The Trembling World

Chapter 423

Chapter 423 - Seeking Relatives

TL: LifeisaJourney

“Let us kill our way out and meet up with Lord Liu’s battalion!”

“NO! They are already fighting them!”

“It is definitely one-sided!”

“One-sided? Is Lord Liu in danger?”

“What? Use your eyes! Lord Liu is massacring the zombies! It looks as easy as if he was cutting grass!”

“Impossible…? Those are Black-Spot Variants! Not regular zombies!”


The dialogue was between the players in the prison compound who were on guard duty. It was a hot debate, since they couldn’t keep up with the movements of the higher-level players. From the moment the Variants clashed against the oncoming players, body parts were flying. All of the limbs were from the Black-Spot Variants. The elite battalion was unstoppable, especially with Liu Gan spearheading the frontline. The golden ray trailing behind his Crescent Blade ability cut through the bodies of the Variants like moldy cheese.

Zhang Sheng Li and the others within the prison compound would take hours to slaughter one Black-Spot Variant. However, Liu Gan was breaking through the zombies like twigs. To describe Liu Gan as cutting through tofu with a knife wasn’t an accurate depiction. It would be an injustice to Liu Gan, since that would mean the Variants were putting up some sort of resistance.

In a short half-hour, the elite battalion cleared up several thousand Black-Spot Variants surrounding the prison. Liu Gan walked up to the prison compound, and Zhang Sheng Li ran out to greet him with welcome arms.

“Lord Liu! It’s all my fault. I’m useless! I nearly lost us the prison compound due to my incompetence!” Zhang Sheng Li rushed over to beg for mercy.

“It is nothing big, even if you lost it, that is fine. It is only one small compound, it doesn’t amount to much. In the near future, the entire island will be ours!” Liu Gan patted Zhang Sheng Li reassuringly on the shoulder.

After leveling up, certain priorities had to be reevaluated. Resources that were once worth dying for, like the base, were no longer so important. It wasn’t even worth mentioning after becoming stronger.

During his absence, those at the prison compound hadn’t just sat around idly. The serving leader, Zhang Sheng Li, had made it to level 8. However, of the 800 elites with Liu Gan, 200 members were at that level, too.

Over this long period of leadership, Zhang Sheng Li had conquered several bases and annexed players and survivors from those camps. At present, the prison compound had a population of around 500. At most the prison compound could hold 200 people, so the remaining 300 people were relocated to the reserve depot. Both locations were overrun by the corpse tide, so they were trapped in their own base. The people in the depot had to move deeper underground to lock themselves in.

With Han Guang Ming’s assistance, Lin Shi Ya found Treadmill and asked him about updates regarding her father, Lin Feng. Treadmill hadn’t seen Lin Feng after that last time they had met over half a month ago.

“SISTER!” Ling Ling suddenly shouted as she ran toward a lady nearby.

At this time, Zhou Jing Jing heard a familiar shout, and turned to look where it came from. To her astonishment, she saw Ling Ling racing over.

“Sister…” Ling Ling rushed over to hug Zhou Jing Jing.

“Get away! How are you… still alive? Didn’t you die?” Zhou Jing Jing shoved Ling Ling away instinctively. She gave Ling Ling a perplexed stare.

“I… I…” LingLing stuttered, she didn’t understand how her older sister could do that to her.

“You are an ill-omened person! How are you still alive?” Zhou Jing Jing angrily vented. She wanted to strike Ling Ling across the face, but was unable to deliver the blow.

“What are you doing?” Lin Shi Ya caught up to Ling Ling and stepped up to defend her.

“Ling Ling… How is she still alive?” Hu Jun stared at Ling Ling. He was also shocked by the sudden turn of events.

“Sister…” Ling Ling was hiding behind Lin Shi Ya, but she stilled called for her sister Zhou Jing Jing.

The commotion caused nearby spectators to gather around to gossip on the latest scandal of their boring lives.

“You are the cause of my parents dying! You tore my happy family apart! You were the very reason I had to move out! My life was ruined because of you!” Zhou Jing Jing started bawling out with tears.

No one understood what was going on, with the exception of those personally involved.

Lin Shi Ya went through all this hardship to reach the southern district, but she still wasn’t able to find her father. Ling Ling happened to be searching for her living relatives, but from the looks of things, it didn’t seem like a happy reunion.

“Older sister… I know it was my fault… Can you stop crying please?” Ling Ling mustered up the courage to walk over to nudge Jing Jing.

“Don’t touch me! You are an unlucky person!” Zhou Jing Jing shoved Ling Ling away one more time. This time, Ling Ling fell backward onto the floor.

“You don’t have to shove her like that…” Lin Shi Ya helped Ling Ling up.

“IT’S YOU? YOU… DEMON! How dare you come here?” Zhang Sheng Li was shaking from anger once he recognized Ling Ling. Zhang Sheng Li punched at Ling Ling with the intention to kill.

Lin Shi Ya intercepted the punch from Zhang Sheng Li, but not without damage. She was insistent on backing Ling Ling to the end. Unconsciously, Lin Shi Ya looked in the direction of Liu Gan, while wondering why so many people hated Ling Ling.

“Sheng Li, the Ling Ling that murdered your sister, Zhang Sheng Nan, is no longer in there… She recovered her original memories and human personality…” Liu Gan walked over to mediate the situation with Zhang Sheng Li, since he could understand why he was angry at Ling Ling. However, Liu Gan had no idea why Zhou Jing Jing hated Ling Ling.

“I don’t know what atrocities LingLing committed in the past, but now she is a very kind being. She is very important to me. If you want to kill her, then you will have to kill me first,” Lin Shi Ya spoke out to Zhang Sheng Li.

“She… She… sigh…” Zhang Sheng Li glared at Ling Ling, then released his anger with a long sigh. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath before sighing one more time. Since Liu Gan had stepped in to intervene, he had to respect his boss’s wishes.

“So what’s up with them two?” Treadmill couldn’t resist the urge to ask Hu Jun about Ling Ling and Zhou Jing Jing.

“When Nin Jing City allowed a second pregnancy, Zhou Jing Jing’s mother gave birth to Ling Ling. This created tension between Jing Jing and her parents. Eventually, the tension caused Jing Jing to move out…

“Later, when Ling Ling was diagnosed with leukemia, her parents liquidated their fortune and Jing Jing’s hard-earned money to fund Ling Ling’s medical needs…

“Jing Jing’s parents forced her to donate bone marrow to Ling Ling. On top of that, the operation cost several hundred thousand yuan, so her parents forced her to borrow money from moneylenders…

“Jing Jing couldn’t borrow that much money, so she left without saying a word to a place where no one knew her…

“Ling Ling ended up passing away, and her body was donated to the San Xing Corporation. Her parents committed suicide by jumping off a bridge…” Hu Jun explained to the crowd.

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