The Trembling World

Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Brave

“I’m not upset with you! I can kill it!” After LuLu replied to Liu Gan, she focused on the zombie in front of her. Recalling the words Liu Gan cursed her with a moment ago, she felt furious and utterly humiliated. She also felt that she had no more face, so she vented all of her fury onto the zombie in front of her.

After successfully dodging the zombie’s attack, LuLu viciously swung the hatchet at the zombie’s nape area. The zombie immediately fell to the ground after receiving such a heavy attack. LuLu rushed forward, stepped on its back, and swung the hatchet twice, effortlessly cutting off the zombie’s head.

After channeling her anger, she indeed was able to produce an even more powerful fighting strength! If Pan Hua were still alive to see this scene, he definitely wouldn’t believe that this was the weak female game broadcaster he knew from before.

“Very good. You have proven that you’re not a pig; however, this is still far from enough!” Liu Gan once again rushed out of the district’s rear exit and brought back a zombie.

LuLu was becoming more and more skilled, continuously killing more than ten zombies in a row. She only encountered dangerous situations at the beginning. Afterwards, she completed everything without Liu Gan’s assistance—killing everything perfectly. This gradually gave her more and more confidence in battle while Liu Gan had fewer opportunities to curse at her.

After Liu Gan went out again, he brought back two zombies this time: one with both arms intact and the other with both arms cut off by Liu Gan.

“If you don’t want to die, become their food, or become a pig again, then don’t let them flank you! If you feel something’s off then quickly run away and draw them out to form a line. Afterwards, turn around and evade their attack while looking for an opportunity to strike…” Liu Gan continued to shout instructions at LuLu from nearby.

Having built the foundation from the training earlier, LuLu easily killed the zombie with both arms intact. Then she killed the one with both arms cut off, so there wasn’t an opportunity for Liu Gan to call her a pig.

Liu Gan once again brought back two zombies…

The hour of training that was originally planned, unknowingly, became three hours.

Under Liu Gan’s guidance, LuLu killed at least a hundred zombies in these three hours, but she still hadn’t reached level 4. But now she could easily handle a pair of zombies with both arms intact at the same time. With three hours of training as her baptism (ED:rite of passage or coming-of-age ceremony), she was no longer the same weak girl who relied on other people’s protection and who could only wait for death.

In the final half hour of training, Liu Gan couldn’t find a single opportunity to call her a pig.

Although [The Trembling World] was filled with danger everywhere, it also let people grow quickly. Changes that were impossible in the real world, even after several years, only took a few hours in this place. The human race, only when faced with dire situations and constant death, could they tap into and display their full potential.

“This is the final test, so be careful!” Liu Gan once again left through the district’s rear exit after speaking with LuLu. When he returned, he brought back around seven to eight zombies.

After LuLu killed the first two zombies, she was very quickly surrounded by the remaining ones. This made her become extremely frightened. Blocked on her left and on her right, she was surrounded by danger, so she was finally forced to look to Liu Gan for help.

Liu Gan was standing nearby when Lulu was about to be pounced on by the surrounding zombies, so he easily knocked them all down in a few seconds.

“Thank you.” LuLu was scared half to death, so she instinctively thanked Liu Gan.

“Thanks, my arse! So many zombies are charging at you, and you still act this careless? Why didn’t you quickly turning around to escape? Do you know what it means to act according to the situation? Do you know what it means to use your brain? You still really are a pig! You are so dumb that I don’t know how else to describe you!” Liu Gan finally found once again an opportunity to curse at LuLu.

It was very clear that these last seven or eight zombies were not for combat training, but rather, survival training to test LuLu’s ability to adapt. However, LuLu’s reaction to the situation once again disappointed Liu Gan.

“But you didn’t tell me…” LuLu’s face had a very grieved expression.

“Training is already over! In the future, there won’t be someone around you cursing at you. Let me tell you, everything depends on yourself! When something happens, use your head! This is a not a place where you survive with your looks, but rather with your head! Your head! Understand?” Liu Gan pointed at his head and berated LuLu a few more times.

“I got it.” Lulu looked down. Since she was born, no one had ever scolded her this harshly with such nasty words. But in her heart, she couldn’t bear to get angry at him.

“If you want to rely on your own strength to survive, learning to kill zombies is not enough. In this world, the most frightening things are not zombies, but rather the remaining survivors and other players.

In a post-apocalyptic place, humanity’s ugly side was fully revealed. When you run into these kinds of people, you shouldn’t be kindhearted. Don’t naively believe everything they say, and don’t be overly sympathetic. Otherwise, even if you have already mastered killing zombies, you will die by these people’s hands sooner or later.” Liu Gan told LuLu in a milder tone.

Liu Gan considered the promise he made to Pan Hua to teach LuLu how to kill zombies fulfilled; incidentally, he also taught her a few survival skills. He did not consider these several hours as not wasted on her. If she could listen to these words, it would be her good fortune, but if she chose to ignore them, then that would be her fate.

“Is humanity that bad? I don’t think so. You saved me so many times, and you have always been helping me.” LuLu replied to Liu Gan, bravely looking him in the eyes.

“I helped you because I promised Pan Hua.” Liu Gan looked away.

“You weren’t even on friendly terms with him. You helped me because deep down you are very kindhearted. You deliberately act indifferent to hide that side of you.” LuLu continued speaking.

“Don’t fancy yourself to be a psychologist! Men are far more complicated than you can imagine.” Liu Gan coldly replied to her, and after calling Jiang JinYuan, walked in big strides towards a residence near the district’s entrance. It was the same residence that he helped find for Pan Hua and LuLu to use as temporary shelter.

The training took longer than expected. It was now almost noon. LuLu went ahead into the residence and carried Dong Dong over. The three adults and one child ate a simple lunch together—mainly bread, biscuits, and instant noodles prepared by LuLu.

Dong Dong became slightly more familiar with the three. He probably realized that they meant no harm, and he eventually stopped looking afraid. After eating his fill, he held his toy airplane and ran around the table.

“Brave! Transform to helium suspension mode!” Dong Dong stopped beside LuLu, lifted his toy airplane, and said in a loud voice.

“It’s called Brave?” LuLu asked while eating her noodles.

“Yes, my grandpa is the captain onboard Brave airship!” Dong Dong proudly replied.

[xDh20: So in the previous chapters, I wrote the toy from Dong Dong as “Brave model”, upon further investigation it is actually a spirit rover as seen here ]

[ED: Looks like they might end up traveling continents or countries in the future.]