The Trembling World

Chapter 422

Chapter 422 - Cutting Grass

TL: Lifeisajourney

Without a doubt, staying by Liu Gan’s side meant leveling twice as fast. It was totally unfathomable that both players and survivors could level this fast.

It didn’t take very long for Liu Gan and Yin He’s battalion to reach the Nin Jing River. They had reached another bridge. Under Liu Gan’s fierce leadership, they quickly secured the perimeter on their side of the bridge. There was a bridge-crossing protocol that the soldiers had to adhere to, it was to advance in a line formation. They had to move in an orderly fashion while exterminating any threats immediately.

At the other end of this bridge was an eleven-story building, and squatting on its rooftop was a Variant zombie. This black-armored zombie could attack anyone or anything within range of its attack. It would spread open its carapace to spit out black acid gobs that could impossibly reach the far end of the bridge.

The last time Liu Gan had encountered this Carapace Spitter Variant zombie was at the collapsed bridge. Since it could launch black acid like a missile from afar, Liu Gan had been stuck on that large bridge unable to advance and unable to retreat. In the end, a player was burned to death by the acid. Zhang Hua’s long distance javelin had rescued them from their desperate situation.

However, this time the Carapace Spitter Variant wasn’t able to take out anyone. It ruined the mist armor of a few players before Liu Gan had discovered it. Without hesitation, Liu Gan charged forward at the Spitter Variant. He scaled the outside wall and with several vertical jumps, reached the rooftop. With a close-up Enhanced Crescent Blade, its carapace cracked into several pieces. 

At one point in time, Liu Gan thought that the carapace was unbreakable, but now he could chop through it like tofu.

After gaining a huge jump in strength, the once formidable Variants were nothing but weak opponents. Along the way south, there encountered many Variant zombies. There were the Carapace Spitter Variants and the more common Giant Colossal Variants, the same kind that Liu Gan had first encountered when he arrived at the plaza. Now this Variant could be handled with a swing of his axe.

Now that Liu Gan was level 12, he had capabilities that far surpassed the other players. He had even surpassed the majority of the other Variant zombies undergoing evolution. Even if he had to face off against thousands of Variants, with his current Crescent Blade and Enhanced Crescent Blade skills, none of the zombies could reach him.

Even if the zombies were able to reach him, his Mist Armor would render any attacks useless, doing little more than tickling it. There was no way these zombies could damage him, especially when the Mist Armor increased in density as he leveled up.

Metal alloy limbs along with spirit essence, it was as if the game had removed a roadblock for Liu Gan that resulted in his fast level-ups. This once-terrifying game was as easy as if Liu Gan was cutting grass. Now, no matter where he decided to go or what he did, he could massacre without regard. He wouldn’t be able to experience that feeling of fighting with his life on the line anymore.

Due to Liu Gan’s brilliance in leading the group and all his high-level companions, like Yin He, NaNa, Han GuangMing and others, the battalion covered a great deal of distance while still killing all the normal and special zombies, and the wild beasts alike. If the evolution of the monsters continued at the current rate, then Liu Gan’s legion would clear up all of the threats remaining on this island.

However, Liu Gan didn’t believe that it would remain a smooth process. Every time he had a moment of ease, it was like the calm before the storm. He would receive the full force of the storm if he acted carelessly. Now that fortune was on his side and things were going his way, he had to be careful of any surprises.

One such would be The Trembling World’s wonderful yet terrifying weather system. These few days had been relatively normal, but that didn’t mean a tornado or earthquake wasn’t completely out of the question. Even if his legion was powerful, it was no match for Mother Nature.

If the second catastrophe was possible, then a third catastrophe was just waiting to occur. It was still questionable whether his decision to kill all the zombies would trigger a change in the game system to balance out both sides. His actions might just stimulate the arrival date of the third catastrophe.

Liu Gan and Yin He’s battalion continued to advance at a steady pace. Along the way, Lin Shi Ya had been on alert for traces of her father, as it was questionable whether he was still alive. Crossing out of the northern city district, they arrived at the outskirts of the southern district. 

Once Liu Gan stepped onto familiar land, he started to recall old memories. The first time he had walked that path, he had a few squads of over a dozen people. They were walking a thin line between life and death, and not many survived that journey. Back then, he was being chased by the corpse tide, so to Liu Gan, returning to this area was a taboo.

With his current ability and his battalion, they could kill their way into the city. It was now their territory. They didn’t need to fear the zombies anymore since they were no longer a threat.

As Liu Gan ventured deeper into the south district, he passed by the location where he had to hide in the apartment from the tornado. Not only had he been he chased down by zombies, he had to brave the harsh elements of nature. 

This time the journey was smooth sailing; there was no formidable threat and the weather was normal… normal being relative in the sense that there was no huge change in climate.


While Liu Gan was making his way to the prison compound, the situation there was dire. The prison compound was surrounded by over a thousand Black-Spot Variant zombies. Among the horde of Black-Spot Variants were other types of Variant zombies, tilting the battle in favor of the zombies. It was a fierce battle that initially favored the players, but as the fight dragged out it became a race against time. The longer it took the players to eliminate the threat, the more resources they would waste. In a war of attrition, the zombies would always win. The outer walls of the prison compound was scorched by the burning charcoal of bodies, and fractures started to appear at the weak points. These cracks were signs that the wall could collapse at any moment.

There were a few people who still had the will to fight, and these defenders were at the top of the prison wall. With their food supply depleted, many had lost the means and will to fight on. The one glimmer of hope was a message they had received from the Beginner Village. It was simple and precise: Lord Liu is going to the rescue. Even knowing that rescue was coming, they thought of the several hundred thousand zombies in between the two bases and lost all hope.

They were thinking that even if Lord Liu made his way back to the southern district, it would take at least a week, or maybe up to a month. Traveling in large groups would draw a lot of attention, making it inconvenient for a speedy trip. It was quite possible that the rescue won’t make it in time and they had accepted their fate. Speaking through the transmitter, people left their wills and wishes. The original crew that had decided to follow Liu Gan felt regretful that things had turned out this way, so they left heart-touching messages to Liu Gan.



From the distance, Liu Gan witnessed what was taking place at the prison compound. He evaluated the structural integrity of the building as being in critical condition, and issued the order to his battalion. By now, Liu Gan could instinctively activate his Battlecry ability with a shout. This enhanced the capabilities of the entire front line that charged fearlessly into the enemy.

Several thousand Black-Spot Variants all turned their heads to the noise of over eight hundred fresh meat arriving. Losing interest in the prison compound, they shifted targets to the oncoming feast of living meat.

“It’s Lord Liu! He has returned with reinforcements!”

“We will be saved!”

“Impossible, how did he make it here so fast?”

“How many people did he bring?”

“Looks like up to a thousand players…”

“It is impossible for them to hold their weight against these Black-Spot Variants! They are outnumbered by several Variants per player!”

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