The Trembling World

Chapter 53

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Chapter 53 New Way of Thinking

Not long after, Liu Gan came back from the outside. This time, he brought back four zombies with him. The moment he came back, Jiang JinYuan as ordered had finished cutting down the two remaining zombies that were on the ground.

“Did you reach level 2?” Liu Gan looked at Jiang JinYuan and asked.

“No…. I’m still level 1.” Jiang JinYuan looked at his alloy watch and shook his head.

Liu Gan couldn’t help but frown. He remembered getting level 2 from level 1 after killing his first three zombies. So why was it not the same for Jiang JinYuan? Is it because these zombies were seriously injured by him beforehand? Therefore, was that why Jiang JinYuan didn’t gain most of the experience points allocated to him?

If this was the case, then did Liu Gan not gain all the experience points when he killed the first colossal zombie?

This matter definitely needed to be clarified. After staying in [The Trembling World] for a while and meeting other strong players, many instances of BOSS Kill Steals will occur. Clarifying the rule on experience point allocation would allow Liu Gan to have better battle tactics in future fights.

“Are you aware of how this game allocates experience points? Is it allocated based on the amount of damage dealt or on the one who deals the killing blow?” Liu Gan asked even though he felt that Jiang JinYuan might not have known the answer.

“I really don’t know.” Jiang JinYuan answered with an awkward expression. If he had known that he would not be directly transported to the main city laboratory but instead transported to a place hundreds of kilometers away, then he definitely would have carefully understood and studied the game’s rules. No matter how many times Liu Gan asked him, his answer was simply—I don’t know.

Liu Gan didn’t say anything else, again making Jiang JinYuan cut down the four zombies lying on the ground. However, Jiang JinYuan still didn’t gain a level. Thus, Liu Gan did not make Jiang JinYuan cut down the next four zombies he brought over. Instead, he asked LuLu to cut them down.

As LuLu was preparing to swing the machete she was holding, Liu Gan seized the machete in her hand and gave her the hatchet he gave to Jiang JinYuan earlier.

The machete was a player’s initial weapon. After using it, Liu Gan felt that it was awfully weak. While it was initially sharp, it would become very dull after a few uses. With sufficient force, the machete could cut off a zombie’s head in one swing without any problems. But after cutting down several zombies, the blade became blunt very quickly. It was also inconvenient to sharpen it. Hence, Liu Gan felt the axe was far superior to the machete.

Liu Gan found the axe in the minimart earlier. The blade of the axe was relatively thicker, broader, and many times heavier when compared to the machete. Therefore, LuLu needed to use both her hands to lift it up. She wondered why Liu Gan didn’t let her use the machete and made her use the hatchet instead. But she didn’t ask any questions.

Shaking with fear, LuLu held the axe and approached the four zombies that were on the ground. Looking at the four zombies, her hands started to shake, and soon she was completely unable to swing the axe.

“Swing it with all your might! You can’t be that stupid to mess up something this simple right?” Liu Gan’s appearance looked unsightly while reprimanding LuLu.

LuLu pouted her lips and hesitatingly looked at the zombies on the floor. She lifted up the hatchet and then put it down again, still unable to properly swing it.

She had two cats and a dog back home. From birth up to the present, she has never killed, not even a small animal. Therefore, these zombies, apart from their blue face and bloodshot eyes, looked no different from a normal human being.

“Are you a pig? You’re really useless! I might as well cut you down with my axe!” Liu Gan let out a few curse words. He walked over a couple of steps and suddenly swung the fire axe down at the ground beside LuLu, scaring her and nearly causing her to jump up.

“You don’t need to push me. I’ll do it!” LuLu answered back at Liu Gan with a somewhat aggrieved expression. Lifting the hatchet with her hands again, she finally hacked at the body of the zombie on the floor, but she was unsuccessful in chopping the head off.

“Concentrate and focus on one spot! You’re the most useless person I’ve ever met! I don’t have so much time to dilly dally with you here!” Liu Gan cursed again at LuLu.

LuLu stared at Liu Gan unhappily, but in the end she said nothing. Lifting the hatchet with her hands again, she forcefully swung at the zombie. After the first swing, her courage grew more and more. Under Liu Gan’s roaring voice, she finally cut down one zombie. A faint dark orb floated into her body, making her body’s strength improve slightly.

“Again! Don’t stop!” Liu Gan continued yelling, causing LuLu to remember the military instructors in high school that made them do drills.

After killing the first zombie, LuLu didn’t have the urge to vomit like Jiang JinYuan did. She wasn’t sure whether it was because she already saw too many gruesome scenes of zombies devouring humans. Her mood even calmed down quickly. Under Liu Gan’s criticisms, she quickly used the hatchet in her hands to cut down the remaining three zombies on the floor.

After absorbing the black orbs that escaped from the corpses of the four zombies, LuLu’s body suddenly felt burning hot. The hatchet in her hands felt much lighter than before. Even her sight, hearing, and so on all improved a certain level.

“What is it?” Liu Gan asked LuLu. He noticed that LuLu’s face was slightly red, as if realizing something.

“I couldn’t have leveled up right?” LuLu stroked her burning hot face with a somewhat puzzled expression.

“Look at your alloy watch. Is there a change in the attribute column?” asked Liu Gan with a frown. Earlier, Jiang JinYuan cut down no less than six zombies and did not level up. However, how could LuLu only cut down four zombies and level up?

Regarding this matter, Liu Gan was still somewhat unable to make sense of [The Trembling World]’s experience point allocation rule. At least, his earlier speculation was wrong. He had to look at it from a different perspective.

LuLu looked at her alloy watch, and the number displayed for LEVEL definitely changed from 1 to 2.

“I leveled up! I really leveled up!” LuLu had a slightly excited expression, immediately showing the alloy watch to Liu Gan.
Liu Gan started to contemplate…. Earlier, he believed Jiang JinYuan did not level up after cutting down six zombies because he seriously injured them before handing them over to Jiang JinYuan to cut down. This caused Jiang JinYuan to have insufficient experience points. But after analyzing the circumstances of LuLu leveling up, he realized his earlier speculation was wrong.

Jiang JinYuan also leaned over. After seeing LuLu’s alloy watch display level 2, he looked back at his own alloy watch that displayed level 1. He couldn’t help but feel very depressed. Why did LuLu, a girl, level up after cutting down four zombies while he was still stuck at the same level after cutting down six?

“After we separated, did you kill any other zombies? ” Liu Gan asked LuLu.

“No.” LuLu shook her head.

“Don’t lie!” Liu Gan’s asked, sounding a bit harsh.

“I’m not! I’m definitely not lying!” LuLu immediately answered Liu Gan.

After thinking for a bit, Liu Gan had a new way of thinking regarding the [The Trembling World]’s experience point allocation.