The Trembling World

Chapter 420

Chapter 420 - Tower Crane

TL: LifeisaJourney


A little over half a month later, Liu Gan’s legion of 4000 people had killed their way into the inner edges of the city center. The legion had totally slaughtered nearly two hundred thousand Black-Spot Variants, yet the total area that they had recovered from the zombies was only a mere tenth of the city. Progressing at this speed, there would be a day when Liu Gan’s legion could get rid of zombies and beasts from Nin Jing City for good.

Then one day, the communications room in the village received an urgent distress call from the prison compound. It was an update on their current situation. Liu Gan received news that the prison compound was in a dire situation. At first there were only a few lingering variants, but now there were more and more Black-Spot Variant zombies gathering nearby. It had reached the point where the prison compound was surrounded and the variants were closing in.

Once Liu Gan heard the news, he had to push his secondary plan forward. From the five battalions, he chose the eight hundred top players, and this would be his personal elite battalion. Yin He would be the commander of this battalion. After arranging their ranks, he left with Yin He, NaNa, Han GuangMing, and the elite battalion.

Their main mission was to cross through the northern district, and head south to help rescue the prison compound from their dire situation. A side mission would be to escort Zhang ShengLi, Wang DeCheng, Thunder Martial, Zhang Hua, Xue Jian, Treadmill, and a few others so they could reach level 10 using the spirit essence method. There were still a few remaining spots available for the upgrade. Zhang ShengLi and Wang DeCheng provided recommendations to use up the remaining souls in the storage.

Once they finished the more urgent matter of picking up the people from the prison compound, they would be incorporated into the elite battalion. This would accomplish two tasks at the same time. The first task was to train and level up all the weaker units. The second task was to clear out all of Nin Jing City’s beasts and zombies. In the end, the entire island would be under his control, from the vast region of the north to the developed land in the south. If there were any more secret laboratories on the island, it would be more convenient for him to travel around and request reinforcements.

The first time Liu Gan headed to the southern district, he had to burn down an entire bridge. So that route couldn’t be used again, but it didn’t affect Liu Gan’s travel plan.A river split the north and south regions, and it was crossed by a total of five bridges.

In the Beginner Village, there were a total of over two thousand survivors. Through their combined contributions, a very detailed map of Nin Jing City was produced. Prior to departure, Liu Gan had mapped out his travel plan, so even if there were any unforeseen accidents he would know what the alternative routes were.

After all preparations were made, Yin He’s battalion departed in a grandiose way. They moved in one fluid motion as they rushed into the city center, into the incoming corpse tide.


By Nin Jing riverside...

There were multiple skyscrapers, and at the top of one particular unfinished skyscraper...

“LingLing, I wouldn’t be able to come out of this alive. Don’t worry about me. Eat my body and live!” Lin ShiYa was standing at the far end of the tower crane. She looked at the ground below, close to giving up all hopes of living. There were dense clusters of Black-Spot Variants, staring back at Lin ShiYa. The Black-Spot Variants that made it to the top of the tower crane were making their way toward Lin ShiYa and LingLing.

Lin ShiYa had killed her way through the Variant zombies deep into the Nin Jing market district. Lin ShiYa relied on LingLing’s strength to survive that long. If she was by herself, she wouldn’t have made it this deep in the city. Eventually, her ineptitude finally caught up with her, which was how she ended up in her desperate situation.

Lin ShiYa had been stranded on this crane for five days and nights. She didn’t have enough strength to fight her way out against a group of zombies, but she had just enough to defend her position. She even broke two of her fire axes, and was on her last weapon. Yet, the waves of Black-Spot Variants didn’t seem to stop. She had run out of water and food, her body couldn’t keep up anymore.


LingLing shook her head. Her body was scarred from head to toe. There were deeply wounded areas that revealed her alloy metal bones.

“If you don’t want to eat me, that is fine too, but you have to escape! Don’t stay here and die with me!” Lin ShiYa shouted to LingLing.

“No, I don’t want to leave you!” LingLing was unwilling to fold, as she remained on guard by Lin ShiYa’s side. Meanwhile, the variant zombies were crawling over with intentions of ripping them both apart.

“I tried! I really can’t bear with the hunger, the pain any longer! I exhausted all my strength! Dad, if you can hear me. Please forgive this unfilial daughter!” Lin ShiYa lifted her head to the sky as she made her last wish. Two streaks of tears rolled off her cheeks.

“You have to hold on!” LingLing insisted.

“LingLing, I’m sorry. I don’t think I can stay with you any longer. I can’t sing to you anymore. Thank you… Thank you for staying with me as my guardian angel,” Lin ShiYa whispered to LingLing, then jumped from the crane.

The distance from the crane to the bottom of the floor was at least a hundred meters high. The ground was riddled with Black-Spot Variants.

“No, I won’t let you do that!”

LingLing shouted and jumped out to grab onto Lin ShiYa’s ankle. LingLing had her other hand on the crane.

“Just let go, LingLing!” Lin ShiYa shouted while being suspended in midair. Tears were flowing freely from Lin ShiYa’s eye.

“Won’t let go!” LingLing’s grip started loosening. Eventually, her grip was only the corner of Lin ShiYa’s pants. Even when two Black-Spot Variants started to chomp on LingLing’s arm and body, she didn’t let go.

“If you are like this, we both will fall to death…” Lin ShiYa cried. Once the first tear broke free, the rest followed in an unbroken stream.

“If you want to die, we will have to die together!” LingLing decided.

“It’s my fault. I hurt you…” Lin ShiYa blamed herself.

“I want you to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for me…” LingLing begged Lin ShiYa.

“I won’t sing anymore… Just let go…” Lin ShiYa shook her head uncontrollably. She was full of despair.

It was during this exchange of last words that they heard noises in the distance. From the sounds, it seemed someone was howling loudly. It was a voice full of anger, but also familiar to Lin ShiYa.

Lin ShiYa was upside down as she tried to make sense of the situation taking place off in the distance. The Black-Spot Variants from the nearby surroundings charged towards all the commotion. Lin ShiYa narrowed her eyes, trying to use her improved vision to see what was going on. To her surprise...

It could be either a hallucination… or it could be a thousand players marching in a oval formation. Like an efficient meat grinder, they were fed waves of Black-Spot Variants. As the battalion marched, the zombies were swept across the floor.

At the very front of the battalion, spearing the charge was one person wielding a greataxe… It looked like the person she could only dream of being with...

“Is it really him? Did I fall asleep? Am I dreaming?” Lin ShiYa couldn’t believe any of this. This moment was so surreal. Her eyes met that man’s eyes.

Did he really organize a rescue battalion?

Lin ShiYa felt unparalleled remorse. If she knew that he was going to come, then she wouldn’t have jumped at all, she would’ve persevered for a while longer. Now that he saw her sorry figure like a monkey hanging upside down, she lost all her points in appearance!

Lin ShiYa found just a reason to continue living again. She tried her best to reach toward her foot, to grab ahold of LingLing’s hand. She wanted to return to the top of the crane, but it was at this very moment when LingLing’s grip on her pants ripped away...

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