The Trembling World

Chapter 424

Chapter 424 - Relatable Feeling

TL: LifeisaJourney

During that time on the isolated Island Lake Laboratory, Zhou Jing Jing hallucinated about the appearance of Ling Ling. She had told the members at that time about her sister Ling Ling, but no one bothered to remember the details, so no one was able to tie up the two events as related issues.

Upon hearing Hu Jun’s explanation, it triggered the memory of those who had heard the story before, and they were able to recall the fact that Zhou Jing Jing did indeed have a sister. No one would’ve thought that a pair of sisters would be able to come across each other, and to meet under these circumstances.

The cycle of life with partings and reunions would make anyone sob.

It was a surprise to all the players that Zhang Sheng Li had a grudge with this young girl. It could be said that this world was too small. Or perhaps it was due to Liu Gan’s presence that brought them all together.

“Sister…” Ling Ling walked over to Zhou Jing Jing, while whimpering in a small voice.

Zhou Jing JIng stopped crying, but was gasping for air. At this moment, she was emotionally unstable.

“Older sister…” Ling Ling tried again, this time she reaching out to touch Zhou Jing Jing’s hand.

“Don’t touch me!” Zhou Jing Jing snatched her hand back.

Ling Ling felt the heartache, but tears didn’t start flowing out yet. She looked at Zhou Jing Jing with a miserable expression.

“I know you must hate me… when I didn’t donate my bone marrow to you, causing your death. Am I right?” Zhou Jing Jing barked loudly at Ling Ling.

“No… It was my fault. I’m sorry, sister…” Ling Ling was shaking with fear as she answered back.

“... You don’t blame me?” Zhou Jing Jing started to tremble.

“Sister… I miss you. I miss mommy and daddy too…” Ling Ling reached out to hold Zhou Jing Jing’s hand.

“Let bygones be bygones. It doesn’t matter what has happened. It matters that you are still with your family now, and that is the most important part” Lin Shi Ya understood most of the situation. She walked over to help console Zhou Jing Jing.

“Yeah, Ling Ling never blamed you. It is your self-guilt burden that you’ve held onto,” Hu Jun also walked over to help.

“Sister…” Ling Ling started tugging Zhou Jing Jing on the sleeve, while taking another step closer.

Zhou Jing Jing loathed Ling Ling for breaking up her family. But, that was not always the case. Before Ling Ling got sick, when the sisters were together, Jing Jing didn’t find Ling Ling repulsive. At times, Jing Jing would buy playtime dolls for Ling Ling, and play along with her. Even her parents would only speak about the good aspects of Jing Jing to Ling Ling; never once did the parents mention the falling out with her.

So in Ling Ling’s memory, Zhou Jing Jing was her kind and caring older sister. The days where they played with the dolls were unforgettable events in her life. She loved her older sister. When she was in pain from her condition, she would always ask her parents when her older sister would visit her.

When Ling Ling saw Zhou Jing Jing from afar, she rushed up excitedly to greet her older sister. She couldn’t comprehend why she was hated.

“You… you…” Zhou Jing Jing tried to complete her sentence, but wasn’t able to. Years of self-guilt and heartache resurfaced in these couple of minutes.

Hu Jun was indeed correct with what he said earlier about Jing Jing, how she hated Ling Ling for breaking apart the family and her parent’s deaths. Ultimately, her biggest burden of guilt was that she didn’t donate matching bone marrow to Ling Ling, she didn’t do her best to try and save Ling Ling’s life. So in her head was the image that Ling Ling must hate her. When she saw Ling Ling again, she felt the guilt and heartache. Masking her true feelings, she became aggressive towards Ling Ling.

Regardless of what Jing Jing thought, Ling Ling didn’t have any hateful thoughts toward her sister. She still thought of Ling Ling as her good older sister.

“Sister…” Ling Ling pled with Zhou Jing Jing once again. This time Jing Jing didn’t reject the attempt. In fact, Jing Jing pulled Ling Ling in for a hug and then she started crying again.

Blood relations weren’t that fragile. Even the deepest hatred could be resolved, starting with a simple hug.

Lin Shi Ya and the surrounding women, players and survivors alike, all started tearing up. Being able to witness a reunion during these testing times brought their inner feelings to the surface. They were reminded of their past memories of family. They could relate to the situation, if only they were lucky enough to meet their family.

Lin Shi Ya was especially moved since her father was currently in this dangerous world, searching for her. He was alone, venturing around on the island. Without any idea of his whereabouts or condition, she felt as if her heart was being stabbed.


Before nightfall, Liu Gan, Zhang Sheng Li, Yin He, and the battalion rushed over to the reserve depot. There were also several thousand Black-Spot Variants at that location. They rescued the 300 trapped people within the reserve depot.


“Now that I’m here, it is time to bring you to the northern district to help raise your levels.” Liu Gan suggested out to Zhang Sheng Li during dinner.

“I heard Han Guang Ming mention it before. He said that Lord Liu helped them reach level 10?” When Zhang Sheng Li and others overheard the topic, their eyes glistened with motivation.

It was said that once your level reached 5, you earned the right to live in this world. To continue fending for yourself, you must reach level 10. They found out this the hard way when they realize they couldn’t fend off the upgraded zombies following the second catastrophic event.

This was very true for Zhang Sheng Li and his group. When standing next to the players from the village, they were merely average at best. He couldn’t tell those players that he was in a leadership position. They could pick anyone from the elite battalion and they might be higher level. It was even worse for Wang De Cheng, since he didn’t even qualify to enter the battalion with his current level.

Following Lord Liu, they could reach unimaginable heights. However, the moment they fell behind they could forget about catching up.

“Yes, I’m here to bring you guys with me. Twelve people, to be exact. At my place, there are twelve powerful souls. I need you, Zhang Sheng Li, and Wang De Cheng to discuss who is worthy of these spots.”

Earning Liu Gan’s seal of approval, those players were so excited that they couldn’t sleep that night. The following morning, Han Guang Ming and several elite members were left behind in the southern district to guard the reserve depot and prison compound. Liu Gan led the battalion with Zhang Sheng Li, Wang De Cheng, and others on the expedition back north.

On the return trip back to the northern district, Liu Gan chose a different path. Even without saying why, Lin Shi Ya was grateful. She felt that Liu Gan was helping her find her father, by choosing to go on a path they hadn’t been on before.

The battalion was like a sharp knife, cutting through the dense mobs of Nin Jing City. Under Liu Gan’s leadership, in just two days and one night, they returned to the village in the north.

On the trip passing through Nin Jing City, Lin Shi Ya unfortunately still wasn’t able to find any traces of her father.

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