The Trembling World

Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Sledgehammer

LuLu ran forward a couple of steps before turning her head to look back. Once again, she froze in place and started screaming at the top of her lungs. The San Xing Corporation worker called Jiang JinYuan was nowhere in sight, as he had already escaped as fast as he could.

Just as the colossal zombie was preparing to gnaw on Pan Hua, a ten kilogram sledgehammer flew through the air from afar and landed right on the back of the colossal zombie’s head. At the same time, from the location where the sledgehammer was thrown, a figure appeared; it was Liu Gan.

When Liu Gan departed from the Lucky Garden District, he had not ventured too far away. After all, he was tracking the movement of the colossal zombie. He scaled the tallest building and from the rooftop, he was able to see the colossal zombie. The colossal zombie seemed to have sensed something because it was charging straight towards Lucky Garden District.

While chasing this colossal zombie, Liu Gan passed a field of zombie corpses. There were at least a dozen zombies. Based on the weapons they used, it didn’t seem like they were players—more like local survivors. Around their corpses were large bloody footprints; it seemed like they had encountered a colossal zombie.

In this corpse-stricken field, Liu Gan found a firefighter’s axe. This axe, compared to his current short axe, was a lot sharper and larger in size. In addition, he found a sledgehammer, the type of large hammer that you used to break down walls in construction. The sledgehammer was a meter long and weighed around 10 kilograms. It was most suitable for both close combat and ranged attacks, so he took them with him on his back.

If it were the Liu Gan from before, he wouldn’t have had enough strength to carry so many materials, especially the sledgehammer. Previously, he wasn’t able to swing it around continuously, even with both hands. However, now that he had improved strength, he was not like before, having gained the ability to brandish the sledgehammer weighing ten kilograms with ease.
Liu Gan was able to track the colossal zombie all the way back to Lucky Garden District, but he was a step too late. Pan Hua had already been smashed up by the colossal zombie, as he laid motionless on the ground.

The colossal zombie was struck on the back of its head by Liu Gan’s flying sledgehammer. The hammer took the zombie by surprise, and it got knocked a few steps back. This action incited its rage as it turned its body around, subsequently, giving up trying to attack Pan Hua on the ground and giving Liu Gan its full attention instead.

Liu Gan didn’t continue the fight. He dropped his backpack, started running directly to the district’s largest tree that was nearby, and quickly climbed to the top of it.

When the colossal zombie approached, it bellowed while repeatedly charging towards the tree after spotting Liu Gan atop it. The diameter of the tree was around thirty centimeters, and as the colossal zombie crazily rammed against it, it shook vigorously back and forth. Liu Gan was hanging on for dear life on the treetop while the colossal zombie knocked down a seemingly unending amount of leaves. However, it still wasn’t able to bring Liu Gan down with the tree.

Liu Gan was soon able to borrow the inertia from the forceful shaking of the tree. Mustering all his strength, he managed to jump and grab on to the side of a building not far away. He held onto the guard railings of the fourth floor balcony, and after jumping over the railings, he disappeared into the adjacent room.

The colossal zombie discovered that Liu Gan had escaped from the treetop into the building. Furious at what had happened, it let go of the tree and instead, charged into the building where Liu Gan was. The colossal zombie smashed a huge gaping hole in the first floor’s window and walls, but since it had lost sight of Liu Gan, it turned back. Leaving from the hole it created, its gaze returned to Pan Hua who was strewn on the floor.

At the same time, LuLu was pulling Pan Hua’s body, trying her best to pull him away towards cover.

“LuLu… I can’t… You… You just run… Leave me…” Pan Hua started coughing up blood from his mouth as he spoke to LuLu. His abdomen had caved in from the powerful grip, and exposed intestines were leaking out of his body. In The Trembling World, there were no hospitals. Even if there were, based on his injury, he was impossible to save.

“Fatty, you must hold on. I said I won’t let you go. You will be okay…” LuLu cried as she did her best to tug at Pan Hua’s body.

Just as the colossal zombie was preparing to rush up to resume feasting on Pan Hua and LuLu, Liu Gan appeared on a different building’s third floor balcony. He took this opportunity to jump off the balcony and onto the colossal zombie’s shoulder, straddling it.

Before the colossal zombie could react, Liu Gan stuck both his hands deep into the eyes of the colossal zombie and tugged. A tremendous roar could be heard, as Liu Gan had just pulled both its eyeballs out.

The colossal zombie went batsh*t crazy. With both hands flinging around, it was able to knock Liu Gan off its shoulders. Liu Gan got sent flying back seven to eight meters; he did a barrel roll to lessen the damage and stood back up on his feet. After surveying the area for a bit, he walked along the outer edge of the flower terrace to pick up a small rock before throwing it towards the colossal zombie, intending to create a disturbance as the rock landed with a loud thud.

The colossal zombie had its eyeballs ripped out, so it lost its sense of sight. The moment Liu Gan chucked a rock, the angry beast charged towards the location where the noise was produced.

Liu Gan immediately retreated a good ten meters and pulled the ring off a hand grenade. Counting in his heart, he waited for the colossal zombie to collide with the half-a-meter tall flower terrace and fall down to throw the grenade. Liu Gan released his hand grenade, and it let loose a terrifying blast at that exact spot and at the perfect time.

The colossal zombie’s heavy body weight was used to suppress the grenade explosion that would have otherwise generated a deafening explosion. More than half of the impact was absorbed by the colossal zombie, and the sound was kept at a minimum. The colossal zombie wobbled while trying to get up from the ground. There was a gaping hole in the middle of its stomach with its intestines and organs spilling out. The arms and legs were also severely injured with exposed bones jutting out.

But of course, it didn’t die.

Liu Gan wasn’t in a rush to move in for the kill. All he did was circle it, chucking rocks and sticks at it so as to exhaust all the remaining energy it had left. The colossal zombie was bleeding profusely with its innards grotesquely hanging from the hole in his stomach, and it became even weaker. Within ten minutes or so, it let out an angry howl as it breathed its last breath.

Liu Gan walked over to pick up the sledgehammer he threw earlier. Then, he started smashing at the colossal zombie’s arms and legs. After the limbs were all broken, the final step was to destroy its brain. With that, the colossal zombie was thoroughly finished.

This was Liu Gan’s first time fighting against the colossal zombie in a battle to the death. After the clash, Liu Gan reflected on the tactics he had thought of previously and how the execution of said strategies had been extremely successful. He was able to perfectly kill the colossal zombie without any harm to himself; the bonus was that the sound produced was kept to a minimum.

A large dense black orb leaked out of the corpse of the colossal zombie and seeped into Liu Gan’s body. This caused a heat to surge within him; it was even hotter than when he leveled up from level 2 to level 4.

[TN: The firefighter’s axe = Fire axe so you won’t get confused with his short axe]

 Liu Gan: Lv 5