The Trembling World

Chapter 421

Chapter 421 - Unidentifiable Object

TL: Lifeisajourney

“No way…”

LingLing had already done her best to try and grab ahold of Lin Shi Ya, but in the end what was left of her was only a ripped piece of cloth. She had to witness Lin Shi Ya fall from a hundred meters up.

Why? Why did I ever want to jump?, Lin Shi Ya thought to herself as she fell. She felt insurmountable regret. If she had waited for just a little longer. She didn’t need it to be longer than two minutes! If she had just waited patiently for those two minutes, then she would’ve been rescued by him.

Now that he was nearby, she would end up plummeting down to her death.

The area right beneath the tower crane didn’t have any trees or soft objects to slow down her descent. There were only hard obstacles like reinforced concrete. Falling down from that height would result in death upon impact.

“I blame my own stupidity! He was right to call me stupid. I’m such a pig!” Lin Shi Ya sighed regretfully. She wanted to find a place to smash her head in to hide from embarrassment. There was no need to look for one, however. Soon, her head would become one with the ground.

Lin ShiYa opened up her arms, and closed her eyes. If she was going to fall to her death, she would at least fall in a pretty posture. That way her body wouldn’t look too terrible, after she was sprawled on the ground.

The ground was coming closer, Lin ShiYa could smell death rising towards her. There was fear. She was afraid that it would be painful if she didn’t die from the impact.

The next moment, instead of feeling pain, she felt like her body was lighter, as if someone’s arms were around her. Mistrusting her senses, she wasn’t sure what she was feeling. It could be that she landed onto the ground or she had collided with the Black-Spot Variants. Either way, it wasn’t as painful as she had imagined. She was still rolling on her side in someone’s embrace.

By the time, she had stopped moving, she finally mustered up strength to see how much damage had been done. To her surprise, Lin ShiYa saw a familiar face; it was the face of the man she loved. Meanwhile, he was staring at her with a peculiar look.

Surrounding them both were countless bodies of Black-Spot Variant zombies. To describe the mess they were in, it would be like two unwed lovers kissing while embracing one another over the soft grass. However, instead of the soft grass, there were mushed up bodies of rotten flesh. Some of the variant zombies they were sitting on, were still moving.

Two of the Black-Spot Variant zombies tried to bite Lin Shi Ya, but the man intercepted and smashed them into paste.

“Did I die already? Is this heaven? Or is this… hell?” Lin ShiYa stared at the man while talking to herself. She couldn’t believe that she was still alive, nor could she believe that she was in his embrace.

This must be a dream or a hallucination due to hunger. The real her must have died from the hundred-meter fall.

“Hey you, wake the hell up! Hello! Wake up!” Liu Gan smacked Lin ShiYa across her soft cheeks more than a few times. He first noticed her sorry figure expression hanging like a monkey on the tower crane. Then when she started to fall, subconsciously, he dashed toward her.

It was fortunate for her that his strength, speed, and senses were way above a normal person. By stepping on the heads of the Black-Spot Variants, he was able to reach the area where she was going to fall. Even more fortunate was when she had spread her arms apart to slow her speed of descent. All these factors made it possible to save her. At the final moment before she was about to impact, Liu Gan leapt forward eight meters to dissipate her downward force. The two continued to roll on their sides through the bodies of variant zombies. The force was dissipated through the tumbling. Otherwise, their bodies would have ended up absorbing most of the impact.

If it was anyone else without metal alloy arms, they might have shattered every bone in their arms. For Liu Gan, the special feature of his limbs allowed him to withstand the initial impact force from counteracting her fall. Liu Gan was very familiar with this rolling technique since he was an expert at parkour. This guaranteed both their safety.

The most pitiful ones were the Black-Spot Variants. They didn’t even get a bite and they were stepped on, rolled on, and most of them were crushed in the process. The zombies that were still alive, tried to surround and attack Lin ShiY a and Liu Gan. Unfortunately for them, Yin He and the battalion had arrived. They instantly cleared up the field.

“So, I’m not dead? You brought along this many people to come save me?” Lin ShiYa saw the battalion and recognized familiar faces from the village. Then she looked back at Liu Gan as she directed her question at him.

“Nope. You are thinking too much. I’m just a passerby. I saw some unidentifiable object falling and I just happened to catch it,” Liu Gan let go of Lin Shi Ya’s body. Then he turned around and walked away.

“You know, lying to me wouldn’t hurt. I’m not that hard to please! And what do you mean unidentifiable object?” Lin Shi Ya fixed her hair. She had lost all her pride and started barking her displeasure. What is so good about this guy? He wasn’t romantic at all. To call him denser than a rock, would be an insult to the rock!

“Hey you guys… Who wants to catch me…” LingLing fell the same way as her mom. She screamed as she came falling down...except this time no one caught the falling object ,or rather, no one was able to react fast enough to catch her. This resulted in LingLing falling down onto the ground. Even her body parts became distorted.

“LingLing!” Lin ShiYa rushed over quickly.

“Sigh… Parents don’t love this poor child… I have a tough life…” LingLing sighed long and hard. Even with the sustained damage on her metal alloy body, it wasn’t fatal. After resting, all her misaligned body parts would realign themselves.

After getting updates from the others, Lin Shi Ya finally found out the strange events happening all around the village. When Lin Shi Ya decided to leave, she wanted to find her father and not bring any more trouble for Liu Gan. 

These last few days she was treading on a thin line between life and death. When she was cornered on the tower crane, that sealed her fate. One wrong move and she was almost dead. Coincidentally, Liu Gan happened to be nearby. By now, her heart felt deeply moved. After she met him, they went separate ways, then they met up again in the village, and then she walked away from him. Now that they met once more, she felt as if it was destined by the will of the heavens.

So she promised herself that no matter how hurt she becomes in the future, as long as she remains next to him, she will enjoy it. This feeling was a type of happiness to her.


After a brief interlude, the battalion started cleaning the streets again. They continued south to the southern district. Even though the city center had plenty of Black-Spot Variants ambushing them, Liu Gan’s abilities made it a breeze. It wasn’t even a challenge anymore for the battalion.

Throughout this trip, many players were able to level up. By now, there weren’t any players below level 7.

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