The Trembling World

Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Sincerity

『I went forward flying past the sea』

『We are often hurt by love』

『I see the road into our dream is narrow』

『Me meeting you is the best accident』


Accompanying LuLu’s singing, Pan Hua’s focus started to fade away. His hands also gradually lost strength to grip. His facial expression was very peaceful, as if he was sleeping.

Liu Gan unconsciously stared at LuLu. This girl’s singing was definitely pleasing to listen to, especially when she was singing the sad parts that expressed feelings of despair and sorrow. This type of singing could move a person’s soul.

Regardless, it wasn’t useful.

Liu Gan shook his head and brushed away all of the negative feelings he had.

“Fatty, wake up! Wake up! You promised me… that you will protect me, take care of me… You can’t just leave me behind!” LuLu stopped singing and was crying her eyes out when she shook Pan Hua’s body. Clearly, Pan Hua wouldn’t be able to wake up again.

“He said he would let me chop his head off.” Liu Gan said to LuLu. Pan Hua had been infected by the colossal zombie, so the wound was definitely contaminated. After he died, the chances of him becoming a zombie was very high.

“No!” LuLu kept shaking Pan Hua’s corpse as she cried loudly.

“My condolences, but if you keep crying that loudly, you will only attract more zombies here. If that happens, even I can’t protect you.” said Liu Gan while pulling LuLu away from Pan Hua’s corpse. Then using his axe, he sliced Pan Hua’s neck.

LuLu sat on the side of the floor crying, just looking at Pan Hua’s corpse. Her eyes were red from crying so much, but she managed to hold in the noise from crying.

“You are Liu Gan? Nice to meet you!” Jiang JinYuan revealed himself from a nearby building as he saw Liu Gan turn in his direction. Quickly, Jiang JinYuan revealed a smile as he introduced himself.

“A worker from San Xing Corporation?” Liu Gan looked at LuLu. He guessed this person found out his name from Pan Hua and LuLu.

Liu Gan also recognized Jiang JinYuan’s work uniform from his previous two encounters with San Xing Corporation’s workers, but they were not able to give him the information he needed.

“Yes, the game appeared to have a small problem. The corporation sent me to investigate.” Jiang JinYuan walked closer as he explained.

“A small problem? You call this a small problem?” LuLu suddenly rushed over to kick Jiang JinYuan in the shin.

Liu Gan managed to pull LuLu away and set her on the side of the plaza’s terrace.

LuLu sat with her knee caps facing the ground and started crying again. She tried her best to suppress the sound of her crying. Now that Pan Hua was dead, Liu Gan definitely wouldn’t bring her along, so she could only imagine how grim her future would be.

As Liu Gan walked in front of Jiang JinYuan, he looked around to make sure that his battle with the colossal zombie didn’t attract more zombies, since this small plaza was almost empty before the battle.

As Liu Gan was tracking down the colossal zombie, it had strange moving patterns. It headed straight towards the Lucky Garden District, even though there were no noise generated from Lucky Garden District.

“My probing device indicates that there are no nearby zombies so we should be safe for now.” Jiang JinYuan displayed his PDA with a probing device as he pointed it to the surroundings.
“Oh? That thing can detect zombies?” Liu Gan looked at Jiang JinYuan’s PDA with the probing device. Liu Gan had an idea, it was the urge to kill for this device.

Considering that Jiang JinYuan publically displayed the item to him, it must be really special. Liu Gan had to make sure Jiang JinYuan didn’t have GM capabilities first, then he would reconsider what intel he could give before thinking about killing him.

“Yes, it generates a map, so it can help us escape danger. It has my DNA so it locks in on my location; other than me, it can’t locate other people’s location.” Jiang JinYuan giggled as he explained to Liu Gan. Jiang JinYuan generously gave the PDA with the probing device over to Liu Gan’s outstretched hand.

Liu Gan tried his finger on the PDA, and it didn’t register any effect. No wonder Jiang JinYuan was so generous in showing this valuable object in front of him.

“I was telling them about the main city’s interspatial laboratory. I can tell you about it…” Jiang JinYuan said as Liu Gan was playing with the PDA. So Jiang JinYuan explained everything from the beginning including what LuLu and Pan Hua’s questions to him; all this was to show his sincerity.

“If I reach the interspatial laboratory, can I return to the real world, and everything that I earned here can I bring back to the real world?” Liu Gan asked Jiang JinYuan. Clearly, his concern was very different from Pan Hua, so his questions are different from what Pan Hua had asked.

“Body function technicalities I don’t know for sure, maybe someone at the interspatial laboratory will understand. Once we reach there, you can ask them.” Jiang JinYuan laughed after he said to Liu Gan.

“Tell me the truth! You know this game has a problem, yet you dared to venture in here? Even after you enter you are so calm and collected! If you don’t tell me the truth, I will strangle you to death!” Liu Gan held his hand on Jiang JinYuan’s neck and added pressure so Jiang JinYuan couldn’t breathe.

Based on Liu Gan’s current strength, he could easily lift Jiang JinYuan as easily as he could lift a chicken.

If Jiang JinYuan had GM capabilities, this would be the right moment for him to use it.
It looked like Jiang JinYuan didn’t have any GM authority nor any abilities. With Liu Gan clenching his neck, he could only try his best to keep his mouth open gasping for air, and then he waved around his hand to show that he couldn’t open up his mouth to speak.

Liu Gan set Jiang JinYuan back on the floor and loosened his grip, but he didn’t completely let go of his neck. It was loosened only enough for him to speak naturally.

“Right now in the real world, I have cancer, and it is malignant. The doctor said I have a little over half a year left. The company gave me a good amount of money if I accepted their mission. They promised to pay me as long as I completed the mission. Dead or alive, they will give my family a lump sum of cash as compensation.

“To me, it is either to die soon or die later. This type of death can at least help my family members to live a little better. What do you think I would choose?” Jiang JinYuan told the truth to Liu Gan. Having been sent here, he had no choice but to reveal his secret.

Liu Gan looked into Jiang JinYuan’s eyes. It didn’t seem like he was lying, so Liu Gan let his hand go.

“I want to ask you to escort me to the main city’s interspatial laboratory.” Jiang JinYuan was trying to lure Liu Gan in.

“Why would I do that? How would that benefit me in any way?” Liu Gan replied to Jiang JinYuan.

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