The Trembling World

Chapter 54

Chapter 54: I Can’t Watch Anymore!

If experience points were allocated based on damage dealt, then LuLu’s case simply made no sense. Experience should have been gained based on who dealt the final blow.

Furthermore, this game didn’t completely depend on the number of accumulated zombie kills to level up. It also contained a hidden attribute similar to aptitude, growth value, etc. A person with aptitude could level up by killing a few zombies. A person without aptitude could only level up after killing many more zombies than other players.

LuLu was a female game broadcaster. In the first place, she must have loved playing games. Also, because her work was also related to playing many games, she definitely had aptitude in this field. However, Jiang JinYuan, who worked for San Xing Corporation, dealt with matters not related to the game. In addition, he himself was not fond of games, so his aptitude was very poor. Thus, after killing the same amount of zombies, he gained very little experience compared to both Liu Gan and LuLu.

The result earlier basically validated Liu Gan’s speculation. After killing the tenth zombie, Jiang JinYuan was finally promoted to level 2. Jiang JinYuan wasn’t a dedicated gamer, so this outcome didn’t really matter much to him. If Liu Gan had discovered that he had an aptitude like Jiang JinYuan’s, he would likely immediately look for a few thick trees and bash his own head in.

Jiang JinYuan’s aptitude was extremely poor. He also had little interest in killing zombies for experience points. Liu Gan no longer forced him, naturally not wanting to waste a large amount of time on him. He focused his energy on training LuLu instead, which honored the promise he made earlier to Pan Hua.

Liu Gan soon left through the district’s rear exit. After a few minutes, he brought along four zombies and made LuLu kill them after knocking them down.

After gaining a level, LuLu’s arm strength increased slightly. She chopped through the zombies’ necks with greater ease compared to before. Moreover, her hands did not even tremble this time due to her prior experience, and she finished killing the four zombies very quickly.

Liu Gan remembered that he himself leveled up from level 1 to level 2 after killing his first three zombies. Afterwards, he immediately killed a colossal zombie, which made him go from level 2 directly to level 4. Thus he wasn’t sure as to how many zombies needed to be killed to go from level two to level three and from level three to level four.

LuLu killed four zombies and gained one level. It looked like her aptitude was not too different from his. Based on his past experience playing games, if going from level 1 to level 2 required three to four zombies, then Liu Gan guessed that going from level 2 to level 3 possibly required killing roughly ten to twenty zombies.

Afterwards, Liu Gan ran out no less than five more times. After bringing back twenty zombies for LuLu to cut down, LuLu again experienced a feverish sensation throughout her body. Her alloy watch also showed that she leveled up from level 2 to level 3. Apparently with her aptitude, going from level 2 to level 3 required killing at least over twenty ordinary zombies.

“Do you feel that your strength has increased a great deal compared to before? “ Liu Gan asked LuLu.

“Yes.” LuLu waved the short axe. When she first started, she used both hands to barely lift the short axe. Her arms would ache painfully after waving it a few times, and she would have to grit her teeth just to continue.

But upon reaching level 2, she no longer needed to expend a lot of energy to wave the axe with both hands. She also did not feel as tired as before. Now that she was level 3, she could lightly wave the short axe with one hand. This caused her to be amazed, and she seemed more excited than before.

In a post-apocalyptic world, the most important thing was to have the ability to survive. If it wasn’t for Liu Gan using this method of cheating to help her, she definitely would not have any way to kill zombies to reach level 3. Only by increasing one’s level and strength would a person have the confidence to not lose one’s head out of fear like before when confronting zombies.

“Good, let’s move to actual combat training.” Liu Gan once again rushed out of the district’s rear exit. This time he brought along a zombie, but he did not knock it down. Instead, he chopped off both its arms, and had LuLu fight it.
With both arms cut off and only having both feet, the zombie was still very aggressive. It rushed at LuLu with its mouth wide open, wanting to bite LuLu to pieces. Of course, although it currently looked aggressive, it had already become a toothless tiger. Without both arms, it was unable to grab hold of its target. It was very hard to bite a target with just a wide open mouth.

[xDh20 Note: Toothless tiger/paper tiger: Something not to be feared of.]

However, when LuLu saw the zombie aggressively rushing towards her, her body trembled. She held the axe unsteadily in her hand, and she stood there in a daze.

“Are you a pig? You will die if you don’t cut him down! Nobody will pity a pig like you!” Liu Gan could not help but curse at her when he saw LuLu’s reaction.

Liu Gan’s shouting finally caused LuLu to snap out of it. She immediately raised the axe in her hand and violently hacked at the zombie’s head. The armless zombie, with its forehead split, continued to charge very aggressively, pushing against the axe in LuLu’s hand and nearly knocking LuLu to the floor.

“You pig brain! Its charge is very powerful. Don’t you know how to sidestep? Wouldn’t it be easier to hack the back of its head after moving out of its way?” Liu Gan looked at LuLu speechlessly. He no longer wanted to teach such a stupid student.

With Liu Gan’s criticism, LuLu finally seemed to understand something. She immediately sidestepped the zombie. The forward momentum of the ferociously charging zombie stopped, as it wasn’t able to hit anything. This caused it to stagger while moving forward. LuLu finally found an opportunity and swung the axe towards the back of the zombie’s head.

Unfortunately it didn’t have enough force.

The zombie turned around very quickly. It extended its head with its mouth wide open to again try to bite LuLu. LuLu took a step back in confusion, nearly falling on the ground.

“Kick it while it’s turning! Can you be any stupider? Are you planning on breaking humanity’s limit on stupidity?” Liu Gan watched furiously from the sidelines.

Tears began to form in LuLu’s eyes up due to the scolding, but she still stretched out her leg to kick the zombie. Unfortunately, the opportunity has already passed. Not only did the kick fail to knock the zombie down, but it also caused her own body to stagger. After falling back a few steps, she fell to the floor.

“Crap! I can’t watch this anymore!” Liu Gan banged his head against a tree nearby. If LuLu couldn’t kill this zombie, he would no longer continue teaching her.

With great effort, LuLu crawled back up from the floor before the zombie pounced on her. She sidestepped the zombie’s attack, and she kicked at it right when the zombie was about to turn around to try to bite her again. The zombie suddenly lost its balance, shakily falling on the floor.

LuLu immediately rushed forward a few steps, and she followed the training earlier by fiercely hacking at the zombie’s neck. A few swings later, she was finally able to chop off its head, which ended its life.

[xDh20: Just when you want LuLu dead, she comes back even stronger or will there be an accident during “training”? ;)]