The Trembling World

Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Insensitive and Inconsiderate

Seeing that LuLu finally killed the zombie, Liu Gan at last regained a bit of confidence in her. As a result, he left via the district’s rear exit again.

Liu Gan lured another zombie over, but this time he only cut off one of its arms, which let it retain some fighting power.

“This time don’t be in a hurry to kill it. Carefully study its attack pattern and practice dodging its clawing attack.” Liu Gan explained these training methods to LuLu while he clutched the back of the zombie’s neck with one hand and twisted the zombie’s arm with his other hand.

“Will the zombie still be as ferocious as before?” LuLu asked Liu Gan. Even though she wasn’t as scared as before, she was still a little bit worried because the zombie now had one arm intact.

“Yes. Once the zombie sees a target, the zombie will instinctively rush over and jump attack it. When the distance of this jump attack is around one or two meters away from you, the zombie will speed up further. After speeding up, the zombie will have a strong forward momentum. As long as you grasp the right timing to sidestep the zombie the instant it speeds up, the zombie will be unable to jump attack you. However, the timing is very important. Dodging too early will cause the zombie to change direction, but dodging too late will result in you being caught.

[xDh20: The way the zombie attacked, might be a skill, but for now I don’t think we will name it yet. Until there’s more details from the author]

“After failing the first jump attack, the zombie will stumble forward for a few steps. After which, it will turn around and initiate another jump attack on you. The zombie is the most unbalanced when it turns around. You must rush towards it in that instant and forcefully kick it. This kick will knock it to the ground with enough force. After it is knocked down, getting rid of the zombie will be significantly easier. Of course, you are only practicing the sidestepping and kicking right now. There’s no rush to kill the zombie.” Liu Gan turned towards LuLu as he explained these specific instructions.

These were the experiences and tactics gained from his previous battles with zombies, which was very useful to the current LuLu who had almost no experience in dealing with zombies.

The current Liu Gan no longer needed to use these kinds of tactics. If a zombie charged at him, he would immediately use his fist or axe to deal with it or send it flying with a jumping roundhouse kick. The zombies would definitely not have any chance to jump attack him.

“Wait… there’s one more thing!” LuLu immediately blurted this out, as she saw Liu Gan preparing to release the zombie.

“What is it?”

“When you swing the axe, do you get any blisters on your hand? I am not sure why my hands have so many blisters, and it is very painful…” LuLu bit the bullet and asked Liu Gan while opening her pale, bloodied hands for him to see her blisters.

“Grab a clean piece of clothing from the zombies on the floor that has not been stained with blood or zombie fluid. Then use your machete to cut it into strips and wrap it as tightly as possible around your hands. This will prevent blisters from forming when you are swinging the axe to kill zombies.” Liu Gan frowned and considered for a moment before replying LuLu.

LuLu looked at the zombies on the ground. Use their clothes? Would the blood infect her if it touched her hand? She hesitated for a moment before removing her jacket, so she could cut it into strips to wrap around her hand. After all, she was starting to feel warm while wearing too many layer of clothes. Killing all these zombies also caused her to work up a sweat.

Jiang JinYuan, who was originally looking at Liu Gan and LuLu listlessly, suddenly became spirited when LuLu took off her jacket. Jiang JinYuan eyed LuLu who was wearing a crop top with short shorts over her voluptuous body and her soft, white tender-looking skin. If this wasn’t an apocalyptic world, this gorgeous lady walking down the street would surely turn more than a few heads.

After sensing the somewhat indecent look of Jiang JinYuan, LuLu slightly raised her eyebrow and subconsciously glanced in Liu Gan’s direction to see his reaction. To her dismay, Liu Gan was waiting impatiently for her to get ready while stepping on the body of the zombie. He did not even give her a second look.

“I’m ready.” LuLu wrapped the piece of clothing around her hand and took a few steps back while holding the axe with both hands.

Liu Gan lifted his leg and violently kicked the zombie towards LuLu.

From her past experience of dealing with armless zombies, LuLu was much calmer this time around. She followed Liu Gan’s instructions and started the training to learn how to dodge and kick the zombie to the ground. Very quickly she realised that even though Liu Gan’s advice was very simple and straight forward, it was still very useful. If she could grasp the timing well, the zombie wouldn’t be able to jump attack her that easily, and LuLu could kick the zombie to the ground without breaking a sweat.

However, due to her not being familiar with dodging, there were a few times where she was thrust into a dangerous situation during the training. Thankfully, Liu Gan who was guiding her reacted in time to stop the zombie from jump attacking her. After dozens of attempts, LuLu finally completely grasped the technique to deal with the zombie. She could easily dodge the assault of the zombie and accurately kick the zombie to the ground.

However, during this period of training, she was reprimanded by Liu Gan countless times. In her whole life, no one had called her a pig so many times. Due to the scolding, she started to doubt her own intelligence and wondered if she was really that stupid.

After the training with the one-handed zombie, Liu Gan left the premises and attracted another zombie. However this time, Liu Gan did not cause any harm to the zombie and wanted LuLu to engage in a battle with it.

The current LuLu should not underestimate the fighting power of a zombie. An uninjured zombie with both its hands has a significantly higher combat capability than one that has lost an arm. Even though LuLu successfully killed the one-armed zombie before, if not for the protection of Liu Gan, she would have been caught and bitten by the zombie a few times.

Thankfully, LuLu had already leveled to level 3. Her strength, speed, and reaction time had increased by a large amount. Her hearing and vision were much more acute and after thirty minutes of grueling zombie training, she had instinctively reacted to the assault of the zombie. Being able to kick the zombie down to the ground became second nature to her after the practice.

If not for the fact that she had leveled to level 3, she would most probably be out of energy and lying on the ground exhausted. The benefits from leveling up in [The Trembling World] were very obviously substantial.

“You are already so flustered when facing a single zombie. What if several zombies surrounded you? You are so stupid that I have nothing else to say. If I say you are a pig, I would be insulting the pigs!” Liu Gan berated LuLu because he was unsatisfied with the progress and performance of LuLu.

When LuLu heard what Liu Gan scolded her with, she had the urge to rush at him and take a bite out of him. However, it was only a thought. LuLu was certain that this insensitive and inconsiderate brute who did know how to treat a girl nicely would use his axe to lop off her head if she dared to do anything to him.

“Why are you looking at me like that? Are you that pissed off at me? Alright then, from now on I will not protect you anymore. If you get bitten, it’s your fault not mine! If not, you better get rid of this zombie! Prove to me that you are not as stupid as a pig!” Liu Gan violently cursed at LuLu and moved a few meters away from the zombie.

[xDh20: So it will get bloody and realistic like the walking dead series VERY SOON. It isn’t for the faint of heart.]