The Trembling World

Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Smell of Death

“You are definitely hiding something from us. Why wouldn’t the game have a logout function?” LuLu saw that Jiang JinYuan was not answering her questions truthfully, so she questioned him again.

“LuLu don’t be like that…” Pan Hua quickly tried to defuse the situation. Right now, if they wanted to get back to the real world, they would need Jiang JinYuan’s assistance. Deep down, Pan Hua was furious, but he didn’t want to offend Jiang JinYuan and lose the only chance to return to the real world.

“There should be a logout function. Before I arrived, I didn’t know it was unavailable, so maybe it is a technical problem? I am sorry that the game has abnormalities. I am only an ordinary worker from San Xing Corporation, and because they don’t understand what is going on over here, I was sent to investigate. If I live long enough to enter the main city’s laboratory, then I will do my best to send my report on the situation here to the company. The company will only be able to rectify their mistakes after reviewing my report. Hopefully, that will allow you to logout normally.” Jiang JinYuan sighed as he tried to comfort LuLu, but the manner in which he said it felt like he was toying with her.

“San Xing Corporation won’t bother to help us—this is all one large scam! We have been hurt by San Xing Corporation!” LuLu’s body temperature dropped and shivered as she realized the importance of what she had just said.

“No matter what, you just have to escort me to the main city’s laboratory, and then we should be able to return to the real world. Let’s not stay here to rant, but let’s think about how we should reach the main city.” Jiang JinYuan tried his best to convince them to join his cause.

“He does bring up a good point. LuLu don’t get so aggravated. Let’s think of a plan together.” said Pan Hua as he tried to convince LuLu.

“How do you want to execute your plan? How will you prepare to travel to the main city?” LuLu coldly asked Jiang JinYuan. She was trying to regain her composure.

“You said something about Liu Gan earlier. Could you contact him?” Jiang JinYuan was very much interested in the topic of Liu Gan. Right now, he needed a strong bodyguard more than anything. According to what Pan Hua and LuLu had said about Liu Gan, he must be really strong. His personality shouldn’t be too bad either, so if they were to reach an agreement, he seemed trustworthy enough to keep his word.

“You are scheming for him to take you to the main city, but leave us behind here, right?” LuLu brought this up after hearing Jiang JinYuan express his interest in Liu Gan only.

Of course, being weak will only be subjected to discrimination!

“No way, I am not that type of person. If we find other players along the way, I will definitely bring them along. I will try my best to bring as many people as I can.” Jiang JinYuan quickly tried to clarify his situation.

“In the moment you are endangered, you will choose to abandon us. That is because you only want to reach the main city’s laboratory. Even now, you are only talking to us, so you can get more information from us as to where Liu Gan is.” LuLu said to Jiang JinYuan as she lost all confidence. It was just like how Liu Gan had abandoned them here earlier.

“No way…” Jiang JinYuan replied to LuLu.

“Boss Jiang, when this game began and several hundred thousand players disappeared. What did the government do? Did they communicate with our families?” Pan Hua finally broke the silence the moment LuLu stopped asking. This was Pan Hua’s main concern.

From yesterday to today, more than a day’s time had passed already. With several hundred thousand players disappearing, one could only imagine that the internet in the real world would be in great turmoil…

“From yesterday the moment the game server started, I have been inside the company. Yesterday night, I also slept at the company, so for these issues I am not too clear.” Jiang JinYuan shook his head.

“How is that possible? Don’t you use a cell phone? Doesn’t your company computer have internet access? You have been lying this whole time!” LuLu overheard the conversation, but got even more angry from what Jiang JinYuan had said.

“I work in the department that was responsible for research, and it involves company secrets so we definitely can’t use cell phones. The computer only has access to the company network…” Jiang JinYuan patiently described to LuLu.

“All of this doesn’t make sense! With several thousand players disappearing, San Xing Corporation didn’t get shut down? Didn’t the government send an investigation squad to your company to investigate? What else are you hiding?” LuLu was obviously frustrated with his explanation and got rowdy.

At this time, suddenly the ground started shaking. Jiang JinYuan looked from afar and suddenly widened his eyes…

A colossal zombie had appeared in the Lucky Garden District. After it appeared around a corner several buildings away, it saw three people at the residential plaza center. It shouted and started charging towards them from afar.

Even though these three hadn’t seen a colossal zombie before, it looked dangerous based on its physical features. It stood at a height of three to four meters high with a bulky body that lacked any skin and only had exposed muscles on the outside. With a hideous looking face and mouth full of protruding teeth, the players realized that this monstrous figure charging at them was dangerous.

Jiang JinYuan couldn’t help but curse from deep within. First, the company sent him to the wrong location, about several hundred kilometers away, and now a large colossal zombie appeared. With this many obstacles, how did the company expect him to complete his mission? He entered the game with the understanding that he might not return, but if he didn’t finish his mission then he wouldn’t receive the negotiated benefits. Unable to receive the benefits, then what would his wife and kids live off of?

Jiang JinYuan and Pan Hua felt something was wrong, so they headed toward the opposite direction of the colossal zombie and started running. LuLu saw the high-speed colossal zombie charging and froze in place. Even if she wanted to run, her legs wouldn’t move at all.

“LuLu, quickly run!”

Pan Hua was already over ten meters away when he noticed LuLu was frozen in place. After a short moment of hesitation, he ran back to LuLu and shouted at her to move. Then, he attempted to drag her.

LuLu suddenly woke up from her dream-like state, which was followed by a short scream; finally, she started running. However, Pan Hua wasn’t so lucky. His sudden movement attracted the attention of the colossal zombie. The moment he tried to drag LuLu to escape, the colossal zombie was already close to them. It raised its meaty fist and smashed Pan Hua onto the floor, which was followed by a claw that ripped through Pan Hua’s clothes and into his intestines. The intestines spilled outward from Pan Hua.

Pan Hua screamed from the sudden pain with loud cries for help. But he knew that it was useless in this situation to cry for help because no one could help.

Pan Hua smelled a lingering scent of death in the air; if dying could return to the real world, then he would embrace it. The pain was so excruciating though. It was just a game, so shouldn’t they have nullified the pain for the players?

This method of dying was too realistic, especially now that Pan Hua was experiencing this strong sensation. If he really died in the game and died in real life, then he wouldn’t be able to return to the real world.