him unimaginably excited, and he greatly looked forward to experiencing it again. This time it would be with Cheng Qi and Yao Yi.

Zhao Hui looked at ChenChen who stood beside the door, then walked towards Cheng Qi and her daughter. He then brought out a steaming piece of fresh BBQ in front of Cheng Qi and told her to eat it.

“I won’t eat!” Cheng Qi cried loudly.

“You won’t eat? What we’re going to do next requires a lot of energy. If you don’t eat your fill, how will you keep up?” Zhao Hui said with a stern face.

“What are you planning to do?” Cheng Qi looked panic-stricken.

“What do you think? Anyway, if you won’t eat, then I’ll just have your daughter come to my room first.” Zhao Hui pointed at Yao Yi while threatening Cheng Qi.

“I beg you, spare us!” Cheng Qi once again implored Zhao Hui. Her worst fear was about to happen.

“Boss, it seems like someone’s coming!” ChenChen who was standing near the door and looking at the weather outside heard distant footsteps coming from the street corner.

“There are voices as well.” ChenChen said in a hushed voice.

Zhao Hui vigilantly stood up, walked to the side of the door, and gave a quick look down the street. Discovering that there really were two men walking over, he immediately took up two strips of rags from his knapsack and separately gagged the mouths of Cheng Qi and Yao Yi.

“If you dare make a move, I’ll roast your daughter alive!” Zhao Hui threatened Cheng Qi and then, afterwards, went out of the restaurant’s front door.

“Come with me. I’ll teach you how to easily dispatch that brute!” Zhao Hui dropped the iron rod onto the ground and reached for the dagger at his waist. He then came out of the restaurant with ChenChen before shutting its doors closed.

The two men who were talking while coming down the corner of the street were actually Liu Gan and Jiang JinYuan. They were headed for the laboratory of the San Xing Corporation’s branch office. Based on Liu Gan’s suggestion, Jiang JinYuan had earlier changed his work clothes to dress like an ordinary player. This was to avoid drawing too much attention and causing unnecessary trouble while on the road.

[xDh20: GG boy, you better run from LG]

Seeing a lone young man trotting over to meet them, Liu Gan stopped walking and frowned at him. Observing the man’s skinny physique, Liu Gan didn’t perceive him as a threat. Liu Gan felt that he could deal with the lone man with one swing of the axe if the man dared to make a move.

The person trotting over was Zhao Hui. He lifted both his hands up in the air to show he meant no harm, and then he stopped and smiled when he was a few meters away from Liu Gan.

“Hello, big brothers!” Zhao Hui bowed to Liu Gan and Jiang JinYuan. He very quickly observed that between the two, Liu Gan was tall, strong, and looked cold. He should be the main force of the group while Jiang JinYuan looked harmless and probably did not have any fighting strength.

“What do you want?” Liu Gan frowned at Zhao Hui. His strengthened vision clearly saw that the look in the young man’s eyes was somewhat evasive—the kind that he loathed.

“Surviving in this post-apocalyptic place is very hard. We two brothers wish to rely on you big brothers and follow your lead. Would you let us be your lackeys?” Zhao Hui grimaced.

“I’m not interested in taking you in.” Liu Gan rejected Zhao Hui’s request.

“Don’t be so cruel big brother! We brothers are quick on our hands and feet. We can help you carry your bags and help you run errands. Just giving us a bit of food to eat so we don’t die from hunger is good enough.” Zhao Hui respectfully stepped aside and continued to implore Liu Gan.

ChenChen also walked over, following behind Zhao Hui. His eyes could not help but look at the big knapsack behind Liu Gan and the suitcase in Jiang JinYuan’s hand. Although BBQ tasted good, he was, however, already tired of eating only BBQ. It would be nice if there were some other food.

“I see they seem to be quick on their hands and feet. Rather than stay on the side, they can help us carry our bags or something. Also, they are young guys, so if you spend time to train them, they will certainly be much more powerful than LuLu. On this trip, the more people we have, the better.” Jiang JinYuan looked at Zhao Hai and suggested this to Liu Gan.

Dragging the suitcase while on the road, Jiang JinYuan was already feeling very tired. It would be best if he could get someone to substitute for him and drag the suitcase.

“Okay. However, whether I take you in or not at all depends on your behavior.” Liu Gan was silent for a moment and then nodded in agreement.

“Great! Big brother! We will definitely be on our best behavior. We won’t let you down!” Zhao Hui looked very excited. After winking to ChenChen to the side, the two walked over towards Liu Gan.

“First, help me carry this knapsack! I’m dead tired!” Liu Gan dropped the knapsack from his back onto the ground, pretending to look very tired. While he stretched out his muscles, he intentionally left his back unguarded to Zhao Hui.

“What’s inside your knapsack big brother? It’s so heavy.” After walking over, Zhao Hui tried to lift the knapsack and asked Liu Gan. He secretly reached towards the concealed dagger on his waist and grasped it in his hand.