The Trembling World

Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Communication Equipment

This was similar to the time when Liu Gan initially joined the game. Unexplainably, a colossal zombie also came charging in his direction, which led to the death of ten players in his squad. It also caused him to be trapped on the billboard, which was enough for him to die nine times out of ten with only one chance of escape. Perhaps, the system was sensitive to the data for his limbs, so as an attempt to patch it, the system sent a colossal zombie at him? Because he was able to stick it out through the end and kill the colossal zombie, as a result, would his body’s abnormality be accepted by the system?

Both encounters with the colossal zombie seemed to match the explanation Jiang JinYuan had given about balancing the game.

Of course, all of this was simply Liu Gan’s speculation based on the clues he was given. As to whether this theory was really true, at the moment, there wasn’t enough evidence.

“Okay, all my questions have been asked, so tell me what your plan is.” Liu Gan thought about it deeply before opening his mouth. If he had any more questions that came up later, he could always ask Jiang JinYuan while on the road with him; Liu Gan was in no rush.

“According to my PDA’s indicator, we are within Ninjing City’s residential district. San Xing Corporation’s branch for Ninjing City is only a few blocks away, and it contains a laboratory with a focus on researching biochemical intelligence.

“First, let’s go to the closest laboratory and figure things out from there. That way you can secure some more practical benefits for me from the laboratory.” Liu Gan agreed to escort Jiang JinYuan to the closest laboratory only if it was beneficial to him.

Liu Gan currently had three different ID cards from San Xing Corporation, a strange vial, and a USB drive. If he hadn’t met Jiang JinYuan, he would have still headed towards San Xing Corporation’s large building to test his luck. However, if he went alone he would have achieved limited success because he didn’t understand the way technology worked in San Xing Corporation. Now that he had procured a guide, Jiang JinYuan’s familiarity with the corporation would come in handy. So if he traveled with Jiang JinYuan to the laboratory, it would be like a treasure hunt.

[TN: Liu Gan doesn’t know the vial is an incubator bottle yet.]

“Oh, you knew there was a location?” Jiang JinYuan, seeing that Liu Gan agreed to escort him, was undeniably happy.

Even though Liu Gan only temporarily agreed to escort him to San Xing Corporation’s closest laboratory, Jiang JinYuan was very satisfied with this outcome. Jiang JinYuan still needed to think of a way to reach the main city’s laboratory. His handheld PDA had something the main city’s laboratory needed urgently, so as long as he sent a request to the main city’s laboratory, they would definitely send out a ship or an aircraft to pick him up.

“I came from that direction. It was close to a hundred-story building and corpse tide, so we must proceed with caution.” Liu Gan nodded as he grabbed Jiang JinYuan’s PDA to look at.

“We shouldn’t rush with the corpse tide; instead, if we investigate nearby maybe we can avoid it.” Jiang JinYuan replied to Liu Gan.

“What else can this thing take readings of?” Liu Gan suddenly had an idea and asked Jiang JinYuan.

Jiang JinYuan took out the trumpet-like detector extension and connected it with the PDA. After turning it on and pointing it all around his surroundings, the probe generated new data on the handheld PDA’s monitor.

“These three green dots represent us three, right?” Liu Gan pointed at the monitor of the PDA as he asked Jiang JinYuan the question. Sooner or later, he would find a way to obtain this probing device from the hands of Jiang JinYuan, so it would best if he figured out the functions early.

“You are correct.” Jiang JinYuan nodded.

“If red dots represent zombies, then what is this blue dot…?” Liu Gan pointed at a different location with a faint blue dot that wasn’t too far off from their spot, as he asked Jiang JinYuan the question.

“That is a non-infected local. Looks like this small district still has a local survivor. How about this? We should go check out the local survivor’s hidden location and ask him a few questions. Maybe we can find clues as to what happened on the day of the disaster. He might have some useful information.” Jiang JinYuan replied to Liu Gan. Jiang JinYuan’s mission was to gather intelligence, but he didn’t realize he would have to personally gather it from the outside.

“Okay.” Liu Gan hesitated for a moment before agreeing.

Since he reached level 5, the amount of weight he could carry increased significantly. If they were to head to San Xing Corporation’s large building, they might end up staying up there for the night. So before that, he had to carry a bit more food and water from this location before setting off.

Besides, he just recently promised Pan Hua that he would spend an hour to teach LuLu how to kill zombies. Since he gave him his word, he had to keep his promise. It would also give him a chance to examine the differences between him and the other players leveling up in Trembling World.

As for this blue dot or lucky survivor, Liu Gan’s wasn’t even remotely interested. Once they found him, he could ditch Jiang JinYuan with the local survivor if there wasn’t any danger. Then he could deal with his own matters.

Liu Gan went over to LuLu’s side and patted her on the shoulders. LuLu was still at a loss as she lifted her head up to look at Liu Gan. Liu Gan didn’t say anything. He just turned his body and walked back to Jiang JinYuan, and they both headed toward the building where the blue dot was located.

After a slight hesitation, LuLu got up and immediately followed behind them. She still had the slightest hope that Liu Gan would bring her along. To her, it seemed that only Liu Gan was strong and capable enough to protect her. In addition, he didn’t display any nasty behavior towards LuLu previously.

According to the handheld PDA’s indicator, Liu Gan lead the two nearby the blue dot. The blue dot’s location within the district was by the front gate’s left side building. Jiang JinYuan operated the PDA for a bit when two ‘+’ symbols appeared beside the blue dot’s location. Apparently, that seemed to indicate the distance between their location exceeded six meters, meaning he was located on the 3rd floor.

Liu Gan scaled the staircase from the exterior and circled back to open the apartment complex’s tightly locked door, letting Jiang JinYuan and LuLu in. The three of them reached the third floor when Jiang JinYuan verified that the blue dot was in a bedroom located just to the left side of the hallway.

[TN: So Liu Gan went in first, checked, and then opened the door. The next paragraph describes this in detail. ]

The room was equipped with a locked, anti-theft metal door, but it wasn’t enough to block Liu Gan. He easily climbed from the staircase onto the balcony by the room with the blue dot. After entering the room and scouting the surroundings for security, he then returned to open the apartment’s front door, letting Jiang JinYuan and LuLu in.

“The blue dot seems to be in the children’s room and is located on the left side of the wall. The room doesn’t have any zombies or other people.” Jiang JinYuan looked at the children’s room, as he walked over to Liu Gan.

Liu Gan got closer, gently pushing open the door to the children’s room. When he was scaling the exterior and next to the window, he didn’t notice anyone within the children’s room. If there was someone, they must have been hiding underneath the bed or within the dresser.

[TN: San Xing Corporation exists in both the real world and in game. The system is balancing the game in response to any cheat.

Clarifications: Liu Gan still level 5. ]